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NC-09: congressional candidate forum in Fayetteville on Monday

  Okay,  this is short notice.  But here we go:     Here’s the website (along with directions) for the venue.  If you can go — GO.  Make sure your vote is an informed one.

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Pinehurst. pork-barrel. Politicians. (Oh, and NICOLE REVELS !!!!)

Nicole Revels took a break from her starring role in Jeff Tarte’s nightmares to come to Moore County Thursday night and drop some knowledge on us about HOW BAD this ConnectNC bond issue really is.  Here’s the video. ( It’s two hours long.  If you…

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NC-02: A FORUM? For ME ???? (You shouldn’t have.)

It looks like the GOP bigwigs here in the Second congressional district are putting together a cattle call to display this year’s crowd — and we mean CROWD — of candidates: The word I’ve been hearing is that Miss Nee-Nee will not — no how,…

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#ncpol: An impressive trio seeking GOP nod for DPI top job

A frustrated parent. A frustrated teacher. And a frustrated education policy-maker.  That pretty well sums up the field of Republican candidates for state education superintendent who made their way to Pinehurst Thursday night for a candidate forum.  All three are vying for the honor of…

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Pinehurst 2011: Candidate Forum Follies

    The League of Women Voters held a forum this week for ALL EIGHT candidates for Pinehurst village offices.  It was quite  dog-and-pony show.  It was a dream for candidates — a lot of participants, not much time,  time limited responses, and prearranged questions….

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Stam goes into the belly of the beast, gets gnawed on

Seriously, Mr. Leader.  What good did you think could come from going to Chapel Hill to defend the gay marriage ban constitutional amendment? Going over there was akin to a cat accepting a party invitation from a pack of pit bulls.  It’s like trying to…