STILL waiting on those federal spending cuts

You gotta love Congressman Allen West (R-FL).  Love him because the mainstream media and the DC establishment HATE him.  He says what needs to be said, and he backs up his talk with votes.  A real rarity in DC, these days ..

Anyway, West shared some really interesting information on Facebook, comparing the federal spending approved in 2002 by a GOP-controlled House with that approved by a GOP-controlled House in 2012:


Wow.  * Conservatism AT ITS BEST.  *   Everything’s up BUT family income.  What happened to the spending cuts we got promised by those Republicans who voted for the federal debt ceiling?  (Renee?)

I like how Rep. West put it:

For those who continue to complain that “We the People”, mainly conservatives, are cutting government too much, this should put everything into perspective. I know liberal progressives dislike me because we promulgate the truth which for them is like sunlight on a vampire. America, we are becoming a socialist egalitarian welfare nanny state and hardworking American taxpayers are on the road to Serfdom.

We need to clone him 534 times.  Congress would be a much better place.