Some common sense from the bench. FINALLY.

tapeWe’ve had judges try to tell us that Jefferson, Adams & co. all created a right to taxpayer-funded abortion when they drafted our Constitution.  We’ve had judges rule that rights guaranteed to all Americans under the Bill of Rights have to be extended to al qaeda dirtbags captured in the Afghan war.  We’ve also had judges say that you HAVE to do business with everyone who approaches you as a prospective customer.

The US Supreme Court interrupted that wave of nonsense with a common sense decision on North Carolina’s election law reforms. The justices ruled that there is absolutely nothing wrong with (1) requiring that you vote at YOUR official precinct polling place, and (2) register to vote BEFORE election day.

Bill Barber, the drive-by media and the rest of the liberal horde responded with some hollering about disenfranchising minority voters.  In response to that, let’s turn our attention to (relatively) recent election events in southeastern North Carolina’s Robeson County. ostrich

Robeson County is majority-minority.  Blacks and Indians outnumber white voters 2-1.  It’s a hardcore loyal Democrat county.  Most of the local elections are settled in the Democrat primary.  Many of those involve all-minority candidate fields.

In 2007, the state board of elections threw out election results for the reelection bid of Lumberton City Councilman Leon Maynor, who is a Lumbee Indian.  The election — featuring Maynor and two other Lumbee candidates — was found to be rife with fraud like vote-buying and abuse of same-day voter registration and same-day registration.  A special election was ordered and Maynor prevailed.

Further shenanigans on the ground in Robeson County forced the state elections board to ordered a probe of ALL of Robeson County’s 2013 elections. The county’s district attorney went public with his concerns about shenanigans in 2014 elections in the Town of Pembroke — a majority Indian community that serves as the home base for the Lumbee Indian tribe.

court1Vote fraud is color blind.  A lot of people went to jail, suffered serious injuries or died to protect the right to vote.  Sleazy political machines in every community have disrespected the memories of those people,  abused the election process and stomped all over people’s constitutional rights.  Hauling alzheimer’s patients to the polls on election day to register — and handing in ballots marked with the “aid” of a younger “helper” — makes the whole process a joke.

I am sure the liberal horde will continue to go after the ID requirement for voting.  I am sure there are ID requirements for obtaining social services.  You have to show an ID to pick up certain prescriptions. You have to show an ID to cash a check or buy alcohol.  There should be no issue with having to show ID to partake in an activity specifically detailed in the US Constitution.