Slash & Burn: NCGA sources say speaker’s team seeking censure of Brawley, encouraging negative rumors




Some of you outside the Charlotte area may have missed THIS INTERVIEW with state Rep. Bob Brawley on WBT radio.  [Fast forward to the last three minutes, and you’ll hear Brawley’s take on the episode with Speaker Tillis that led to Brawley’s  resignation of his chairmanship.]   Brawley tells the host that Tillis was upset with Brawley citing THIS VIDEO showing the speaker telling truckers he will not support toll roads:

“He said ‘I don’t support toll roads.’  I said ‘But look at what you’re supporting on I-77.’  The speaker said ‘That’s not toll roads.  That’s HOT lanes.’  ”

[For the record, the House passed measures this session which allow for toll roads on I-95 and HOT lanes on I-77 in Mecklenburg County.]

This weekend, I picked up further intelligence on the Tillis-Brawley tiff from sources close to state Rep. — and Tillis ally — Pat McElraft.   My sources tell me that people within Speaker Tillis’s inner circle are pushing for the House to censure Rep. Brawley.  They also tell me these same inner circle types are encouraging the spreading of rumors that question Brawley’s character and mental health.

This is a *great* way to kick off a US Senate run.  The state GOP convention in Charlotte next weekend should be FUN.