Slash & Burn: NCGA sources say speaker’s team seeking censure of Brawley, encouraging negative rumors




Some of you outside the Charlotte area may have missed THIS INTERVIEW with state Rep. Bob Brawley on WBT radio.  [Fast forward to the last three minutes, and you’ll hear Brawley’s take on the episode with Speaker Tillis that led to Brawley’s  resignation of his chairmanship.]   Brawley tells the host that Tillis was upset with Brawley citing THIS VIDEO showing the speaker telling truckers he will not support toll roads:

“He said ‘I don’t support toll roads.’  I said ‘But look at what you’re supporting on I-77.’  The speaker said ‘That’s not toll roads.  That’s HOT lanes.’  ”

[For the record, the House passed measures this session which allow for toll roads on I-95 and HOT lanes on I-77 in Mecklenburg County.]

This weekend, I picked up further intelligence on the Tillis-Brawley tiff from sources close to state Rep. — and Tillis ally — Pat McElraft.   My sources tell me that people within Speaker Tillis’s inner circle are pushing for the House to censure Rep. Brawley.  They also tell me these same inner circle types are encouraging the spreading of rumors that question Brawley’s character and mental health.

This is a *great* way to kick off a US Senate run.  The state GOP convention in Charlotte next weekend should be FUN.

11 thoughts on “Slash & Burn: NCGA sources say speaker’s team seeking censure of Brawley, encouraging negative rumors

  1. Tillis is probably gnashing his teeth that he cannot send Brawley, Pittman, and other conservatives to a ”re-education camp” or a Gulag somewhere. Politicians often have big ego and power drives, but it is rare to see one on this big of a power trip and ego trip. As to mental health, I suggest that Tillis be checked out for a Napolean complex. His antics to punish his enemies are worse than Morgan, worse than Nixon, and almost as bad as Obama. Thank God that he does not have the power Stalin had, or I am sure he would use it against his enemies, real and imagined. This guy is TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY unfit for the office he holds, much less any higher office.

    1. It sounds like Tillis is going crazy, is he still competent to hold office? I don’t follow politics much but got led to this site by doing some research on who is running for Senate. It seems like the parties would do background checks or psycological profiles on their candidates. In this case it seems it would have been worth the time as he sounds like he’s got some issues. I surely won’t be voting for Thom Tillis for anything. He sounds really scary. Please post any additional reports of his antics to your site so I can forward them to my friends and neighbors.

  2. Well, it looks like there is legislation on toll roads, and it certainly looks like Tillis had a business relationship with Time Warner. (I wish I had some relationships where I could pick up a few thousand or 30+ thousand for being an ‘honest’ lawmaker), and my eyes and ears are good enough to see Tillis promise no toll roads to a group gathered. Right there for everybody to see and hear.

    So what is Tillis’ beef? That somebody told the truth? The other item Brawley mentioned is the sleazy self dealing bail bond bill. That too has been squelched at every turn.

    Do we believe our own eyes and ears and one man (Brawley) who actually has the guts to speak out, or do we believe Tillis who seems to part ways with the truth quite often.

    Also, throwing around state money to his in house adulterers. Lots of baggage Thom. Lots of baggage. A censure of an outspoken critic who is obviously telling what everybody knows to be true is just the kind of meaness people despise.

    If that is the best damage control you can come up with, you are not ready for the big leagues. Be a man, why don’t you?

  3. I was beginning to think that the GOP had a good chance to win Hagan’s seat. Kay’s liberal voting record and the antics of Chairman Vholler would certainly give the seat to the GOP. However, I failed to realize the greatest threat to the NCGOP, themselves.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

    Kay may not even have to spend a dime if this keeps up.

    1. Agreed, If Thom Tillis was for actually serving the public and not himself, he would distance himself from the race and bow out before the circus that is about to envelope his candidacy does more harm to the party. What a self server. He does not care about anyone but himself and his poltical aspirations. I’ve had it with the GOP because of him.

    2. There are several solid prospective GOP candidates out there. The way to beat Hagan is to not offer a flawed opponent like Tillis or Ellmers. Exposing those flaws now will help us nominate a better candidate who can, in fact, defeat Hagan.

      If Tillis would not be constantly attacking conservative lawmakers like Bradley, Pittman, and Brawley, tyring to muscle in liberals as House nominees against the wishes of the district Republicans, and conservative legislation like Voter ID and ending the green electric mandate,then he would not have brought this trouble on himself. He has no one to blame but himself and his power-bully tactics.

  4. I voted for Thom Tillis because I thought he was an effective leader. But if strong arming, intimidation, and cowing to special interests at the expense of his constituents is the way he gets things done, then he needs to go…and if he goes to work for a tolling company he needs to be arrested.

  5. If this is any indication on how the race for the US Senate GOP Primary will go next year, looks like it’s going to be disgusting and bloody with the power broker and out of control ego pulling out all the punches. Is the establishment GOP going to stand behind and support this bully?

    1. Of course. That’s why they’re called the Establishment. The real question is what the rest of us are going to do about the establishment GOP.

  6. The hyper-controlling antics of Thom Toll-us are starting to remind me of GA Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson. Google him.

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