Shuler-ly, you jest.

laughTeam McCrory’s official propaganda organ (state-run media) dropped a headline on us SO PREPOSTEROUS it might as well have said “The fat guy in the red suit really is going to come down your chimney and bring you presents (never mind that we have gas logs and a flue instead of a real chimney).”

Heath Shuler for GOVERNOR?  The former 11th district congressman has already been ruled out as a challenger to Richard Burr in 2016.  (We’ve seen reports that Shuler’s house was up for sale and he was contemplating a move to Tennessee.)  He’s got a pretty good job with Duke Power that lets him still play footsie in Washington.  WHY would he give it all up to go rassle with Tom Apodaca and the boys on Jones Street? hs

The answer: He isn’t going to, and never was going to.  One of our political pro sources explains it like this: 

“That trial balloon was Pat’s camp trying to play with Roy Cooper’s head.  Cooper has been running around raising money and campaigning for Pat’s job at light speed.  He has no significant primary opposition.  Nothing to slow him down or pull him to the left. So, he can sit out there and play the traditional Southern Democrat role — basically blurring the lines between himself and Pat. The governor’s team is basically trying to plant the seed in the heads of the Cooper campaign that a big dog is waiting in the wings to potentially turn the table over in the Democrat primary.  And, it ain’t gonna happen.”

5 thoughts on “Shuler-ly, you jest.

  1. Looks like the work of some “pachyderm” with not enough to do during their day job..

    I like Governor McCrory, but he has never really had, but one tough campaign, and that was in 2008.Look what happened there! He can’t even control his own party now, and will probably lose to Roy Cooper next year.

    Roy Cooper is no Walter Dalton! Roy Cooper also understands politics. I’ll leave it there.

    “Christ came to save sinners and publicans.” This was an old saying down in Eastern North Carolina during my Grandparent’s day.So true!

    1. And it appears that Roy was born in North Carolina which is rare indeed. Seems that most of top elected officials are either carpetbaggers or evidently in the witness protection program.

  2. I can see Roy wrapping himself in Hillary’s pants suit. The leisure suits of the 1960’s are somewhat like Hils pants suits. I hear an order has been place by Roy’s boys as official campaign gear. The traditional straw hat will be replaced with a Caitlyn Jenner wig.

    It will be so exciting to see them marching in the parade.

  3. It is actually a pretty good idea to get involved in the primary of the other party. The Dems have been doing it to Republicans for years. I hope they spend more time doing that than going after Republican Senators who actually stand for something. Of course Gov. Pat does not stand for too much so I doubt my advice will be taken.

  4. Next McCrory will be claiming that Randy Bolick, State Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, will be running against him! He probably thinks Bully Barber will support him with this news.

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