Shoving Burr, Thilli$ in the RIGHT direction on racial quotas

Believe it or not, it has actually been a struggle to get our Republican senators — Richard Burr and Thom Thilli$ — to sign on to an effort to defund a HUD program that promotes racial quotas in housing. Here’s the story from Americans For Limited Government: burrt

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today urged Senators Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) to support an amendment by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), S.3897, to the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) appropriations bill that will prohibit implementation of the HUD regulation “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH) that conditions $3 billion of yearly community development block grants on 1,200 recipient cities and counties rezoning neighborhoods along income and racial guidelines:

“For the first time, the U.S. Senate will have an opportunity to defund HUD’s utopian racial and income housing quotas, but it needs the support of Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. The AFFH defund has passed the House of Representatives for the past two years — led by Representative Paul Gosar — and has united the Republican conference, with supporters ranging from Representatives Pete King to Thomas Massie unifying the Conference. The federal government has absolutely zero role in local zoning policy, which only determines what can be built where, not who lives there. Yet that is exactly what AFFH presumes to tell local communities, that low-income, high density housing must be built in middle class suburban neighborhoods, because apparently having nice neighborhoods to live in is racist.burr

“HUD Secretary Julian Castro lied to Congress last year when he told a House committee that ‘This is not about changing zoning laws, planning laws — anything like that’ when, according to the Federal Register, AFFH directs municipalities ‘to examine relevant factors, such as zoning and other land-use practices that are likely contributors to fair housing concerns, and take appropriate actions in response’ as a condition for receipt of the block grants. This is absolutely about zoning, and the fact that the HUD Secretary tried to cover it up should give every Senator pause. Burr and Tillis must act to let communities decide for themselves where they want to build affordable housing units without federal interference.

“The Obama administration unconstitutionally thinks the federal government can redraw every neighborhood in the country. It is up to Burr and Tillis to draw a line in the sand and force President Obama to defend this program. This is a fight the Senate must win on behalf of the American people.”

I can somewhat understand Thilli$’s reluctance.  There is no real apparent opportunity for getting PAID here. (He’s also got FOUR MORE YEARS until he has to face us little thom-smokingpeople again.) 

But, Burr?  He’s going to run for reelection telling us how Deborah Ross is too liberal.  Yet, this is the kind of thing she would not fight.  Burr also said he is not commenting on or getting involved in the HB2 fight.  He said we need to leave it to the courts, and that Gov. Pat was out of order for fighting it.  Deborah Ross won’t fight to defend HB2 either.

Mr. Shumaker and his crew better come up with some really creative ways to explain to us how Richard Burr would be better / different (other than anatomy) than Deborah Ross.  Right now, it’s hard to see it.

6 thoughts on “Shoving Burr, Thilli$ in the RIGHT direction on racial quotas

  1. It is inconceivable to me how Burr won the primary….how did this happen?! No way will he receive my vote in November; hope someone can convince Jim Duncan to primary Tillis in four years.

  2. Racial Quotas??? what are you saying minorities are unable to stand on their own two feet without special treatment. Are you saying their lazy and irresponsible or that they’re to uneducated and manipulative to make it in America without a handout from “The Man?”
    Remember the President is a first generation American and a minority from a single mother. I’m extremely offended by your implication.

  3. Recently, There was a Supreme Court ruling that stated minorities living in housing projects could sue local housing authorities because they were not in white neighborhoods. The idea behind the nonsense is that they are being racially gerrymandered by these housing authorities and should be given the right to live in white neighborhoods. As a result of this ruling any new housing projects will be in white neighborhoods.

  4. Furthermore, I have zero confidence Tricky D. Burr and Dallas Woodhouse’s chosen one Thommy Tillis will do anything but pander to their donors and promote socialism as fast as they can. I will be writing in Dan Forest in place of Dick Burr. I am hoping Burr loses his senate race in order to wake Tillis up from his socialist binge. If Burr wins conservatives gain nothing.

  5. Burr and Tillis have been complicit already in too much of Obama’s radical transformation of America. Will they support the common sense position of the House on this issue or go full bore Obama enabler like they usually do?

    The longer his pair of duds is in DC, the more I am ashamed to be a Republican from North Carolina. They give more and more reason all the time to just sit this race out. When there is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrat and the ”Republican” why bother?

    The more they keep betraying the GOP base, the more the base will either stay home or skip their race.

    Conservatives simply have to start doing better in our primaries. As much as Tricky Dick Burr has stabbed us in the back already, he does not need to be our nominee.

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