Senator Sock Puppet talks out of both sides of her, um, stitching

sock puppet




McClatchy is bending over backwards to promote Senator Kay Hagan for her praise of Big Barry’s decision to delay the implementation of a portion of ObamaCare:

[…]In an emailed statement, Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina applauded the Obama administration for listening to the small-business owners’ concerns that the reporting and tracking requirements were “too burdensome.”[…]

But, but, but —- how does THAT jibe with THIS?  Also — if she really had concerns about ObamaCare’s “burdensome” requirements on business,  why did she fight efforts IN MARCH to repeal ObamaCare?

Hagan — affectionately known in some quarters as Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) sock puppet — is going to be peppering us with a lot of sugar-coated, moderate-to-conservative truth-defying nonsense during the upcoming election campaign.  McClatchy and WRAL toadies will be following her around,  with brown-stained noses and dictation pads at the ready, ready to help spread the word.

Hagan OWES her Senate career to the VERY liberal Chuck Schumer and his out-of-state money.  (Uncle Chuckie paid for those *charming* TV ads in 2008 featuring the old guys in the rocking chairs.)  If somebody spends millions of other people’s money to help you get a new job, you darn well better cough up some serious payback.  Ol’ Kay has done JUST THAT.