Robert Pittenger’s BOB ETHERIDGE moment

pittengerYou would have thought that THIS VIDEO would have taught EVERY politician out there a very important lesson.  Robert Pittenger is apparently a very slow learner.

Pittenger, the 9th district’s representative to the US House, was at the congressional hearings on ObamaCare in Gastonia last week, and — of course — his BFF Chuck Suter was hot on his trail.  Chuck and his video camera produce some very lively commentary for Chuck’s site    Suter helped Pittenger gain some national notoriety — as well as some heat from conservatives and Tea Party activists — with THIS video some time back.

 Ol’ Bob has done quite a bit of CYA and flip-flopping since then, landing gracefully on BOTH SIDES of the ObamaCare issue.  One of Pittenger’s aides even took to Facebook to skewer Senator Ted Cruz for his efforts to defund ObamaCare. 

Chuck showed up with his camera at a number of ensuing Pittenger public appearances like THIS and THIS.   Pittenger even resorted to calling out Chuck from his speaker’s podium, and even arranging for a few law enforcement types to babysit Chuck.  Granted, running a web site with the word “war” in it may seem a little radical or scary to some people.  But Chuck Suter is the furthest thing from intimidating.  I bet he’s no more than 160 lbs. soaking wet.  And the last time I checked — a video camera did not meet the legal classification for a “deadly weapon.”  (Unless, of course, you’re talking about it being deadly to your political career.) 

Following the Gastonia event last week, Chuck and Bob reunited.  The results are HERE on video.    This video reminds me somewhat of the on-camera episode that ended Bobby “Boom Boom” Etheridge’s stay in Washington.  But this video is lacking the headlocks and choke-holds that gave the Etheridge video its artistic flair and flavor.   


5 thoughts on “Robert Pittenger’s BOB ETHERIDGE moment

  1. Don’t worry, Rove and Tillis will help out Pitty when it’s his turn to fund some campaign consultants. That’s the goal these days: Take money from their rich connected buddies (and lobbyists) and funnel it to their consultant friends.

  2. This guy is seriously perturbed by his needy constituents these days – always wanting him to cut spending, shrink the size of government, defend the Constitution, yadda yadda. Clearly they don’t “understand” politics. That kind of cause doesn’t go over well with the money controllers in DC. Great job keeping on ’em, Chuck.

  3. Speaking of Bob? As I recall when he got bounced from Congress Governor Dumplin’ appointed him as the North Carolina Stimulus Czar. Then after that I think he became the North Carolina Hurricane Czar. Do we still have a Stimulus Czar and a Hurricane Czar or did those Czars go to Harvard with Bev?

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