Rob Christensen: Just one of the girls

robcBaghdad Rob — Randy Voller’s Minister of Propaganda —  just will not let this ‘War on Women’ election year spin go.  Last week in his column, he insisted that Thom Tillis was going to PAY for all of the “harm” the General Assembly did to their gender since 2011.

Now, he’s trying to tell us that putting the ladies in charge on Jones Street would end all of this,um, bickering over the state budget:

Having covered North Carolina legislatures since the 1970s, I have come to the conclusion that budget negotiations could be resolved much more quickly with one simple solution.

No one should be allowed to participate in the budget negotiations unless they are wearing makeup and heels. That is, men should be barred from budget negotiations and replaced by women.[…]

Um. Rob.  You might want to check in with the Carrboro HQ of your fan club before making statements like that.  They’ll tell you that makeup and heels are not just for the ladies anymore. 

The stereotyping is incredible.  First, he tells us that women voters are down-the-line leftist voters.  Now, he’s telling us they are the best at conceding and compromising.  Seriously, this is for the guys out there.  When is the last time you had a disagreement with a woman in your life where she simply conceded and admitted that you might be right?  <*crickets*>

By the way, I know plenty of ladies who are much more hardcore about holding a grudge and getting revenge than many men I know.

But stuff like that doesn’t deter ‘Mr. North Carolina Politics’:

[…] I come to this conclusion after following the House-Senate budget negotiations last week in which the Senate walked out and in which there were threats made to stay until Christmas.

This is the sort of mau mauing/so’s-your-mama/I’m-prepared-to-wait-till-hell-freezes-over posturing that is the norm in budget negotiations in Raleigh, no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in control. And it is relatively mild when compared to the government shutdown shenanigans of Washington.

Much of this is being fueled by testosterone – the natural male drive to prevail, to show off, to engage in competition, to heckle or even humiliate the opponent and to never back down. It is sometimes said that sports and politics are male substitutes for battle. It is no wonder that one of the fastest growing sales of drugs is testosterone creams.[…]

Testosterone is great stuff, Rob.  You might want to try it sometime.  


5 thoughts on “Rob Christensen: Just one of the girls

  1. Lets not forget that Rob “RielleWho” also is on record that when he saw Vagina Monologues “it moved me to tears”.

    This “award-winning” newshound is a real “pieca work”.

    1. Yeah, after awhile, I just started feeling kinda dirty about voluntarily funding their editorial board and “reporters” like this guy.

      I feel better now 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading Rob’s tripe until the pay wall cut me off. When I want political commentary equal to Rob’s I go to YouTube and watch the funny cat videos.

  3. *sigh* So, I guess “sexist” gets thrown on the “big pile o’ stupid things we know about Rob”.

    “Having covered North Carolina legislatures since the 1970s”…. This editorial read like it was “written” in the 70s. *shakes head*

    Treat people not by the color of their skin (or their gender), but by the content of their character…. where have we heard that one before?

    Women are individuals, and come in all shapes, sizes and personalities….they’re kinda like real people that way. 🙂 Nice stereotyping, bub.

    Ya got me, though… I broke down, clicked the stupid link, gave the N&O another page view and read the whole silly thing, thinking, “Oh c’mon, no way it’s that stupid”.

    Yep, that stupid.

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