#RNCinCLE: The heavy hand. Melania’s speech. And WHY is Dallas Woodhouse so angry?

It’s interesting to see all of the takes on the happenings so far in Cleveland.  On one hand, you have folks beating on Reince Priebus and the boys for being too top-down and heavy-handed.  Disrespecting the grassroots. Hillary Clinton-hereicome,

On the other hand, you have folks saying that this effort to unbind the delegates was an authoritarian power grab meant to negate a whole lot of primary votes.  Again, disrespecting the grassroots. 

Though, for the longest time in our nation’s history, Average Joes had no say in the selection of party nominees.  Delegates were sent off to various conventions, and the rest of us got told who our choices would be in the general election.

I am for giving the people the most say possible in who the candidates are that get to vie for the honor of being president of the United States.  If the RNC and the DNC had their way, we’d get TWO candidates every four years, completely guided by consultants, with positions on the issues so close together daylight can’t shine through.  

Debate and dissension is healthy.  But the time to do that is in the primary season.  Right now, it’s all about coming together and gearing up for war against The Dragon Lady.  (Hillary, not Zan or Joyce.)

I was not thrilled with John McCain or Mitt Romney.  But I recognized they were better than the alternative.  There’s a lot about Trump I like, and there is a lot that makes me queasy.  But right now, he’s what we’ve got.  (What’s the old sports saying?  ‘You play ball with the team you have, and not the one you wish you had.’)

Choosing between Trump and Hillary?  DJT all the way. 

MELANIA’S SPEECH.   I caught Mrs. Trump’s speech after the fact on YouTube.  It was what I thought it would be — a lot of cutesie boilerplate. ten minutes of nothing.  A classic political speech.  (I can remember following certain candidates around on the campaign trail, as a driveby, and melania-1x1hearing the same same same empty speeches over and over again.  I’d see the crowds go wild each time that speech gets delivered, and wonder ‘What the hell are they cheering for?  The guy didn’t say a damn thing.’)

The drivebys have gone bat-$h!t crazy this morning claiming that Mrs. Trump plagiarized that legendary orator Michelle Obama.  (Meanwhile, they are still praising vice president Joe Biden, who actually has a hand in crafting policy, as the best vice president EVER.)  Much of the caterwauling comes from angry, frumpy driveby-ettes jealous that they will never look as good as The Next First Lady. 

I’ve been on the inside of political campaigns too. And I hate to break it to you, but most of these guys and gals DON’T WRITE THEIR OWN SPEECHES.  There are a lot of people floating around DC who get paid well to make these people sound, um, “good.”  And that pool of people gets around between campaigns — even playing both sides of the aisle. It’s very likely that some of the same people who had a hand in writing Mooch-elle’s speech had a hand in Mrs. Trump’s speech.

If Mrs. Trump had started claiming she was a coal miner, I might have gotten worried. 

AN ANGRY YOUNG MAN.   Can anybody help out here?  WHY, WHY was the NCGOP executive director screaming at this poor, defenseless cowboy hat-clad woman inside the convention yesterday? (see accompanying photo)image1

Mr. Woodhouse sure is making life easy for the Democrats.  When they start claiming the NCGOP is hostile to blacks and women, they can point to (1) his treatment of Hasan Harnett, and (2) his treatment of this woman. 

21 thoughts on “#RNCinCLE: The heavy hand. Melania’s speech. And WHY is Dallas Woodhouse so angry?

  1. Dallas had just partaken of a few cocktails. No problems there dont just assume from one photo he is angry right?

    1. The unfortunate thing is that Woodhouse cannot keep away from TV cameras when he is drunk. He even gives interviews that way. Letting him go to Cleveland was just trouble waiting to happen.

  2. It’s very likely that some of the same people who had a hand in writing Mooch-elle’s speech had a hand in Mrs. Trump’s speech.

    Seriously? This wasn’t due to ‘some of the same people’ having worked on the speech. These passages are too exactly the same. They were obviously lifted word for word out of Michelle’s speech. And Melania said earlier that she personally wrote it herself…

    At the end of the day, who cares about the spouse speeches, really? But I’m disappointed that you give her this kind of spin.

    1. Lifted from Moochelle, who lifted it from what? Every other motivational speaker you can hire out there. Regardless of who said it or wrote it, if you go to a seminar you are going to hear pretty much the same message from every keynote speaker out there. The unfortunate thing is that the speech writer hired was negligent in at least running the speech through a program to detect these things….hopefully Donald will issue a publicly humiliating “you’re fired” to the culprit (who is likely a Hitlary plant anyway).

      1. Plus, it looks like she was “Rick Rolled”. Just look at the line “we are never going to give up, never going to let you down” in her speech. That is something planted as a joke by some immature Hitlary supporter in disguise.

        1. Hahahahahahaha! The GOP convention was ‘Rick Rolled’ by the candidates wife!

          But yes, it obviously must have been a Hillary supporter. It can’t possibly be that Trump has surrounded himself with incompetent people.

          Some Hillary supporter must have designed that embarrassing homosexual-themed Trump/Pence logo, too, right? Obviously.

          1. No, Melania was Rick rolled by a democrap plant. Likely a speech writer with motives other than serving the person paying them.

  3. LOL Dallas posted a picture of him and that woman on social media so highly doubtful its him yelling in a malicious way. Typical Crooked Lying Daily Haymaker nonsense spewing out onto the internet today. And of all places to comment on being “hostile to…women” I don’t think CLDH gets to claim the high moral ground it believes it belongs on. Crooked Lying Daily Haymaker constantly belittles women and reduces them to commentary on their looks. Keep the boohoo woe is me to a minimum please, its unbecoming.

    1. With multiple cowboy hats around, the liklihood that this is the same woman is not all that great. It is more likely damage control.

      Woodhouse tried to make excuses for that drunken interview he gave to a TV reporter at the 2014 victory party, too!

      1. Yeah you’re probably right, just totally disregard the same features, clothes(red sleeves, blue and white vest), blonde hair etc. We’ll just refer to you as Crooked Lying GU, unable to discern reality from the blind hatred of being wrong all the time.

  4. Actually if Melanie (or her speech writer) HAD plagiarized Moochelle, she would have said “for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country” but I digress…

    This frenzy over Melanie’s speech is yet another (and shamefully since the mainstream media has its faces up Hillary’s behind) diversion tactic to shut down what really happened yesterday — heartbreaking speeches by the Benghazi victims’ parents (thanks to Hillary’s deadly incompetence) and parents of children killed by illegals (who Hillary plans to give amnesty to if she is elected). Please shut down this useless nonsense about a speech when so many lives have been lost thanks to the hapless, hate America(ns) progressives.

  5. ”Sadly, the Trump people aligned with RNC establishment thugs just like the Romney people in 2012 aligned with RNC establishment thugs to give the RNC establishment far too much control over the nominating process. Grassroots efforts to make the process more fair and democratic were shot down with power politics. Here is what the Rules Committee member from Alaska said in a statement over this sorry cram down:

    It has been reported that Alaska did not turn in its required signatures to contribute toward the rules committee roll call vote.

    As a rules committee member, I had secured more than enough signatures from Alaska delegates, but the convention secretary was not at the designated location where I was told to submit them.

    Some said she was hiding. Others said she was protected by guards. Regardless, I was told I could also present the signatures from the floor.

    Nevertheless, when the vote occurred, my mic was not turned on. When I attempted to present these signatures at the stage, my effort was ignored by the chair, and the security guard turned me away.

    The effort was made even more difficult by Alaska’s late-arriving bus and slow security lines at the entrance.

    Overall, this was not a good demonstration of delegate accommodation, nor of full, open, honest debate of the rules as was promised during the rules committee orientation.

    Fred Brown

    Rules Committee

    Member, Alaska”

  6. At least the entire Alaska delegation was able to get in. One WNC delegate had his credentials pulled because when he was on the way to Cleveland, he told a Charlotte TV station that he thought Trump was “dangerous” and “unqualified.” He gets all the way up to the convention, and is told that Robin Hayes is holding his credentials.

    Former NC Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr came back home rather than be called into the principal’s office like an errant schoolboy.

    “The state GOP’s executive director, Dallas Woodhouse, didn’t immediately respond to an email Wednesday seeking comment about the issue.”

    1. Which is why Chairman Harnett has been illegally locked out by the ncgop and replaced with a usurper who would ensure that the RNC had the NC delegation in hand. I know Haywood County Republicans have the NCGOP’s number, maybe other western counties will wake up as well.

      1. I wouldn’t expect much from the Buncombe County GOP. They have enough chaos over there trying to fill three candidate slots: County Commission Chairman, County Commissioner District 3, NC House District 116 (Tim Moffitt’s old seat).

        Moffitt could suddenly appear on the ballot for any of those races, BTW, because the people who filed to be candidates each found something out of state more attractive to do than actually run for office. State law allows the BCGOP to go behind closed doors & pick a name out of a hat to run for each of those offices. Filing deadline? Shmiling deadline. Just recruit a stooge to hold a slot on the ballot open for you.

    2. Whoops, here we go:

      State GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said Orr “hasn’t been a good Republican for a long time.”

      “The vast majority of delegates here are supportive of Mr. Trump even if he wasn’t their first choice,” Woodhouse said, adding that Trump had won the popular vote in the state’s Republican primary.

      “The problem with Mr. Orr is not how he feels about Mr. Trump,” Woodhouse said. “It’s how he feels about Republican voters.”

      Orr said he’d “put his Republican credentials up against anybody.”

      “If I’d know there was some oath of loyalty, some code of omerta, where I couldn’t say anything against Trump, I probably wouldn’t have come,” he said.
      One NC delegate leaves GOP convention after criticizing Donald Trump

  7. It is all about control, which our establishment guys asserted in NC by kicking out Harnett. We then showed you little people that votes and proper procedures just don’t matter when we stole the National Committeewoman’s race from you at the last state convention. You are now seeing the same thing we showed you in North Carolina at the national level as Chariman Priebus railroads the convention. Don’t expect fair votes. Chairman Priebus decided there was not going to be a real vote on the Rules Report, so he just disregarded the rules on how to get a roll call vote. It is just a matter of asserting power. The same thing was done in Tampa with slapping down the little people who had the arrogance to want a vote on rules that enhanced central power. We of the elite decide these things, and you little people do not. And, yes, national delegates are also little people in the scheme of things.

    Our NC chairman Robin Hayes is just doing the national chairman’s chicken straggling for him, just as Chairman Hayes did in Tampa. Hayes is very good at following orders from the RNC in Washington. Don’t expect Hayes to conduct fair votes if Priebus does not want fair votes. That is just the way it is.

    You little people thought it would be different with Trump? You ignored the fact that Trump’s two top campaign operatives are longtime big GOP establishment players, so the Trump campaign is working closely with Chairman Priebus to suppress you little people.

    Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

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