#RNCinCLE: Cruz speech aftershocks, all the new NCGOPe Trump groupies (GAME ON.)

62gjBZXWell, the Cleveland garden party is pretty much over.  The freak show in the streets outside the arena now moves on to Philly — another city I’m not exactly jonesing to spend quality time in. 

I found it, un,  *GREAT* to hear about appointed NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes complaining about Ted Cruz and back-stabbing.  If there’s ANYBODY who ought to know about dirty deeds done dirt cheap and back-stabbing, it’s Robin.   Hayes made way too much news at the convention — from yanking Bob Orr’s credentials to stranding two delegates in Cleveland. 

There’s been a lot of discussion — especially on this site — about the content and merits of the speech by Ted Cruz.  Again, you get no argument from me on the point that Cruz has been solid for conservative principles during his time in DC.  He made some good points in his convention speech. It would have been even better in front of one of the state primary contests.

THOSE are over.  Trump is the clear winner of the nomination.  Your next president will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Trump is still an enigma on a lot of issues.  But what I DO KNOW about him beats the hell out of what I DO KNOW about Hillary. Those who are still fighting the good fight for Cruz are kind of like the football team still running plays after the stands have cleared, the cameras have turned off, and the fans and the opposing team have left.  It’s good practice, but pointless.

You can pout all you want and stick with “Ted in 2020” — but you may have to wait until 2024.  Hillary could be in there for two terms.  Barry got two.   (And Ted MAY lose his 2018 race in Texas.) You may be willing to roll the dice on another president Clinton, but I sure as hell am not.  Our nation is in a pretty precarious state.  I don’t know that it can survive more, or worse, than what we’ve seen from 1600 Penn since January 2009.  

Besides, convention160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169 speeches are not great indicators of what we’re going to get after the inauguration. In 1988, George H.W. Bush sold us on him being an extension of Reagan.  Not even close.  Obama promised a post-racial America and scuttling of international trade deals sucking our jobs overseas.  How’s that worked out? 

Reagan, in 1980,  promised us great revolution in our capital city.  We got a little of it through 1983, but the GOPe hijacked him and put an end to all of that talk.

It was also comical to see all of the photos of Thom and Susan Tilli$$$ attaching themselves to Trump and his family like remora fish on the belly of a shark. Those two did NOTHING for Trump in the runup to the convention.  Ol’ Thom even endorsed ”Little Marco” a matter of days before he abandoned the presidential race.  Both Richad Burr AND Thom Tillis had previously been quoted as refusing, or being non-committal about campaigning in NC with Trump.   Both were quite invisible at Trump appearances in the state.  Now, they’re both apparently excited about campaigning with Trump.  *Hmmm.  DJT’s poll numbers in The Tar Heel State must look a lot better than we thought.*

Jumping on the Trump bandwagon at the last minute sure did wonders for Renee Ellmers, didn’t it?



64 thoughts on “#RNCinCLE: Cruz speech aftershocks, all the new NCGOPe Trump groupies (GAME ON.)

  1. The Republicans nominated Hilter this week and next week The Democrats will pick The Devil.
    America is doomed ….. Marshall law is coming under Obama,Hillary,or Trump just pick your oppressor

    The GOP is dead and Evil will now reign in both parties. When republicans get mad when you point out conservitive principles and call you the problem you know its overs and it jas been coming for years but know one including myself wanted to believe it.

    #JesusPleaseComeSoon #SMOD2016

    1. I don’t actually think the dems are nominating Satan. Satan has a better upside than Hitlary. It would be a true quandary if those two were running against each other.

  2. There is nothing principled about attending a convention to publicly break your word, to try to screw over the thousands of REPUBLICANS who work day-to-day, week-to-week, year after year and your FRIEND WHO ENDORSED YOU right before HIS acceptance speech for the GOP nomination for VP just so you can have a nationally televised well-delivered, Shakespearian HISSY FIT.

    Best thing you did was guarantee you will NOT be the party’s nominee for President in the future. Whether it is 2020 or 2024, Pence or someone like him who will be perceived as able to pull the party together will be the one that will get to wear the “mantle” you hoped to get.

    All these Cruzbots defending him are either showing themselves as lacking in discernment, as stupid OR as simply trying to manipulate the rest of us. Rubio and Carson were victims of Cruz’s dirty tricks but didn’t have the gonads to fight back. When Lying Ted’s superpac went after Melania, Trump counter punched.

    Just remember who started the family attacks. It wasn’t Trump.

    Lying Ted. Dead politically. Hope Rick Perry primaries his stupid self in the Senate primary.

    1. That’s OK just follow your Hitler while the rest of us are shoved in the ovens. #NeverTrump #ConservitiveBeforeRepublican

    2. A PAC that had no affiliation with Cruz put up that picture of Melania that had been created by an earlier abortive Trump presidential run, and Trump falsely blamed Cruz for it, retaliating with the nastiness about Heidi Cruz and later about Rafael Cruz.

      Trump is the one who needs party unity, and the crybaby response to Cruz’ speech has more potential to hurt Trump than Cruz. I agree that we need to stop Hillary, even if we have to keep our fingers crossed about Trump’s real positions on issues, but it is the Trump crybaby response that is hurting party unity. Reagan gave a very similar speech about principles and issues in 1976 that did not endorse Gerald Ford in so many words, but the Ford people did not go into full crybaby mode over it. If the Trump people had taken the same response as Ford’s, then Cruz’ pumping up of issues that he and Trump agree on like the wall on the Mexican border, would have helped Trump and helped unify the party. The problem for the party here is not Cruz’ speech but the Trump reaction to it. I guess part of the problem is that we have more of a cult of personality in 2016 than we had in 1976.

      Trump’s establishment GOP campaign manager Paul Manafort ran Gerald Ford’s convention operation against Reagan in 1976, so he should have been a lot smarter on this. He should have remembered that a speech does NOT have to formally endorse to provide unity benefits if the nominee accepts it gracefully. Instead, Manafort openly threatened Cruz before the speech that booing would be organized if he did not formally endorse Trump, and we can see that the threat was carried out. The result of Manafort taking a different tack this time is that Trump now has a unity headache created by stupidity of his own campaign operation.

      1. But it’s clear that if elected, Trump will become a real statesman, right? He’ll no longer surround himself with incompetent people? He’ll no longer see the role of President as just another line on his yuuuge resume? That he’ll stop looking at the United States government as just another business that he can get richer on by driving it into bankruptcy? That he’ll take a position on an issue and stick to it, no matter who he’s talking to, or what benefit he sees in doing a 180 and laughing at people who took him seriously? That he’ll actually read the Constitution & realize that he can’t simply name himself King?

        You have absolutely no idea what he’ll do, but your blind hatred of Hillary will cause you to vote for him anyway. I don’t like her much either, but I’m going to hold my nose & vote for her, because a Trump presidency is a recipe for fascism.

        I know it hurts, but Conservatives: You Lost. Trump tricked enough of you into supporting him while he torpedoed every conservative in the race, and now you think you have to support him, because… he’s not Hillary?

        I know you don’t want my advice, but here it is anyway: recognize that you lost, and spend that energy rebuilding to take Hillary back on with a real candidate in four years.

        1. No conservative in their right mind is going to help that criminal Hillary Clinton become President of the United States.

          1. Yes, the only thing worse than a Trump presidency will be Hitlary. Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife would just be an unmitigated disaster of proportions not seen since…Obama? She may even be able to eclipse him on disasters in foreign policy, economics, government perks, executive orders…need I go on?

      2. The Trump, Manafort reaction was pretty stupid if you want party unity. It vey well may be that unity with conservatives is not what they want. While they are reaching out to the Bernie Sanders young communists, and the LGBT community it sure seems they are going well out of their way to rub their boots in the faces of conservatives.

        The Supreme Court leverage is pretty strong, but even that promise may not be enough if this continues. For instance, last week I was pretty much on board and ready. This week I’ve got that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yep, just might need the barf bag on election day.

    3. The die-hard Trump supporter who was so much smarter than many of them in reacting to the Cruz speech was Newt Gingrich:


      Gingrich proved his smarts while so many Trump supporters showed they were dumb as a brick. While Gingrich was emphasizing the true message from Cruz’ speech, so many Trump supporters were distorting it in a way that hurts both Trump and Cruz. Sad. Sad for the party, the cause, and the nominee.

    4. I just have to ask this: Do you ever listen to Trump speak? He seriously sounds like a mental patient. This is not a proud moment for the GOP, and it sure isn’t Cruz’s fault.

  3. Hitler rose to power on the wave of psychic, economic, and geopolitical wounds Germany suffered from the loss of The Great War – 15 years after, to be precise.

    Now, precisely 15 years after September 11, 2001, here comes Donald Drumpf.


    1. so what you are saying is that it is perfectly logical to conclude the GOP at their national convention just nominated Hitler. The reaction against the Conservative message Cruz laid out the night before. Then the blind faith to follow a man that said I …….IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 78 times saying Freedom only once and never calling for the people of America to make America better because he will use his new found power to make it all OK and if you do not like it he will have the Ovens ready for the ones that do not bow to him

      #NeverTrump #ConservitiveBeforeRepublican #WakeUpGOP

    2. “Don’t forget how people laughed at me 15 years ago when I declared that one day I would govern Germany. They laugh now, just as foolishly, when I declare that I shall remain in power!”
      —?Adolf Hitler to a British correspondent in Berlin, June 1934

      “The only thing that could interest me is if I could win. I’m not talking about the nomination. I’m talking about the whole magillah.”

      — Donald Trump on running for President in 2000, October 1999

      1. That is pretty powerful right their. I just wish more people would see the bigger picture and not follow one single human so blindly

  4. It was depressing today to see Trump doubling down on his personal attacks on Ted Cruz’ wife and father at length instead of going after Hillary and Obama. What is his problem? All he is doing is making it more difficult to unite the party while he is feeding the NeverTrump crowd.

    1. I’ve always thought his purpose was to destroy the GOP, and the fact that is sights are still trained on Cruz is evidence to that end. But we’ll all unite in the end behind him much as the German people turned to Hitler to save them from the Communists who were a very real menace back in the 1930s. And since the HillDems are basically communists these days, apparently history really does repeat, if inexactly..

      1. But we’ll all unite in the end behind him much as the German people turned to Hitler to save them from the Communists

        And there we have it, ladies and germs: the most depressing comment ever posted on the Internets.

        “Okay, maybe Hitler had his faults. But at least he saved Germany from the Communists.”

        1. You should be thrilled, it’s a win-win for you. After all, the Clintons reportedly encouraged Trump to enter the Republican primary. I’m sure they wouldn’t have done that if they didn’t think he’d make a fine President. 🙂

        2. Funny how whacko radical leftists always compare the conservative side to Hitler when really on the circle of political spectrum Hitler and Stalin are the same…and most resemble what is called the “left”.

          1. Maybe they have not read the full name of Hitler’s party – The National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party.

            Bernie and Adolf, and indeed Hillary, would have a whole lot in common. SEICU would fit right in.

      2. Elections in this country have always come down to picking between the lesser of two evils when the nominating process tends to reward those that are able to build a majority coalition of votes to get him/her the nomination.

        1. I did NOT have to pick between the lesser of two evils when I voted for Ronald Reagan or Jesse Helms or John East or Lauch Faircloth or Jim Martin or a number of others at lower levels I could mention.

          At the presidential level, the nominating process has tended in the last few cycles to go to whomever Big Media gave the most attention and the media spin to. It had not a darn thing to do with building any sort of coalition of votes. In 2008, Big Media gave the lions share of primary coverage to McCain and kept harping that he was ”inevitable” and ”electable”. In 2012, they did the same for Romney. It worked both times. Big Media dictated who our nominee would be as GOP voters like lemmings marched over the media’s cliff to nominate the candidates they were waiting to destroy in the general election.

          We fell for it again. Big Media thinks they have the goods to destroy Trunp in November, so they have successfully steered the GOP nomination to him. Look at the numbers. They gave A LOT more air time to Trump than to anyone else. You can also tell who Big Media did not like from their coverage patterns and that was Ted Cruz.

          Polls these days show that the public is on to the media’s bias so they could no longer play it the way they did to steer the nominations to Romney and McCain. Now they pushed a line that was negative on Trump but in a way that would get sympathy for Trump among GOP voters. It worked. They got Trump the nomination.

          If we want to see who we should avoid nominating, we need to look to who the MSM is giving a disproportionate share of media coverage to. That is who they want, and it should be who we do not want.

          We are stuck now, and we can do little but try to get the nominee that Big Media has given us past the candidate they really want to win in November, which is the Hildabeast, the Wicked Witch of the West Wing. They give us nominees they think their Democrat friends can beat. Maybe they misfigured it this time, but I fear not. I do not think the country can survive four years of Hillary, at least not as anything we would recognize.

  5. Trump may be able to salvage what’s left of the Republican Party. The GOP was essentially destroyed by the Bush I and Bush II administrations. Bush I gave us Clinton and Bush II gave us Obama. You can’t blame Donald Trump for this!

    1. “Salvage”? He’s not going to salvage anything. He’s not a Republican, any more than he was a Democrat when he was registered as a Democrat, or when he ran for President under the ‘Reform Party’ in 2000. Did you know he advocated for universal healthcare”?

      “I’m very liberal when it comes to health care,” he said. “I believe in universal health care…” “I would put forward a comprehensive health care program and fund it with an increase in corporate taxes.”

      He called it a frikkin’ entitlement!!. That’s “Republican” as all get-out, isn’t it? Not that I think that he actually believed that, any more than any of the other lies he told when he was running from the left, or the middle, or now when he’s running from the right. He’s been talking about being President since 1988, long before the Clintons even set foot in the White House. The party obviously doesn’t matter, the ideology obviously doesn’t matter, the lies he has to tell to achieve power obviously don’t matter.

      He’s a parasite, a liar, a trojan horse. You have no idea what he would do as President, other than He’s Not Hillary™. All you have to go on is that he’s a selfish egotistical authoritarian who thinks that you’re stupid enough to vote for him despite the fact that he’s obviously lying to you.

      “I love the poorly educated!!”

  6. Oh my, such angst among the “party faithful”. The truth is that both Cruz and Trump did stupid things these past few days, neither one should be congratulated. But comparing Trump to Hitler is progressive-zombie-like, and while it may give the name-caller satisfaction to do so, it just isn’t even close to being true. And frankly, it is an insult to those who actually died or had family members die in concentration camps. Trump is indeed a blow-hard, but he isn’t evil in the way Hitler was. Trump may be misguided at times, but who isn’t occasionally? Certainly Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, etc. all demonstrated bad judgment in certain actions they took. Like President BHO, Trump’s term can only be for 8 years max, and I guarantee that no one will taken to the ovens in that period of time, at least not by him.
    Just relax, get out into the beautiful NC sunshine, and come back in September to fight against Hillary, and support our local candidates. And pray. It’s all we can do at this point.

  7. Trump is the new Nixon. He is an opportunist who says what he thinks people want to hear, but it is hard to tell what his real views are. Will he follow through on what he is saying or march off in some different direction, as Nixon often did? Like Nixon, Trump is all about himself and his power.

    One of the best summations of Nixon’s first term was made in his 1972 primary by conservative Congressman John Ashbrook (R-OH) who observed that Nixon had run on George Wallace’s platform but carried out Hubert Humphrey’s. In four years, will we be saying that Trump ran on Ted Cruz’ platform but carried out Bernie Sanders’? I think it is highly possible. Like Nixon, Trump really has no ideological or philosophical compass. It is all about power.

    Trump is not Hitler. He is Nixon. There could well be a Watergate in his future.

    Does this mean we sit on our hands? This election, conservatives have no George Wallace as an alternative. This election’s Hubert Humphrey in a dress needs to be avoided as much if not more than the original Hubert Humphrey. The Libertarian nominee is a leftwing buffoon. We are pretty much left with holding our noses for Trump and keeping our fingers crossed that he does not go too far off the reservation.

  8. The Bushes & the Clintons are both globalist elites. Ted Cruze is one too, in his short political career he has done nothing but run for the presidency. Along comes Trump and the establishment on both sides has a melt down. He has them both scared to death!

    1. Ted Cruz has a long record of fighting for the conservative side beginning with some high profile cases he won as Solicitor General of Texas in the US Supreme Court. He has consistently been a conservative, unlike Trump who has slithered all over the political spectrum.

      As to where they stand on the special interests, the Iowa primary is instructive. There were powerful special interests in Iowa dead set on preserving the ethanol mandate, a rotten special interest program that makes some in Iowa rich while screwing the American consumer to the wall. Ted Cruz was the only presidential candidate with the cajones to come out before the Iowa primary for ending the ethanol mandate, which earned him the hatred and fierce opposition from the governor and other local politicians who were in bed with the ethanol special interests. Ted Cruz stood for conservative principle, regardless of the consequences, and he won in Iowa in spite of the special interests.

      What did Trump do? While most candidates were sticking to the status quo on ethanol,Trump called for doubling the ethanol mandate. He was willing to screw the American consumer even more in order to suck up to a special interest that he thought could get him some votes in Iowa.

      Cruz showed himself a conservative man of principle while Trump showed himself to be an unprincipled political whore to the special interests on the ethanol issue.

      We are now in a position of choosing which political whore to vote for in November, and we are stuck with Trump because he has fewer STD’s than the other options.

      Republicans should not have to be debating Cruz vs. Trump at this point and the only reason we are is because of Trump’s egotistical response to a speech that was supportive of Trump on the issues and was very similar in tone to Reagan’s speech at the 1976 Republican convention. Trump is shooting himself in the foot and needs to stop that if he really wants to stop Hillary.

      And the GOP establishment? They are in bed with Trump. The two people running Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are longtime establishment fixers, and Manafort in particular has some very very unsavory connections. At the convention, Trump’s people worked hand in glove with establishment kingpin Reince Priebus to make sure that rules stayed with a top-down dictatorship in the party as the Romney people had imposed four years ago, instead of giving the grassroots back the authority that was taken away then. That is what the Rules fight at this convention was really about. Also, one of the GOP establishment’s very worst sell out Obama enablers in DC is Mitch McConnell, and McConnell long ago showed he was for Trump over Cruz.

      1. Another establishment tell in all of this is our illegitimate coup installed leader of the NC Convention Delegation, Robin Hayes. If he’s pushing Trump you know its establishment backed.

        1. I disagree Hayes can only hope he fits in with Trump. Trump has no time or use for the old order of egos and establishment types like Robin Hayes. This is why I like Trump the establishment will strangle before the Trump organization allows these fools access.

          1. Fit in? Trump’s campaign is run by two establishment hacks who are very much like Hayes – Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. They are birds of a feather.

    1. R Hunter’s lack of knowledge about Ted Cruz is well illustrated by the fact that he cannot even spell Cruz’ name correctly.

  9. Trump’s division of the GOP has been a “yuge” success. And he keeps pounding that wedge deeper and deeper. It’s almost as if there was a premeditated plan to do this. Wait…

  10. The Hyperbole is insanely over the top. Trumps got issues but one thing he is not is a damned Gloablist government schmuck.

  11. And compare him to GHWB, Bob Dole, W, McCain, and Romney. Hell, he’s better than all of them.

  12. Concerning Uncle Thom he is looking down the road to becoming a presidential candidate himself. Thom and Susan’s ambitions go way pass the Senate. They are more like the Bob and Elizabeth Dole team except they are much less credible and acceptable.

  13. From a conservative GOP Senator on the convention floor:

    “When asked to clarify what he meant by “brownshirts,” Humphrey said, “I’ve seen a lot. This is not a meeting of the Republican National Committee. This is a meeting of brownshirts.”

    “I mean people who act like fascists,” he said. “They might not be fascists, but they act like fascists. They have the manners, or the lack of manners, of fascists. And in this respect, they are only too reflective of Donald Trump himself.”

  14. Lets get this straight. In the new GOPe, everyone is expected to follow orders from the top. When Robin Hayes gets instructions to steal a delegates credentials and hold them from him until he agrees to follow orders, that is just the way things go. Bob Orr said some unapproved things to the media, so his credentials got held. If he refused to kowtow like he is supposed to and agree to follow orders, that is just too bad for him. People like him should not go away mad; they should just go away. What does it matter that he used to be on the State Supreme Court? We made a mistake in putting Orr on our list of delegates.

    When those two delegates told the media that they liked Cruz’ speech, they were not following the approved line, so Chairman Hayes was right in telling them to walk back to North Carolina. The correct line from the top was supposed to be that they did not like Cruz’ speech. They should have remembered that. They needed to be punished for not following the approved party line.

    As long as Chairman Hayes and I are in control, our philosophy is that Big Brother will be watching. So remember that all you little people.

  15. Maybe they have not read the full name of Hitler’s party – The National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party.

    That’s incredibly lame. The Nazis incorporated the word ‘socialist’ into their name just to lure in working class people, Then, when in power, Hitler outlawed socialism, built concentration camps and then imprisoned or killed thousands of socialists, years before turning his sights on the Jews.

    Hey, just pick up whatever party name suits your goals, and then trick people into supporting you. What a great idea – I wonder when someone in America will… Oh. Never mind.

    1. Actually Nazism is just a slight tweak of Communism/Socialism. Most totalitarian regimes are actually just a slight difference from each other. Just research the circle of political ideologies and you can see the spectrum…..but I doubt you will as your ideology does not come off well when you view it in that true to life way.

  16. Trump has threatened to form and fund a SuperPAC to oppose Ted Cruz in his next election. Trump had damned well better walk that back if he expects me to even consider voting for him in November. This crap is just unacceptable.


    There is no way I can vote for Hillary or that nutty Libertarian, but Trump seems to want to make it impossible for me to vote for him, either. Please, Trump, make it possible for me to vote for you. Act like a grownup.

    Our country is headed to hell in a handbasket and there does not seem to be anything we can do about it.

    1. Totally I do not want to be negative about him cause who does not want America to be great again but I want a clear understand that he understands what made America Great to start with and I want to know that he has seen the error of his ways supporting the democrats that people like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and other have been trying to fight. This is not saying that other Republicans in office are not also a problem like our two F rated senators from NC. But I want a Republican president that will help Lee and Cruz get good things passed and not in turn enable republican failures like Burr and Tillis pass more leftist policy

    2. Why is this dude working so hard to make me NOT vote for him. The Supreme Court promise can only go so far.

  17. Garry Kasparov, Russian exile, Putin-foe, and the greatest chess player of all time, said after Trump’s RNC speech:

    Donald Trump reminds me of Vladimir Putin — and that is terrifying

    “I saw an Americanized version of the brutally effective propaganda of fear and hatred that Vladimir Putin blankets Russia with today.

    “This isn’t to say Trump plagiarized Putin verbatim. The language and tone were comparable the way that the Russian and American flags make different designs with the same red, white and blue. Nor was it merely the character of the text; Trump’s mannerisms and body language — toned down from his usual histrionics — were startlingly similar to the sneering and boastful delivery Russians know all too well after Putin’s 16 years in power In both cases, the intent of the speaker is to elicit the visceral emotions of fear and disgust before relieving them with a cleansing anger that overwhelms everything else. Only the leader can make the fear and disgust go away. The leader will channel your hatred and frustration and make everything better. How, exactly? Well, that’s not important right now.”

    “Instead of telling people what he will do if they elect him, he threatens them with what will happen if they don’t. The democratic leader needs the people. The tyrant, and the would-be tyrant, insists that the people need him.”

    “It is painful to admit, but Putin was elected in a relatively fair election in 2000. He steadily dismantled Russia’s fragile democracy and succeeded in turning Russians against each other and against the world. It turns out you can go quite far in a democracy by convincing a majority that they are threatened by a minority, and that only you can protect them.

    “The final and most worrying similarity between Putin and Trump is that so many are unwilling to believe that someone like Trump could ever become the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed to great jubilation, we never would have believed that a former KGB agent would become the president of Russia just nine years later. The moral: Be careful whom you vote for, it could be the last election you ever have.”

    1. Yes, the only thing worse that Putin/Trump would be Hitlary. At least here in the US we have what is called “Checks and Balances” which would greatly impede a true totalitarian…….oh wait that may not be right as the Barry Hussein regime has set up a huge precedent for totalitarian rule via Exeutive Order!

      1. Which works because a vigorous Republican opposition to his actions, just isn’t there. People voted GOP awhile back to present Obama with opposition but the GOP hasn’t held up to it’s end of the deal.

  18. Barry, you certainly have the talking points down, if you’re not getting paid to troll you should look into a career at the DNC or perhaps the flailing Kaine & Unable campaign. They could certainly use your talents! HiLIARy trolls on right wing blogs telling us stories about how Trump is Hitler reincarnated and now Putin…~sigh~
    I guess the KKK- David Duke lie was not getting you where you “need to be”. Low info folk don’t know who DD is, better stick with BLM and the Soros $$$. Oh wait that didn’t go well when they started killing cops and chanting fry the pigs like bacon.
    I know all about Rafael and his ties to the Bush family. Rafael,Jeb & Marco, how did they all loose? The Bushes now support who?

  19. THE PRIMARY IS OVER! My question from the convention is, who in the Executive will ask Hayes to step down after his totally unacceptable behavior?

    1. His unacceptable behavior started this term when he gave his nomination speech and told a room full of people that he did not come to the room that day to run for chairman but he said after he was installed as the winner that he had indeed written his speech the night before

      The next excom meeting will probally be the one to pass the budget without once again seeing the budget and if the people on the excom do not care about transparancy there they will not care to confront their newly installed leader on anything he did in cleveland

  20. His unacceptable behavior goes back much, much further than that. Just pointing out the most recent, and most public.

    1. Robin Hayes dictatorial behavior with the delegation at Tampa really stands out. What he did at this convention is little different. The sooner he is out of his position and takes Batman Dallas with him, the better.

      1. I don’t see it as dictatorial. I would just call it a case of no class. But what do you expect with the way the put the guy back in power.

  21. Reading Barry’s rants about Trump and fascism, it is clear that Barry does not understand fascism, and more particularly the difference between fascism and authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is part of a number of political doctrines, including fascism, but to be fascist requires adherence to other fascism doctrines, most importantly fascism economic doctrine, as well.

    Authoritarianism involves a severe top down approach to government with little concern for the will of the people. There is indeed an argument that Trump does have an authoritarian streak, but even so it is substantially less than the authoritarian streak of Hillary Clinton, and more particularly of Barack Obama. Obama is the most authoritarian president we have ever had, outdoing even Lincoln in that regard. Clinton would be as bad. Trump, less so.

    But the key to whether any of these politicians are fascist is to look at their economic policies in light of fascist economic doctrine, which is to leave technical ownership of businesses in the hands of individuals and corporations but have the businesses massively controlled by government in what they do. Looking at Trump’s economic proposals, I do not see even a hint of fascism. The opposite is true of Obama and Hillary. Fascist economic doctrine is the very core of Obama’s key policies, particularly Obamacare and his environmental programs. We have never had a president embrace fascist economic doctrine to the extent that Obama has, and Hillary goes right along with him.

    If you are looking for fascists in today’s American political landscape, their names are Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    1. Raphael. Good comment, but the ones who are calling fascist are not likely to read, consider, or care about the facts. If the hate speech of “fascist” can be used to scare the low information crowd then to heck with the facts.

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