Give me BACK my sports.

caitlyn-jenner-2They’ve got the driveby media, public education, science, government, BIG business, and are tightening their grip the American male’s most cherished treasure — SPORTS.  For years, there was nothing like crashing in front of the TV with the guys amidst heaps of adult beverages and junk food to catch THE GAME.   Just like the Saturday golf game, it was always the opportunity for male bonding.  Telling those jokes you don’t DARE utter within earshot of the missus.

Now, the crowd that has sucked the fun out of every other aspect of life is trying to finish off the world of sports.  Yes, those Obama-voting, Prius driving metrosexual social justice warriors are sinking their claws into the last bastion of manliness left on Earth — SPORTS.  I don’t know how many times I’ve watched a game where ESPN tosses to some female correspondent in the stands to do a human interest story on the quarterback’s girlfriend whIle a HALF DOZEN PLAYS ARE BEING RUN ON-FIELD.  (I tuned in for the action on-field or on-court.

ESPN has an awards show called the ESPYs.  They have a yearly show featuring a lot of Hollywood and sports types.  And it is always loaded with a lot of leftist commentary.  This year, we got a lot of preaching during the show about Black Lives Matter and those *mean ol’ cops.*adam-silver

Long-time color commentator Bob Costas has taken it upon himself to lecture viewers about gun control and other liberal issues.

ESPN has run off Rush Limbaugh and Curt Schilling for daring to be conservative, but that race-baiting, Obama-licking, loud gasbag Mike Wilbon still has a daily show there.

We’ve been saddled with this WNBA thing.  Girls playing basketball.  (Um, yay?)  I’ve flipped by a few of these games.  The stands are almost always barely occupied.  Same for college women’s games.  Yet, we get saddled with them.  Because the SJWs call the shots at ESPN and other sports media. 

Now, the NBA is jumping into politics — yanking the All-Star game from Charlotte because of HB2. Granted, I haven’t actually watched an NBA game in its entirety since the days of Dr. J, Bobby Jones, Larry Bird, Magic, Kareem and James Worthy.  The institution has devolved from class acts like that to basically, um, the prison yard.   There’s no teamwork.   There IS a whole lot of selfishness.  Get your 50 points, your bonus, and your endorsements.  Screw the fans.

I’d much rather watch ACC football and basketball.  Those guys still care about not letting their teammates or their schools down, and giving their all.

My amigo BobLee hit the nail on the head about the All-Star game in his latest column.   Not a whole lot of people in our great state (outside the Mecklenburg county line) gave a hoot about the first iteration of The Hornets, The BobCats, or this latest version of The Hornets.  WHY would you when we have FOUR of the top college conference’s schools right here in our backyard?  Duke v. Carolina, or State v. Duke, or State v. Carolina, or Wake v,. Duke, Carolina, or State — or Charlotte v. Portland?  

Most basketball fans don’t give a hoot about Steve-in-a-Dress’s trauma over not being able to use the ladies room. They just want to see some good ball being played.

Sports are arguably one of the few consistently unifying activities in life. As a conservative, I am outnumbered exponentially when I travel to Chapel Hill to cheer on the Heels. Sports are some of the few things I can talk to leftists about without the potential for fisticuffs.  For a few hours each week, we’re cheering for the same team. 

With this ONE aspect of life — please lay off the force feeding of the social justice slop.  Give us back SPORTS.

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  1. “For years, there was nothing like crashing in front of the TV with the guys amidst heaps of adult beverages and junk food to catch THE GAME. ”
    Does Not Equal…
    “Sports are arguably one of the few consistently unifying activities in life.”
    Right away you are excluding over half the population, i.e. women.
    Sounds like you care a Whole Lot about the NBA’s decision as a result of Hate Bill 2.

    1. Well PBJ, of the women who care you are faaaar from excluding half the population. And we don’t really care about the NBA or their excuse to bring in the players to visit the local strip joints. There is going to be little to no economic impact other than on the strip clubs anyway so we might as well stick to common sense protections for our females rather than back down to the whacko radical progressives.

      1. ” There is going to be little to no economic impact… ”
        Where do you get that information. I’ve read that the impact will be in the tens of millions of dollars for this one event (which is many related events over several days).

        1. Charlotte has nobody to blame but its loony left mayor who stirred up this issue with her asinine ordinance that was beyond the powers of a city under state law in the first place. That she has now lost this game for her city, to the extent it matters at all, is all on her shoulders.

          We also have to remember that the leader of the movement for this bill was a convicted child molester, which speaks volumes about who would take advantage of an open restrooms policy. The NBA should be dubbed the ”League for Child Molesters”.

        2. Those estimations are waaay over blown. Just look up the article a guy named Agent Pierce wrote a few days ago. He used to be in the business of making up the fake figures of economic impact. The fact is the Charlotte economy is much more dependent on the business traveler community so there will be few real impacts outside bars and strippers not raking in the NBA dough that weekend.

          1. If NBA players like strip clubs so much, that may have something to do with the NBA wanting to let them into womens restrooms and shower rooms. It would seem cheaper than going to a strip club.

  2. Hey, cheer up. Caitlyn Jenner up there on that cereal box, just came out as Republican.

    Caitlyn Jenner: It was easy to come out trans; hard to come out Republican

  3. Conservatives and Christians should give the NBA the Target treatment. Shun them. Ditto ESPN. Let their finances implode like Target’s have. We need to stand up to these despicable corporate bullies who want to goose step all over Christian principles. They are anti-Christian bigots who are full of hate.

    1. Amen! I’ve never watched an NBA game in my life, anyway. I still stand by HB 2.

      1. Same here, so it’s not like NBA will suffer from my loss. OTOH, I used to use Target regularly. Not anymore. Besides, their pharmacy went downhill when they teamed with CVS.

    2. Already did it. I used to play at the college level and watched the NBA all the time in the previous Hornets era. Now, the thugs have overtaken the league and they are kowtowing to the whacko leftitsts. One more league to not get my patronage.

        1. Last time I watched somewhat regularly it had been Latrel Sprewell and Alan Iverson and their ilk. From what little I read it has only been downhill since.

          1. Being the good liberal, I know you do not know the difference between facts and “narrative”. I only deal in the former.

    3. Yes!!! And, for the love of Pete, do not give one red cent to Duke, UNC or any of these patsy-breeding, politically correct institutions schools. Money talks!!

      BTW — never forget that Roy Williams also did a pro Obamacare PSA.

    4. The NBA are hypocrites. They do not have their players shower with their cheerleaders, so how dare they be so arrogant as to demand that governments require such things?

      Maybe we ought to teach the NBA a lesson about somebody else wanting to make the rules. Pass a bill through the legislature setting the rules of any professional basketball game played in the state of North Carolina. See how those arrogant corporate bullies like that!

  4. NASCAR has gone the same route. I go to sporting events to escape the ills of social issues not to have them shoved in my face.

    I would be willing to bet that 100% of their fans are MORE than aware of breast cancer and autism; that 99.999% of their fans don’t find the southern battle flag offensive; that 99.999% of their fans don’t subscribe to the “green energy” mentality and that 99.999% of them support HB2.

    The New York marketing agency that NASCAR has chose to “hook-up” with is ruining the fans enjoyment of the sport, with the support of these social issues.

    1. And that is why they no longer have packed houses and ratings for their races are on the decline. Whereas Indycar is getting better all the time. I for one have switched to Indy and Formula 1 as the sports to watch in the summer. NFL in the winter, although they are on the path to be too PC as well.

  5. I still find escape in watching “my” St Louis Cardinals play baseball (MLB.Premium). Zero political references…. zero PC preaching …. I watch every game and have no clue of the politics of the team’s announcers. …. that is pretty much “it” for escaping. …. Just a reminder that ESPN CEO John Skipper is a ’75 grad from UNCCH. NBA Commissoner the VERY strange Adam Silver is a Duke alum.

  6. They should go back to “negro leagues” too, right? Yes, your pining away about people standing up against discrimination really does look that bad.

    McCrory and the social cons in the NC legislature spent years passing Progressive bills like Public Private Partnership toll lane schemes and thought they could win some “Conservative” street cred by passing a bill designed to discriminate against the LBGTQ community. But guess what? Most people today have a close friend or family member who will be impacted by HB2 and that makes it unpopular.

    McCrory is defending a stupid law and it looks like he’ll be moving out of the governors mansion. Good.

    1. Most people have daughters or granddaughters whose privacy they care about; keeping them out of having to shower with boys in PE class. That is what HB2 is all about, and that is why polls show an overwhelming majority of people support bathroom / shower room privacy.

      A boy who thinks he is a girl has just as serious head problems as a boy who thinks he is Napolean. He should get mental health help, not be coddled on which bathroom he can use. We do not need to let the inmates run the asylum.

  7. Amen! I’m female and a die hard football fan. I despise the wussification of all sports by a bunch of whiny pajamaboys.

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