RCP says #NCSEN race a “tossup”

burrToo close to call.  Could go either way.  That’s how Real Clear Politics sees US Senator Richard Burr’s reelection fight with former state Rep. Deborah Ross.    North Carolina’s Senate race is one of NINE the venerable politics site sees as an absolute toss-up in the fight to control the US Senate.  

According to RCP, the Democrats look solid in 47 races, while Republicans look solid in 44.  The contests in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio join North Carolina in that group of nine tossups.  EIGHT of those NINE are currently held by Republicans.  (Nevada’s is currently held by Democrat Harry Reid.)

The RCP average has Burr leading Ross 42.3 to 38.7 percent.  Both candidates reached their respective high water marks for the race in an NBC poll — taken July 5 to 11 – showing Burr leading 48-41.

6 thoughts on “RCP says #NCSEN race a “tossup”

  1. The fact that these two idiots are our choices (along with sidekick Obama enabler Tillis) speaks volumes to how broken our nominating/primary system is. On the one hand we have the radical ACLU America-hating Ross and just steps away we have Loretta Lynch supporter, conservative hating, Obama enabler extraordinaire Burr. How pathetic. As an independent there is absolutely nothing redeeming in either one of these bozos. I am leaving this spot blank on the ballot.

  2. Burr has sold us out too many times. It’s a sad day when we have the choices we have…. This country is screwed because the morons let the leftist. communists, progressives, and do gooders take control of our schools, universities, and media. And now we have generations of morons who regurgitate the leftist/CNN/DNC talking points as if they know what they are talking about. There is no coming back…

    1. Stop the bleeding by voting for Trump! And, in an anticipation of the hissy fit from you conservative ideological “purests”, you honestly think letting amnesty in first 100 days, seller of our uranium rights to Russia Hillary Clinton is the answer?!?!? Snap out of it.

      1. I will vote Trump and I will Vote Burr because they are the only chance to fight the LEFTISTS and I just hope Trump and Burr will fight hard against the Radical Left if they make it into office

        1. I’ll vote Trump. Burr is another matter, as he has not yet demonstrated any sort of track record of fighting leftists.

  3. We are stuck with this awful choice in the Senate race, and a chance of a Democrat winning the seat only because some idiots apparently talked Trick Dick Burr out of his plans to retire. Reputedly, the main ones who did so were RINO leader Mitch McConnell and progressive Republican consultant Paul Shumaker. Shumaker would have done it because he saw a chance to put some more money is his pocket to go with that already there from the radical environmentalists. McConnell was scared to death that Mark Meadows wanted to run for the seat, and Meadows who had led the charge against Boehner in the House would not having been the yes-man for McConnell’s Obama enabling that wussy Burr has been.

    If Mark Meadows was our nominee instead of Burr, he would be well ahead by now. He would be a much stronger general election candidate.

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