Paul Tine: STILL registered Democrat

tineThere was a big hulaballoo about a Democrat legislator from Dare County leaving his party to register unaffiliated.   On January 9, Paul Tine was admitted to the House GOP caucus.  Tine promised Mark Binker of WRAL on January 7 that he would make the party switch official by “next Monday.” If “next Monday” meant January 12, then Tine is late on backing up his words with deeds.   If next Monday meant a week from the upcoming Monday, he has until January 19.  He’s made the announcement. Why not just go ahead and DO IT

Anyway, according to the state board of elections, Tine — as of TODAY is STILL registered as a Democrat.  So, House Republicans have approved a duly registered Democrat sitting in on their strategy meetings.  They’ve approved a guy — who dumped a boatload of money on Barry Obama and his party, and is still registered in Barry Obama’s party — for receiving the benefits of being in the chamber’s majority. Work hard against the GOP, get to share in the rewards of their victory.  No need to register Republican or even accept the principles in the GOP platform.