ObamaCare deadline passes, Gov. Pat STILL UNCOMMITTED on the issue




Unbelievable, isn’t it?   McCrory has named his HHS secretary but has not made up his mind about establishing a state health insurance exchange, a vital component of the impending ObamaCare nightmare.

Gov. Pat should take some time to get briefed by South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, Tennessee’s Bill Haslam, and Virginia’s Bob McDonnell.  They ALL campaigned for him in the general election and are ALL refusing to establish state health care exchanges within their borders.
I’ve heard some whining from within Raleigh’s “conservative revolution” that — if we try to block the exchange — we will lose any kind of influence over how the exchange will be managed.  Really?  SC, TN and VA don’t seem too worried about it.  Neither do the 32 other states refusing to establish the exchanges.  Only 15 states so far have agreed to set up a health care exchange.  All kinds of health care analysts have opined that the ObamaCare scheme will collapse if an overwhelming majority of states refuses to set up an exchange.

This smells like surrender before the first shots have even been fired.