NC Racial Justice Act continuing to do injustice to crime victims, families


Three more violent criminals escaped death row today — thanks to a radically leftist Superior Court judge and a “gift”that keeps on giving from the NC General Assembly called The Racial Justice Act.

The three defendants — two of whom were cop-killers — had their sentences reduced –  from death to “life without parole” thanks to Superior Court Judge Gregory Weeks of Fayetteville.  Weeks apparently saw — in each of the cases — violations of the RJA, which allows for death sentences to be overturned when a whiff of racism is found in the sentencing process.

Like that Supreme Court justice said about obscenity — you know it when you see it.  The same can be said about racism.  It’s in the eye of the beholder.   Like most people, I view elements like the Klan, The  Black Panthers, the burning cross, and various profanities and epithets as clearly racist.  Leftists like Weeks and the majority of the state’s trial lawyers see seating 4 blacks in a 12-person jury, in a town where the population is 40 percent black, as racist.

Remember when MLK Jr. told us he had a dream that his children and grandchildren would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?  Well, the modern American Left wants most decisions based on skin tone and quotas.  Qualifications and extenuating  circumstances be damned. 

Of the three death sentences overturned, the most outrageous one — to me — was that of Tilmon Golphin.  I wrote about him and his brother in an earlier post.   I’ll sum up the facts for you:  (1) Golphin and his twin brother robbed a finance company in Kingstree, SC with automatic weapons.  They locked the employees in a back room, took the money, and stole an employee’s car.  (2) They sped away north on I-95.  An alert was put out for the stolen car.  Trooper Ed Lowry and sheriff’s deputy David Hathcock stopped the Golphin’s car, thanks to the alert, near Fayetteville, North Carolina.  (3) The brothers shot and killed both lawmen during the stop.  They stole Lowry’s gun and shot the lawman repeatedly with it while he lay wounded on the ground.  (4) The Golphins sped away from the scene.  A passerby called 911 and pursued the brothers’ car.  The Golphins shot at this Good Samaritan repeatedly during the chase.  They were finally captured at the end of a massive, multi-jurisdiction manhunt.

Leftists want to moan about all of the poor black men on death row.  The actions committed by these two brothers — regardless of their skin color — are pure unadulterated evil.  THEY are an example of who the death penalty was meant for.  There is no rehabilitating this kind of evil. 
Advocates for the RJA see this law as some kind of civil rights tool.  What about Trooper Ed Lowry — a Native American — and his very Native American Family?   Two black guys shot a Native American policeman repeatedly while he lay wounded on the ground. Where is the civil rights victory?  

The Lowry family lost a husband, brother, father, and uncle in a very violent fashion while just trying to do his job.  Thanks to sleazy trial lawyers, their bought-and-paid-for legislative allies, and misguided leftists on the bench like Greg Weeks,  a violent thug like Tilmon Golphin gets to live out the rest of his scummy life at taxpayer expense.  Unless leftists, lawyers and their legislator buddies change “the rules” once again.

Once Lame Duck Bev leaves town, Raleigh’s “conservative revolution” needs to get to work on repealing this legislative atrocity.  It needs to be done before any more hell is rained down on crime victims and their families who thought justice had already been done.