O-Care: Top subsidized states are FL, CA, TX and —- NC !!!!!

obama-fingerThat’s right. Our license tags advertise us as “First In Flight.”  But, thanks to ObamaCare, we are speeding our way toward being “First In Dependence.”  Here are the ugly facts: 

North Carolina’s political leaders may not like the Affordable Care Act, but a large and growing number of residents rely on it for health insurance.

Only Florida, California and Texas have more people getting subsidized coverage than North Carolina, according to a new government report on 2015 enrollment.

That report shows about 515,500 North Carolinians qualified for aid, an increase of about 190,000 over 2014.

The meaning of the data will likely be debated as state and federal lawmakers wrangle over the act and the Supreme Court weighs a challenge to the subsidies in the Carolinas and 35 other states. […] 

Statist politicians operate a lot like common drug dealing thugs who live on the corners and down the alleys. Get the suckers hooked, so they become dependent on you and it becomes really, really, really hard to kick the habit. 

The Republicans in Congress have walked right into a trap.  They foresook a legislative offensive against ObamaCare — saying they would wait until their majorities were bigger and stronger.  Now, they are telling us they will wait for the courts to strike it all down.  Well, the Supreme Court case of King v. Burwell is upon us.    The justices COULD strike down ObamaCare subsidies in this case.  If — or when — that happens — we’re talking about more than a half million North1obamacare_screwed1 Carolinians, currently wedded to ObamaCare and its subsidies, potentially losing their insurance.  Their former policies have been trashed and cancelled.  These people were thrown into a shotgun marriage with ObamaCare.  And, now, thanks to the lack of courage by the alleged conservative party in DC,  the GOP and Tea Party opponents of ObamaCare have been set up to take the hit for all of these people losing their health insurance coverage (if the court rules the right way).

THIS is why there is all of this talk about “replacing” ObamaCare.  We’re likely to see some NEW big government albatross meant to “fix” health care rise from the ashes of all of this. You’d love to just shake some sense into these people in DC and tell them that it’s not about doing something new, it’s all about getting rid of a lot of the burdensome crap already on the books. 

Don’t celebrate too much if the court does the right thing in the Burwell case.  An expensive, nightmarish “replacement” for ObamaCare is just around the corner.

6 thoughts on “O-Care: Top subsidized states are FL, CA, TX and —- NC !!!!!

  1. Can’t keep a good plan down. Now all we need is for Republicans to come with Democrats to fine tune the Affordable Care Act so it works better for even more people.

    1. I don’t want the government to “help” me. I want the government to leave me alone.

      Zerocare isn’t affordable. It isn’t even care. It IS just another Nanny State weapon for punishing and forcing people to be dependent on government.

      It’s run by a gaggle of (in my opinion) unqualified, creepy-assed thugs and commies who have no Earthly idea how to run a successful business — or a successful anything else.

      These people are all about force and intimidation.

      Screw them. And Zerocare.

  2. Free markets, there’s an idea crazy enough to give a shot.

    We’ve tried government directed and regulated, centralized planning nonsense (again), and now, with Obamacare, we’ve doubled down to create an even more expensive system (yay!) that provides more illusion of “care”.

    Nothing like our government(s) to make a giant expensive mess.

    1. Central planning is the Soviet mindset. It is what made the whole Soviet system collapse. We are seeing too much of that warped thinking in the US today, whether it is Common Core in education or Obamcare in medicine.

  3. I gambled on not having health insurance for years but my attitude was I would rather spend my money eating healthy rather than visit a hospital or doctor. I avoid fast food restaurants like the plague they are upon our society. BTW my CPA found an exemption from the ACA fine for 2014 as not affordable for being a tobacco user. First time in my life it has benefited me. Grow a garden,make all your meals at home with nutritious from scratch foods. Make your own bread with organic flour. If you eat out go to a restaurant that specializes in farm to fork,you may pay more but worth every penny. Buy local meats from farmers who have not bought into Big AG. Yes we have a society who has become dependent because they want a quick fix instead of being responsible for how they treat their body.
    Ask those individuals who received the subsidy how they like the bill they received from Obamacare and have to include that as earned income. Go figure freedom is not free nor is anything from the government.

  4. Those number are as bogus as the Easter bunny. Let’s see year after year more people have signed up for Obamacare than ever. This just goes to show that rich and poor have similar qualities. Poor people know that they cannot increase their income for a fear of losing their EBT or food stamps, rich people know that they must control their income or they will lose their insurance subsidies. Now the rich working are doing the same as the poor, let someone else share the cost. This will only result in higher insurance premiums. The new game in town of playing the system.

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