#NCSEN: the drive-by media’s flexible definition of ‘controversial’

wrightIn 2008 and 2012, we were told not to worry about Barry Obama’s preachers — Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger. We’re told that Bill Barber is a credible Man of God striving to help the state’s poor.  *He’s no kook.*

Now, in September 2014, we’ve got drive-by media lizards expressing all kinds of concerns about preachers on the right side of the political spectrum.  The N&O and The High Point Enterprise twisted Rev. Mark Walker’s words at a JUNE candidate forum to give their readers the impression he favors bombing mamacitas and their babies wading across the Rio Grande.

The Enterprise even suggested that Thom Tillis appearing with Walker might hurt Tillis in the Senate race.  Um, the last time I checked, Walker was looking a lot better in the polls than Tillis is. Walker ought to be the one concerned about being seen with the Senate nominee.

Today, The N&O is back at it again.  This time they are vomiting up Democrat opposition researchbarberhands from 2009 and 2013 on Rev. Mark Harris, a 2014 Senate primary candidate who is now backing Tillis. So, expressing concern about the effects the rise in working mothers has on the rearing of children trumps “God Damn America” and ”stuffing the ballot boxes with the bodies of slaves”?

We don’t get the criticism of Barber because his inner circle of advisers includes a former WTVD reporter and some former WRAL reporters who still have a lot of friends in the business.  The drive-bys lay off Wright and Pfleger because they don’t want to hurt their messiah, Saint Barry.

There are so many serious issues that need to be discussed.  But here we are focused on who is hanging out with what preacher, ”man-splaining”, who spent more money on government schools, and the minimum wage.  (SMH)

It is truly a shame that political reporting among the drive-bys has devolved into waiting for Ben Ray to send over a press release.


9 thoughts on “#NCSEN: the drive-by media’s flexible definition of ‘controversial’

  1. Most in the MSM media, aka the Obamedia, seem to view their jobs more as apparatchiks in a Ministry of Propaganda than they do as journalists. That is making a mockery of what journalism is supposed to be. Republicans need to stop pretending that they are objective. They are part of the enemy and need to be denounced as such. Jesse Helms, Richard Nixon, Newt Gingrich, and others had the good sense to do exactly that, and the naked political bias of the media has gotten worse since then.. We have way too many pathetic wimps in the GOP today.

    If you want relatively objective coverage of American politics these days, it is necessary to read the British press. You will not get it in the American press, which behaves more like Pravda in the days of Stalin.

  2. The Right claims; 1, that President Obama belongs to Rev. Wright’s church (UCC I believe), 2. that President Obama is a Muslim, and 3. that President Obama is a “Godless” World Order follower. Wow! Could you please try to narrow it down a bit?

    1. JBP…those on the right, just like you, are allowed various numbers of opinions.

      1. It is a fact that the president was once a member…current status unknown.

      2. The president appears to be a Muslim sympathizer. He objects to recognizing the fact that ISIS (ISIL) is Islamist. They are not Buddhists.

      3. Number 3 is open to interpretation. But it would appear that the narcissist in chief worships himself more than God. It’s hard to have a higher power when you are it.

      Just doing my part to clear up your confusion.

      1. 1, President Obama is a Christian and regularly identifies himself as such.
        2. President Obama refuses to validate ISIL/ISIS as a Muslim group just because it copted the faith. It is a common ploy for radical groups to attach themselves to a faith en an effort to gain legitimacy (see the KKK).
        3. There are VERY few U.S. Presidents who were not narcissists; it is practically a job requirement

    2. While it appears that Obama primarily seems to worship himself, another religious leaning of his is Climate Scientology, also known as the Cult of Global Warming.

      1. Cult of Global Warming (Climate Change actually), is very much the same as the Cult of Gravity, or the Cult of Magnetic Forces, or the Cult of Single Cell Animals. Very “out there” stuff.

        1. Best selling novelist Michael Crichton once wrote an excellent essay on Global Warming as a religion. I suggest you read it, as you seem to be one of the true believers. To help you free yourself from this cult, I suggest you watch an excellent documentary that was broadcast on the UK’s Channel 4 entitled ”The Great Global Warming Swindle”:


          And, yes, I do realize that the cult has tried to change its name to ”Climate Change” once it became evident that the predictions of its contrived models were pure horse hockey and did not match reality.

  3. Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday may be the #1 reason why Tillis will lose the Senate race. Rev. Barber has been relentless in his attacks on the NC General Assembly and he has taken his Moral Monday protest across the state.

    The lefty media loves a lefty preacher. Probably because the lefty preachers do what the lefty politicians tell them to do. I still find it hard to believe that the NAACP is such a big proponent of abortion. But I guess that is not their decision.

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