NC STILL paying through the nose for gas. (But there’s NO MONEY for roads?)

gaspricesThom Tillis and Skip Stam are pushing for toll roads and lanes throughout the state — claiming that those concepts are the only way to pay for road construction and maintenance.  Gov. Pat — in a move reminiscent of Barry Obama’s stimuluswants a BILLION DOLLAR bond to pay for his “transportation plan.”  The money needs to be borrowed, Gov. Pat claims, because we don’t have the money on hand.

The problem? We STILL have an astronomical gasoline tax.  The total tax burden we take on every time we fill up is the largest of all the states of The Old Confederacy.  Our burden is even bigger than that of liberal havens like Washington and Oregon. We’ve got a bigger tax burden than FLORIDA.  We’re nearly twice the rate New Jersey drivers pay.  We pay more than drivers in DC, Maryland and Delaware.

Our burden is 56.15 cents per gallon.  In South Carolina, theirs is 35.15 cents per gallon.  In Tennessee, their burden is 39.80 cents per gallon. In Virginia, drivers are paying 35.68 cents per gallon.

The gas tax money is supposed to be earmarked for road construction and maintenance.  If there’s no money for what we need, where in the hell has all of the money gone? We’re paying out a lot.  Somebody’s getting their hands on it.  If it’s not going to road construction, WHERE is it going? How are our neighbors handling their road construction needs with much lower gas taxes?