#ncsen: (Ruh-Roh.) Questions about Tillis real estate holdings?

sock1The lefties are giggling themselves silly on Politico’s front page today over Kay Hagan’s good fortune.  In the story, Democrat sources appear to be tipping their hand on what they hope will be a knockout punch against the Tillis campaign in the final weeks:

[…] Democrats know they can’t pop the champagne yet. Hagan still has to navigate through two debates. Some Democratic sources also suggested that questions related to Tillis’ real estate holdings could become part of the messaging in the final weeks.[…]

Hmm.  That doesn’t sound good. And it doesn’t do a thing toward communicating a vision to turn the country around, either. 

2 thoughts on “#ncsen: (Ruh-Roh.) Questions about Tillis real estate holdings?

  1. But they’re not worried about her husband and son’s ties to “Stimulus” funding that SHE voted for??

  2. What about Tillis’ stock holdings in Acaesta Bank and how that motivates him to screw electric customers to the wall for his own self interest? Of course, Democrats are unlikely to raise that because they have their own program to screw electric customers to the wall, called the Obama EPA coal regs. Too bad we do not have anyone to vote for who supports keeping utility costs reasonable.

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