#NCSEN: Ross outraising Burr in Q1?

Incumbent senator Richard Burr has racked up quite a sizable warchest.  It’s easy to do as an incumbent.  But now that his opponent has been chosen, some interesting things are happening: ROSS

Deborah Ross, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, outraised incumbent Senator Richard Burr in the first quarter of 2016. The numbers follow Ross’ landslide primary victory, where she pulled a higher percentage of support from her party than Burr managed in his own race. They also follow recent polling that shows Ross has closed the gap on Burr to just 5 points.

Burr’s less-than-stellar first quarter follows his anti-business position on HB2, a toxic presidential race, and his refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee – a position disapproved of by 52 percent of North Carolinians.

Statement from Austin Vevurka, communications director:
“Deborah’s fundraising numbers reflect the strong groundswell of support from voters across North Carolina. People are tired of politics as usual and of people in Washington not working to address their needs or stand up for their values – and this grassroots momentum shows it. Deborah has received overwhelming support in the few short months since this campaign for the people North Carolina began. She plans to build on that momentum by bringing together folks from all across our state and making sure their voices are heard in Washington.”

From Politico‘s Morning Score:

sneaky-richard-burr-e1389799989332The Ross campaign is quick to point out that they have outperformed what Kay Hagan did in the first quarter of 2008 — the year she upset Elizabeth Dole.

Again, this woman is Hillary on steroids.  She’s far left, but has a law school-cultivated silver tongue that allows her to do a great job of defending, debating and promoting her beliefs.  If you thought Kay Hagan was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

It’s a shame we don’t have someone to vote FOR.  (Paul Shumaker’s ‘Beat Kay  Deborah’ marketing plan should be rolling out any minute now … )

7 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Ross outraising Burr in Q1?

  1. Burr will lose to Ross in November. I’m sure there are others like me who will not vote for Burr. It’s not the Conservatives fault if the seat is lost, it’s RINOs like Burr EFF us over all the time.

    1. I thought Tillis would lose and I was wrong on that – Hagan succeeded in being a weak enough opponent that he slipped in. We’ll see if Burr gets lucky too.

      1. One reason why Tillis on with less than 50% of the vote is that too many people realized that you can’t keep an officeholder (Hagan) who openly rejected her people’s calls to vote against Obamacare. You just can’t reward politicians for insubordination, and for that reason alone, widely detested Tillis was able to squeak through. Ross doesn’t carry that baggage and unfortunately for Burr, a lot of real conservatives feel the need to send him and other RINOs a message. If North Carolina had a closed Primary, I’m not sure Burr would have won certain Republican-heavy precincts in my county. Burr didn’t get the vote of 43% of Wake County Republicans either, and that should be a wake-up call were Burr paying attention.

  2. My feeling about Burr, is the same of all of the GOP establishment cronies who think I will vote for them because electing a Democrat is worse. WRONG.

    I am tired of being lied too by double talking pols like Burr & Tillis. Come November, I will not vote for Burr, I won’t vote for any RINO. The only way to get rid of useless people like Burr is to get him voted out so that in 6 years, somebody new will run and hopefully get the message that we want the Establishment Republicans O.U.T.

  3. What is a real shame is that we do not have a GOP nominee that we can get excited about. Mark Meadows would have been a lot stronger candidate in the general than Tricky Dick Burr. But Mitch McConnell and / or Paul Shumaker talked worn out Richard into running again. Blame them when the idiot loses.

  4. I will not be supporting PRO amnesty Dick Burr. He is one of 12 republican senators supporting Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. He is a socialist to say the least. The only 2 worse than Burr in the NC delegation are Ellmers and Tillis.

  5. Burr votes WITH Osama more than most Dems. The amnesty vote does it for me. He’ll have to try to win WITHOUT my support/vote.

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