Player in Hasan-gate story at center of Beaufort County elections complaint

544764209_295x166Beaufort County commissioner Gary Brinn has a bone to pick with his most recent election opponent’s campaign. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your POV — the complaint includes Ken Robol, a key player in the NCGOP mutineers’s case against state party chairman Hasan Harnett:

Beaufort County Commissioner vice-chairman Gary Brinn today filed a formal election complaint with the Beaufort County Board of Elections against the Derik Davis for commission campaign.  The complaint seeks an investigation to reconcile the differences between published reports of the Davis campaign paying high school students to canvass for him and filed campaign reports that neglect to list these payments.

“These kids worked for the Davis campaigns under the direction of Pitt Community College instructor Ken Robol who was paid by the Davis campaign.  Now that he is caught up in the NCGOP hacking scandal and trying to save his own skin, Robol is saying these kids were not working for him but were paid by Davis according to PCC’s investigation.  If that is true, then where are the payments listed in the Davis report?”  Brinn said.

The Davis campaign report indicates two payments to Robol of 200 dollars each.  The last one is dated 2/26 – the day before the students canvassed several Beaufort County neighborhoods for the Davis campaign.ncgop

“Either these kids were working for the man who offered to hack the state party website and Robol is lying to his employer, PCC, or the Davis campaign has made illegal campaign payments to them.  If these kids are minors then there are a host of further questions raised about this operation beyond the stigma of involving our children with disgraced political operatives,” Brinn added.[…]

Oh, and here is a copy of what Brinn filed with local elections authorities.

6 thoughts on “Player in Hasan-gate story at center of Beaufort County elections complaint

  1. This is the guy who is Tom Stark’s ”star witness” against Harnett????????? It would appear that he has little credibility.

  2. I know Ken Robol and have worked with him. Trust me if Ken says it you better check it out because it more than likely is a big fat lie. He is a money hungry weasel and it looks like Karma has come back to bite him .

  3. I don’t mean to piling on here, but in the not so distant past, Robol regularly used Beaufort County Community College Students, or the promise of such, to take work away from more competent vendors such as my practiced, and very professional digital zeitgeist – Symbiotic Networks, Inc.

    Most people don’t understand the internet, including, obviously, those like the NC GOP, so someone like Robol, with some credentials, impresses these folks of uninspired vision – those who are perfect fodder for the whole Facebook thing as if there is nothing else.

    Rather than compete with Robol, and others of similarly talent, or lack there of, we have honed our R & D for years to the point that Dr. Ken Robol, and others like him, represent the ineptitude of the hapless minors, and we are definitely “the pros from Dover” … at least here in all of eastern North Carolina.

    Professionally, I won’t be tolerating hacks like Robol any longer, especially if I find them on the state’s payroll, and using the project as a “training project for students.”

    In this medium, where everyone can see almost everything, you cannot run from your poor workmanship.

    More than anything, I, moreover, feel sorry for the students that have been duped and used here.

    1. It’s all about the money with some people. Reminds me of some of those Central Committee members who have consulting businesses on the side. They do the Governor’s bidding and they get rewarded with business. No wonder they fight the grass roots conservatives so hard.

  4. Thank you to those like Commissioner Brinn who are willing to take a stand for what is right. There are elections rules for a reason and the snake Robol has been doing this for a few years now. The truth is coming more and more clear on this Robol character and he needs to be removed from NC politics all together. And him using students is disgusting and the parents should be demanding his removal from the educational system. We have enough problems without these type of scums involved in our party. And shame on any candidate who knows better to buy into his sleazy tactics. If you need Robol to help you win you probaly shouldn’t be running period. He has been called out and proven what a slime he is.

  5. Poor Beaufort County. Commissioner Brinn, the practitioner of illegal and costly backroom dealing, is now trying to shine the light of truth (so to speak) on candidate Davis, the well-known county con man and his nitwit network!

    It’s all more easily understood in the context of Brinn and Davis competing for the same voter base in a county commission race using the limited voting system. In other words, there ain’t no heroes here.

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