Player in Hasan-gate story at center of Beaufort County elections complaint

544764209_295x166Beaufort County commissioner Gary Brinn has a bone to pick with his most recent election opponent’s campaign. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your POV — the complaint includes Ken Robol, a key player in the NCGOP mutineers’s case against state party chairman Hasan Harnett:

Beaufort County Commissioner vice-chairman Gary Brinn today filed a formal election complaint with the Beaufort County Board of Elections against the Derik Davis for commission campaign.  The complaint seeks an investigation to reconcile the differences between published reports of the Davis campaign paying high school students to canvass for him and filed campaign reports that neglect to list these payments.

“These kids worked for the Davis campaigns under the direction of Pitt Community College instructor Ken Robol who was paid by the Davis campaign.  Now that he is caught up in the NCGOP hacking scandal and trying to save his own skin, Robol is saying these kids were not working for him but were paid by Davis according to PCC’s investigation.  If that is true, then where are the payments listed in the Davis report?”  Brinn said.

The Davis campaign report indicates two payments to Robol of 200 dollars each.  The last one is dated 2/26 – the day before the students canvassed several Beaufort County neighborhoods for the Davis campaign.ncgop

“Either these kids were working for the man who offered to hack the state party website and Robol is lying to his employer, PCC, or the Davis campaign has made illegal campaign payments to them.  If these kids are minors then there are a host of further questions raised about this operation beyond the stigma of involving our children with disgraced political operatives,” Brinn added.[…]

Oh, and here is a copy of what Brinn filed with local elections authorities.