McCrory campaign clamping down on conservative critics?

13ojfF.AuSt.156 That’s certainly what it looks like.  I am told by sources-in-the-know that the governor’s campaign is working through former budget director Art Pope and pundit John Hood to squelch any and all criticism of the governor that may make him look bad in the run-up to the election.

Pope is a significant benefactor of The John Locke Foundation and The Civitas Institute — trumpeted as the “conservative voices” of North Carolina.  Hood is Pope’s lieutenant — Igor to Art’s Dr. Frankenstein — managing the Pope Family foundation that hands out all of the cash.

My sources are telling me that Hood — clearly acting on orders from The Boss — has issued edicts to both institutions about what can and can’t be written about, who can or cannot be cited or quoted, and that sort of thing.  Hood has used the regular payments from the Pope Foundation as leverage — delaying the checks to Locke and Civitas significantly to hammer home his point. . 

Locke and Civitas were both HUGE critics of that 2000 bond issue.  This year’s ConnectNC boondoggle?  We got everything from total silence to a weak-sister, wet-noodle 11728941_1003283529711179_8954825276830098216_ocritique. What’s different? What changed?  THIS YEAR the boss is invested heavily in Pat McCrory and his “success.”

We criticized Locke earlier for having the gall to champion Phil Kirk, of all people, as some kind of conservative champion. 

Some contributors to McCrory have started up the web site Blount & Jones and the newspaper The North State Journal — which have proven to be great channels for propaganda delivery.

The latest Pope-Hood victim appears to be The Carolina Plotthound.  The website — which bears more than a passing resemblance to the renowned Drudge Report — has served as an aggregator of conservative and right-leaning news for a few years now. It has been run by conservative activist Paul Chesser.  The site linked to all kinds of articles about North Carolina politics — defending conservatism and hitting both Democrat and Republican politicos.

Recently, we’ve noticed that the site has been linking to less and less of our material.  The stories that did get linked got pushed to the bottom of the page. Eventually, we disappeared altogether from the site.  After some investigation, we learned that Plotthound is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of Civitas — therefore under the thumb of John Hood and Art Pope.  

Our disappearance from the site coincided with a spike in fawning coverage of the governor and his administration.  Plotthound and Chesser were getting the same heavy-handed micromanagement that did in Adams and his radio show. photo_69095_wide_large

So, the not-bought-and-paid-for conservative blogosphere is shrinking dramatically.  Our friend Lady Liberty is still out there swinging.  She’s still getting linked to on Plotthound. But I notice her stuff is starting to drift to the bottom of the page — beneath the videos from various local news shows and the high school crime report.  

The left likes to cast Art Pope as some sort of conservative version of George Soros.  It’s become clear that Pope is more infatuated with (1) the elephant logo and (2) himself than he is in the promotion of personal freedom and limited government.  It IS his money.  He IS free to determine how it gets spent.  But stop portraying yourself as some kind of conservative vanguard, when you are really little more than an extension of the governor’s press office.





11 thoughts on “McCrory campaign clamping down on conservative critics?

  1. Paul Chesser was always a great conservative, this explains a lot about the recent direction of the Carolina Plott Hound. Control media for the Governors office ? Ok Delete Delete Delete….

  2. Yoo-hoo, Pat, but I hate to tell you that conservative criticism is the least of your worries. You abandoned us long ago with your liberal pandering, your pro Common Core stance, your alliance with the Chamber of Commerce and your latest bend over on HB2. You singlehanded my paved the road for Cooper.

      1. Their Plotthound ate it?

        Seriously, I do not think Francis would be comfortable screwing conservatives. The guy is one of us. If someone above him is putting constraints on him and Civitas, I am sure he would be highly uncomfortable about it.

        If those constraints exist, I hope they are only for the duration of the election.

  3. I’m defending no one here.

    For the record, since I wasn’t asked, I haven’t noticed any change in the linkage Plotthound does with my articles. I’m pleased when they are linked, but it’s not something I hang on the edge of my seat for daily. I hadn’t seen them ‘drift to the bottom’ either.

    By the way, I’ve been free lancing for Civitas for the last 5 months.

    So if the theory is that Hood/Pope or Civitas/JLF are behind whatever you think you see happening on Plotthound, why would links to my writing be ‘drifting to the bottom’?

  4. Cooper is such a moron that he doesn’t realize if he moderated just a bit, he’d win by 10 points, easily.

    McCrory, while he may win re-election by the skin of his teeth has absolutely destroyed the conservative movement in North Carolina. By 2020, this state will be as blue as Massachusetts.

  5. Flip-Flop Pat here you go again. Once again your trying in vain to be someone who you will never be, IMPORTANT. Pat you just don’t have what it takes to remain governor of NC. Governor you are the typical politician who supports a bill that needs to be passed then votes against it or in your case issue a executive order having it’s teeth pulled so no one will be mad at you. Hey Mr. Nice Guy get over it. In life one does not get to have it both ways.

    The only opportunity for the Republican Party in NC to heal and rebuild with younger and fresh blood is for you to lose in November. Don’t get me wrong you are not the only one that needs to go. I truly believe there are other statewide Republican office holders who are monuments to themselves who also need to be disposed of via not to be re-elected. The bigger picture here your losing will benefit future growth of the NC Republican Party.

    Maybe someone will build a statue of your likeness forcing us to remember you were once Governor of NC.
    I am one true conservative that thinks your day has passed and hope to say good-bye and good luck.

  6. Ken—you are half right. McCrory has destroyed conservatism in NC. The Republican UNC Board of Governors has been an equal partner in annihilating conservatism. Between McCrory and the BOG, it’s all over for conservatives in NC.

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