#NCSEN: Only 45% of the white vote FOR Tillis?

thom sighWe posted earlier about the Fox News poll of this race.  Digging into the cross-tabs led us to discover a really interesting stat.  Hagan, the Democrat, is drawing 33 percent of the white vote — which can be expected for a Democrat candidate in this state and this day and age.  Democrats tend to make up for that deficit with a huge turnout by blacks and other minorities. The astonishing thing is that Tillis, the Republican, is only drawing 45 percent of the white vote.  As a Republican, it’s TOUGH to survive politically with that kind of percentage in that demographic. 

Six percent of the white vote goes to Libertarian Sean Haugh, while 16 percent of white voters said they either (1) would not vote for Senate, or (2) refused to say / or didn’t know who they would vote for. 

The Fox poll was conducted September 14-16 and involved quizzing 605 likely voters in North Carolina.

7 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Only 45% of the white vote FOR Tillis?

  1. Romney did pretty good amongst white voters in NC. Ill look up the figures. Even in Ohio where McCrory is from Romney got 58% and only lost by 3 points.

    That was Romney’s problem. What is the ratio of 33:6:45.

    That’s only 54% on election day.

    Off the top of my head Id say that is less than 58%.

    They talk about turning into Alabama. In the Deep South the GOP is getting 80% of the white vote.

    Jeff Sessions has no general election opponent. I don’t think Jeff Sessions will be politically in threat every. Sessions is the only candidate running completely unopposed.

    It was Jeff Sessions and David Vitter in January 2013 who stood alone fighting against amnesty. In 2010 even with his prostitution scandal lingering from 2007 Vitter won 57% to 38% against a Democrat in a state Bill Clinton carried twice and Mary Landrieu won 3 times. The ads Vitter ran were brutal. Illegal immigrants were crossing the border to get into a limo with the door being opened by the Democrat candidate.

    1. That was a presidential election, this is a midterm. Your comparison is interesting but may be irrelevant. This is a Senate race, so unless turnout is comparable to a Presidential election, and people are paying attention and getting well-informed, the past election stats may be moot.

  2. I think they threw the election with the electronic machines.
    we need to return to paper ballots all over the country even if the results take days to accumulate.

  3. This poll seems like a small sample size to base things on but hey.
    I think this goes to show that most folks understand that Senator Hagan is the Moderate she claims to be and wants to make positive change in the country and in NC.

    1. Moderate? Check out her real attitude to the Constitution: Kay Hagan recently voted to close debate on a Senate bill to rewrite the 1st Amendment to take free speech away from Americans and give control of “campaign speech” to Congress. Meanwhile she is refusing to debate her opponent again. She is NO moderate!

      1. That bill would have reduced the influence of the Right’s Koch Brothers and the likes of them AND the Left’s Soros and the likes of him in our elections. Congress AND the states would have say in what those limits are.
        As to the debate, if Speaker Tillis would have addressed Senator Hagan respectfully as opposed to the male chauvinist (war on women) method he utilized in the first debate we probably would have seen her in the second debate.

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