#NCSEN: ObamaCare is BAD because — um, (WHA…????)

ttshrugUncle Karl and American Crossroads GPS have gone to bat for Speaker Thom again.  They’re plastering the state’s airwaves with an ad blasting Kay Hagan’s support of ObamaCare.  The ad sounds good until they get around to explaining WHY ObamaCare is so bad: it takes Medicare money away from North Carolina. 

Seriously? The “conservative” party and its nominee for US Senate are taking a stand against this legislative travesty by criticizing it for not adequately feeding the government beast ???bill-cosby-500

I can think of much more serious problems with ObamaCare.  It’s unconstitutional.  It’s an outrageous intrusion of government into the very personal doctor-patient relationship.  It knocks up the cost of health care delivery AND health insurance. It decreases the amount of options patients have for getting treatment.  It’s really one big tax and regulatory bill — something an anemic economy like ours DOES NOT NEED.