#ncsen: League of Conservation Voters poll — Hagan 45. Tillis 41, Haugh 5

kaytomThe League of Conservation Voters — a leftist group typically aligned with Democrats —has released a poll showing incumbent Democrat Hagan leading her Republican challenger, but only within the margin of error. The survey was conducted among 600 likely mid-term election voters from September 13-18.

The LCV survey finds Hagan’s approve / disapprove at 46/46 while Republican Thom Tillis was at 39/46. Tillis’s approval / disapproval rating as speaker of the state House was 42/43 and 34/41 on his “handling of environmental issues.”

5 thoughts on “#ncsen: League of Conservation Voters poll — Hagan 45. Tillis 41, Haugh 5

  1. Good piece at The American Spectator taking on Rove

    “And then there is immigration. In an excellent Daily Caller piece, Mickey Kaus notes that if Republicans want to win, this election ought to be a referendum on amnesty for illegals. He says immigration is central in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Alaska, and it would be in North Carolina if GOP nominee Thom Tillis didn’t stink on the issue. Voter anger at Obama’s plans to offer amnesty by executive fiat is gold, says Kaus, and nationalizing the election on that issue is a winner. When Kentucky Opportunity, a Rove-affiliated outfit, ran an ad hammering Democrat nominee Allison Lundergan Grimes on amnesty, it gave McConnell some breathing room in the race.

    But Rove doesn’t advise talking about amnesty in his WSJ piece, because he’s for it and so are his friends at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who get whatever they want from the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill”

    1. Great article. Thanks. That is exactly why Karl Rove and his elitist pals are a cancer in the GOP which needs to be surgically removed. They are a threat to Republicans winning when they play to their special interest friends instead of to the voters. One wonders whose side they are really on. Is Rove’s record of losing 10 of the 12 US Senate races he has been involved in by design? Did he push Tillis so hard for the nomination in NC because he saw in the polls that Tillis polled as one of the weakest general election candidates in the GOP primary field?

      The NCGOP state convention needs to pass a resolution declaring Karl Rove, the NRSC, the US Chamber of Commerce, Haley Barbour, etc. to be persona non grata in NC primaries. The Barbour’s lobbying firm has represented the Government of Mexico, so it is no surprise that they are pushing amnesty within the GOP. We need to stop the outside meddling.

  2. I think Rove & Company need to spend some time on the ground in North Carolina. Rove would have found that Tillis’ association with the NC House was going to be disastrous for him. Tillis’ legislative record is like a concrete block around his neck rather than a springboard to higher office. After the record of the NC General Assembly I think the voters are finding Kay the Moderate a breath of fresh air. Rove does not deserve to win this race or any other! NC can make up her own mind.

    1. Somebody who votes with Comrade Obama almost all of the time is NOT a ”moderate”. Obama is the most extreme leftwing president we have ever had, and Hagan agrees with him most of the time,

      As to the record of the legislature, that was deliberately distorted by the left in their ”Blueprint” smear campaign. Overall the legislature has a good record on standing for the taxpayer and for freedom, but the Senate has a far better record than the House.

      That said, Rove and the NRSC should have had the competence to investigate the situation on the ground. If they had done so and did it properly, they would have comprehended that the Blueprint smear campaign, with little effective pushback by Republicans, meant that the idea of running anyone from the legislature as the US Senate nominee was an incredible stupid idea. A non-legislator would not have had to put up with having to fight off the Blueprint smears.

      Better yet, this should show us that North Carolinians should choose our Senate nominee, not out of state party bosses and manipulators. The state party needs to put up big ”Keep Out” signs for the beltway bozos when it comes to our primaries. Rove has lost 10 of the 12 Senate races he has been involved in. We do NOT need losers like that trying to tell us who our Senate nominee should be.

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