#NCSEN: IS he or ISN’T he the ‘establishment’s candidate’?






State House speaker Thom Tillis went on a Wilmington radio show recently and dismissed charges that he is the “establishment’s candidate” — suggesting that he had a long record of fighting against the establishment.   Last night on Facebook, The Man From Cornelius offered up something, um, different





8 thoughts on “#NCSEN: IS he or ISN’T he the ‘establishment’s candidate’?

  1. When that anti-conservative thug Karl Rove is actively working for him, as he is, then Tillis is establishment, BIG TIME. During his whole political career, Tillis has actively prostituted himself to the special interests. Indeed, Tillis originally got into politics in the first place as the primary candidate of the most corrupt establishment that North Carolina has seen recently, the Jim Black – Richard Morgan power tandem (with Black as boss, and Morgan as sidekick).

    1. I had a decent (and in hindsight, naive) opinion of Tillis in his first year as Speaker until the sex scandal in his office broke. When he failed to visibly cut his staff off at the kneecaps, I knew he wasn’t concerned about the Republican brand. Then one night, I listened to him at a North Wake Republicans function. He started talking around the edges of amnesty to get his point across that we had to win “those people” over. He then went on to lecture us on how we can’t push conservatism too quickly on North Carolina because it wasn’t prudent to expose the people to things they weren’t used to. That’s when he totally lost me.

  2. T lost me, when he ran against Rhodes. He is the definition of “establishment”. To suggest other wise, is void of all rational thought. Look at what he pushed as Speaker, and the word conservative does not come to mind. If you like your illegal, and your illegal provider, you can keep them .

  3. The answer is yes, he is the establishment candidate. When I get removed from his FB pages, get my comments deleted and get expunged from his email list then he is the EC. My crime was pointing out his own words on issues and who is pals in Moordor on the Potomac are. To me Harris is running a close second as the establishment candidate based upon his daliances with one Robin Hayes.

  4. If anyone wanted to vote in tonight’s Straw Poll for the US Senate, they had to pay $100 or the fee for attending the Hall of Fame Dinner, that my friends is called a POLL TAX!!!

    so in other words it’s not good enough to take off from my job early, drive 270 miles round trip from Cape Fear and attend the Executive Committee Meeting,
    I have to pay $100 just to vote! I asked Chairman Pope, where could I obtain a ballot for the straw pole, he said “I have to attend the dinner” That’s TYRANNY WITH A CAPITAL T,

    I tried to bring this measure to the floor of the meeting, but of course one of the Establishments Plants called Quorum and all was over, but I’m looking forward to working with some people on crafting a resolution for the June Convention in Cherokee, because of course we know and the ESTABLISHMENT knows that Tillis is going to win this rigged vote HANDS DOWN!!!

  5. Tillis is the conservative candidate. (Well, actually, Harris is also conservative.)

    The Hall of Fame Dinner is a fundraising event. They can’t raise funds by giving away free tickets to Executive Committee members, Cape Fear Reagan Fan.

    Ham Biscuit, Tillis lost me, too, when he ran against my main man Rhodes. But he won me back with his excellent performance as Speaker.

    1. I guess you think his buds Karl Rove and Paul Shumaker are ”conservatives” too? Probably Mitch McConnell, too.

      Tillis was recruited to run against conservative incumbent Rhodes by the corrupt Jim Black – Richard Morgan clique, who were self-described moderates. Once a politician gets the stench of RIchard Morgan on them, it does not wash off. Tillis ran as a Black – Morgan ally, and he was a Black – Morgan ally.

      Tillis has been the anti-conservative in the legislature. In his first term as Speaker, Tillis refused to call the Voter ID bill for override vote because conservatives on the committee refused to water it down as Tillis wanted. In this past session, he strongarmed the committee to water it down and they did. Thankfully, Phil Berger and the Senate fixed it.

      Conservatives put in a bill to end a green boondoggle which will cost consumers a bundle, the renewable energy mandate. Tillis blocked it. Tillis is on the same side of green boondoggles as Obama.

      Tillis panders to illegal aliens. He pushed a bill that gutted e-verify in North Carolina and tried to push through drivers licenses for illegal aliens. With amigos like Tillis, illegal aliens don’t need Democrats.

      Tillis backed a change in redistricting that would hurt conservatives. These phony ”non-partisan” commissions do more partisan gerrymandering than elected legislators. Look at Arizona, California, and the Congressional map in Iowa.

      Tillis waffled on whether to reject Obamacare, while Berger stood firm.

      You might want to read the conservative site RedState.com, and you will find they are very supportive of Brannon and have nothing buy contempt for Tillis.

      Dave, I don’t think you would recognize what the GOP establishment is if it jumped up and bit you.

      Restricting the straw poll to those who pay a substantial amount, mean its results are for sale to the candidate who wants to buy enough tickets. That is how Huckabee won that straw poll in Iowa than suddenly got him a lot more media attention that he deserved. Huckabee is another anti-conservative, who has a track record of endorsing just about every establishment candidate who is in a serious primary with a conservative. The Club for Growth had Huckabee pegged when they called him a ”Christian socialist”, and RedState also was spot on when they called him a ‘pro-life statist”.

    2. If you think trying to water down E-Verify, reparations, toll roads, and even not knowing what your Chief of Staff was doing in your apartment excellent, your not hard to please. You’re also not the Dave I knew just a few short years ago.
      Well, you know what “they” say. The only thing constant is change.

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