#ncsen: “Good things” about O-Care and other ,um, “wisdom” from Dick Burr

i would hate to be Tricky Dick’s press rep.  I foresee a lot of stress migraines and nights of hard drinking ahead for that individual.  SOMEBODY recently let the lawnmower man a little too close to the TV cameras: burr

Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican running for re-election in 2016, visited Campbell University’s medical school on Thursday.

WNCN political reporter Beau Minnick had a chance to talk to Burr about multiple issues. Here are some of the highlights of their conversation.[…]

“There are good things that came out of the president’s healthcare plan.  We shouldn’t let preexisting conditions control whether somebody has access to insurance.”

But, he said, “When you look at the central promise of the Affordable Care Act, affordability, it’s been anything but that.

“We’ve made healthcare unaffordable for many that found it affordable before.”

“Good things” about ObamaCare ???   *Oooof.*   That’s almost as appalling and infuriating as his description of the fight to defund ObamaCare as “the dumbest idea [he’d] ever heard of.”

Brace yourselves. There’s more:

On the 2016 election:

“From a standpoint of those Americans that were concerned with whether government has gotten too big or too intrusive in their lives, this will be an issue for them in November.”

Oh, “those Americans” who are concerned about whether government has gotten ”too big.”  Not him.  THOSE OTHER folks. 

Okay. I’ve got a couple of bucks for ANYONE who can give an even slightly plausible translation / clarification / explanation of what the hell he’s talking about here:

In his role as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he said measuring intent is critical.burrt
“Whether you’re talking about Kim Jong Un, whether you’re talking about ISIS, intent in many cases is a greater threat than their capabilities.

“If the intent there is to do something, then we have to spend a tremendous amount of time and efforts to make sure that we’re protected against that intent.”

Intent is a greater threat than their capabilities ???  Castro can rant all he wants about his intention to invade and conquer the United States.  But could he pull it off successfully?  If China and / or Russia amassed a significant invasion force in and around Cuba –pointed at the U.S. — the capability would be there.  Scenario 2, with the capability, is a lot scarier to me than Scenario 1. But what do I know?  I’m not following John McCain and Lindsey Graham all-doe-eyed around DC, soaking up their,um, *genius*  like some people

I would bet that Larry Holmquist, Greg Brannon or Paul Wright might have something to say about this.

11 thoughts on “#ncsen: “Good things” about O-Care and other ,um, “wisdom” from Dick Burr

  1. For Americans who are concerned that ”government has gotten too big and too intrusive in their lives” it would be foolish to wait until November. We need to make a change in March. Unless we are successful in making that change in the March primary, there will be no real difference between the candidates in November. Tricky Dick’s comment claiming there are good things in Obamacare is just one indication that he is BAD (Basically A Democrat). Tricky Dick’s voting for the Omnibus on the critical cloture vote is another.

  2. “Tricky Dick’s comment claiming there are good things in Obamacare is just one indication that he is BAD (Basically A Democrat).”
    Another liar, hypocrite, and promise breaker!
    Is there something in the water in Washington DC? Or, are they injecting some gas into the congressional Republicans’ offices that causes them to have amnesia?
    Time to dump Tricky Dick (and Nee Nee as well)!

  3. …..on second thought. Better to move Richard Burr to California (is that the furthest away from NC one can get on the mainland)? Be a better fit.

  4. He feels confident about the primary and is already gearing up for the general election.

    If he projects himself as a middle of the road moderate Progressive then the Democrats won’t be able to rally the troops to beat him.

    The thing with Burr is… he IS a moderate middle of the road Progressive so the Democrats will have a hard time beating him. That’s great news for the GOP establishment who are also Progressives. It’s bad news for Conservatives and anyone who cares about civil liberties.

  5. Richard Burr is so detached from reality (and the people of North Carolina) that it would be laughable, if it weren’t so potentially dangerous for our nation.

    First, nothing “good” has come from Obamacare. In “medical terms,” it’s a cancer that is slowly spreading through our healthcare system and economy. If not repealed and replaced by common-sense, free-market alternatives, it will destroy more and more businesses and eventually collapse our economy. And Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) has NEVER been about “healthcare” or “affordability”–it’s about POWER and GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    Second, most Americans are way beyond “concern” that “government has gotten too big or too intrusive in their lives.” Most informed and thinking Americans now are ALARMED and ANGERED about the size, intrusiveness, and abuses of our nanny-state, “we know what’s best for you” government.

    And third, if Mr. Burr wants to “measure intent” and protect the American people, why doesn’t he acknowledge and fight back against the “intent” that Barack Obama has to completely destroy our military, our economy, our civil society, and our nation?

    I am more and more convinced that Richard Burr not only doesn’t have the stomach for the fight, but is not even aware or concerned about the threats we and our nation are facing.

    Please help me replace this disconnected, dangerous man in the U.S. Senate!

    Larry Holmquist

  6. I intend to vote Brannon. He’s a proven consistent conservative commodity. Burr votes with Obama over 60% of the time. I recently attended a GOP event where one of the local GOP imbeciles actually bragged how Burr voted to put the Obamacare repeal on the President’s desk. (last week’s shiny object show vote) Duh. This doofus was unaware of the preceding 7 years of Burr votes to keep that hideous legislation alive. The sheeple walk among us. And they vote.

  7. One of Tricky Dick’s favorite tactics is to vote against cloture, when the Left needs his help and then vote against when the Republicans could no longer stop the legislation. Classic examples of this were Rubio’s amnesty bill and the gun grab after Sandy Hook. In both cases, he sided with Dems to advance the bill beyond filibuster and then voted against it on the floor, when it only required a simple majority to pass. That way, he votes on both sides of such tough issues! When I called his office in DC, and asked about that pattern of behavior, his tool said, “the Senator thinks it’s important to have the debate.” He plays us as rubes.

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