#ncsen: CNN poll says Hagan 46, Tillis 43, Haugh 7

kaytomTHAT is among Likely Voters. If you consider registered voters, the split is Hagan 46, Tillis, 39, Haugh 9.   The poll was conducted Sept. 22 through 25.   A total of 1010 voters were surveyed.  The margin of error for registered voters was +-3.5 percent, while for likely voters it was +-4 percent. 

Among registered voters,  a total of 6 percent of respondents either had no opinion or did not support any of the three candidates on the ballot.  Among likely voters, that total was at 4 percent.

Some of the more interesting information in this poll comes in the favorability ratings. For Hagan, likely voters have a favorable / unfavorable rating for her of 46/47.  Among registered voters, she is at 45/43.

Tillis, among likely voters, has a favorable/unfavorable rating of 47/40.  Among registered voters, he is at 41/41.  (These are some of Tillis’s best numbers in the campaign cycle.)

Obama’s favorable / unfavorable rating among likely voters  was at 38/58. Among registered voters, he was at 43/53.

According to the poll, Tillis leads Hagan among white men (56-32) and white women (51-37). Hagan leads Tillis among voters over 50 by a margin of 47-43.

Seventy-three percent of the poll’s respondents said they had made up their mind in this race.  Twenty-five percent said they were open to changing their minds.

The poll showed Hagan leading in Eastern North Carolina and The Triangle, while Tillis leads in the Piedmont region of the state.