NC’s Toddler2Tranny-gate scandal getting national attention

The conservative commentator whose work led to the dismantling of Vanderbilt University’s Tot2Tranny racket now has his eyes on the scandal swirling around the medical schools at UNC, ECU and Duke. 

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has established himself as a leading critic of the transgender political movement. He’s received some acclaim for his documentary entitled “What is a Woman?” — an exploration of the current transgender debate whose title is based on a question way too many Biden officials have struggled to answer.

This week, Walsh took to his online show to address the allegations about ECU, Duke, and UNC.  Walsh points out similarities in the NC hospital’s responses to what Vanderbilt officials were reportedly saying.  He also gives a lot of credence to the reporting offered up by the Raleigh-based Education First Alliance, which has led the way in publicizing this whole affair at the three NC medical schools.