Walter Jones: Boehner & co. “screwing over the American people” with spending bill

wjHe’s added his name to a letter seeking a short-term government funding bill that defunds any agency that would facilitate amnesty. Now, congressman Walter Jones is criticizing his caucus’s leadership for their tactics in pushing the continuing resolution / omnibus spending bill meant to head off an alleged government shutdown on December 11:

[…] Boehner critics say there’s no reason the Speaker couldn’t have brought the spending package to the floor this past week, giving the House more time to consider it.

But doing so would also give more time for the right to build a case against it.

“They don’t want you to read it, that’s why! You think they want you to analyze all the mischievous items in there?” Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.)  told The Hill.

Asked if the timing of the plan was aimed at jamming the Senate or House conservatives, Jones replied: “I think its aimed at screwing over the American people. You can quote me on that.” […] 

And the congregation said ‘Amen.’ 

mcconnboehnerIt sounds like the negotiations on the cromnibus (continuing resolution + opmnibus) spending bill are bogging down.

Rush Limbaugh has pushed a theory on his radio show and on Fox News Sunday this past weekend:   The government shutdown meme is all one big piece of theatre.  It’s a smokescreen being used by the establishment GOP as an excuse for not stopping Obama on something they really don’t want to stop him on (amnesty). 

If Republicans support a long-term funding bill, they are basically signing off on Barry’s amnesty executive order.  A long-term bill would fully fund the federal government through half of the upcoming GOP-dominated congressional session. By the time you got to a point of being able to defund the amnesty process, it would pretty much be too late. 

Let congressman Jones know you have his back on this one.  Strongly encourage our spineless other reps to follow Jones’s lead.  It’s about more than stopping Obama — which was the mandate the voters gave the GOP in November.  It’s about our Constitution and our country.   202-224-3121.  202-225-3121. 

8 thoughts on “Walter Jones: Boehner & co. “screwing over the American people” with spending bill

  1. Walter Jones is the only dependable budget hawk and the only dependable immigration hawk in the NC delegation. He is a real hero for the taxpayers and the American citizens. He has more backbone by himself that the rest of the Republicans in the delegation put together.

    That is almost certainly the reason that the DC beltway crowd carpetbagged a DC lobbyist who had never before lived in the district down to primary him last election, and spent a wad of money telling lies on TV to try to oust him. Taxpayers need to stand with Walter again, as these same corrupt beltway special interests will likely try again in 2016.

    We need to call out the rest of the Republicans. Are they with the taxpayers and GOP base or are they with the Boehner surrender monkeys and DC beltway special interests? If they are with the latter, then we need to start getting our conservative primary opponents lined up to take them out.

  2. Walter Jones is the only NC Congressman with the strength of character to tell the truth. He is a light in the darkness. The GOP establishment cockroaches run for cover whenever Jones speaks the truth to power. Most Republican office holders are no better than the Democrats.

  3. Congressman Jones thank you for standing up! I stand with you and your courage!

    We have the votes to replace Boehner and I ask, “Would you like to be our next Speaker of the House of Representatives?”

  4. Remember that the key vote to watch is the vote where it is easiest to stop this horrible piece of legislation, and that is the procedural votes, the vote on the RULE in the House and the vote on CLOTURE in the Senate.

    Any Republican who votes for the Rule on this bill in the House or for Cloture on this bill in the Senate is betraying the Republican base, and needs to be primaried and removed from office.


    1. Pass a budget with a proviso defunding any implementation of Obama’s amnesty.

    2. Obama will veto this, refusing to sign any spending bill without amnesty funding.

    3. Stick to your guns. Don’t negotiate; don’t back down.

    4. The media will, as usual, accuse the GOP of “shutting down the Government.” Initially this charge will be accepted by the “low info voter” clucks who worry more about White House tours being cancelled and not going to Jellystone Park than serious existential national issues.

    5. Disregard them all. Make it clear that the Congress intends to stay the course, even if it takes two years. Also, add this kicker: There will be NO BACK PAY FOR FEDERAL WORKERS if and when a budget is finally agreed to. The only pay they will get during the period their various agencies and departments are shut down is unemployment compensation – and that for only six months. (Plenty of other Americans have had to do this; why not our gilded overpaid overwhelmingly Democratic leaning federal troughers in their ridiculous non-jobs?)

    6. There will be abuse and vituperation at first. But after two months or so, you’ll be able to smell the sweat and fear: from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, through Georgetown, to Chevy Chase. Within 6 months there will be panic, as the once artificially affluent Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax County, VA descend economically into Tobacco Road. What a welcome sight it would be for the average taxpayer to see that GSA honcho smirking in the hot tub (remember that?) now taking a shower in the YMCA; or a steady stream of Dept. of Ed or EPA bureaucrats lining up on the Beltway on-ramps with bottles of Windex and squeegies.

    7. Believe me, those piggies will be storming the White House demanding that Obama cave. If not, an accelerated impeachment should be instituted. It’ll sail through.

    8. Finally, as an addendum, it should be stipulated that the budget would in fact be a three-month continuing resolution wholly dependent upon Obama’s securing the border, instituting E-Verify, and deporting, incrementally, many illegal aliens – including the so-called “dreamers.”

    To those who would argue that this approach is wild and dangerous I suggest weighing a doubt against a certainty:

    The “doubt” is that maybe the voters will send the GOP packing in 2016 (“Geez, just like Chris Matthews says, dey closed down de government!”)

    The “certainty” is that if amnesty isn’t stopped and future mass immigration curtailed, the GOP is dead anyway – along with the rest of the country (if we can still call ourselves a country). Does anyone really suppose that we can survive with the whole Third World dumping itself on us and with a welfare barrio extending from San Diego, CA to White River Junction, VT?

    Actually, the GOP won’t have to await being voted out by the newly enfranchised immigrants. If Boehner or McConnell refuse to do anything about Obama’s usurpation, half the Republican party will walk out next month, myself included. Let the Wall Street porkers and Chamber of Commerce types keep the RINOs’ smelly butts in their seats, if they can. As for myself, just give me all the freebies I can suck up and maybe a federal job – preferably one on the highest deck of the Titanic.

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