#ncpol: Thom’s Top 20 collusion countdown

Remember back in 2014 when  Thom Tilli$$$ ran for US Senate pledging to collaborate with liberal Democrats and stab the next Republican president in the back every chance he got?  (Yeah, us neither.)

I’m curious.  Can Robert Mueller expand his collusion investigation to include Thom Tilli$$$ and his relationship with Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren (D-MA)?

At the year’s end, Tilli$$$’s office released their boss’s “Top 20” examples of working “across the aisle” to, um, “get things done.”  (Make sure you read the linked document on an empty stomach.)

The “Top 20” includes a whole lot of working with Elizabeth Warren — the left’s dream candidate against President Trump in 2020.  Curiously, the list counts Tilli$$$ working with Richard Burr as an example of “bipartisanship.”

Just a few days ago, Tilli$$$ published an op-ed in a DC political insiders’ publication putting amnesty for illegal aliens out there as the key to ending the stalemate over government spending and the resulting shutdown. Thank goodness the efforts of ol’ Thom and his buddy Lindsey Graham-nesty failed.

This guy is sooooo motivated by the wants and needs of The Farm Bureau, The Chambers ( US and NC) and The Koch Brothers.   The good of the country and the desires of his constituents are soooooooo far off his radar screen.  

Recent polling shows about a third of the state’s voters either don’t know Tilli$$$ or have no opinion.  Some would view that as abysmal for someone who served in the legislature eight years and has been in DC for five.  But it actually presents a great opportunity for Paul Shumaker and the gang to target that low-information third of voters with  a lot of ads: (1) funded by all kinds of lobbyist cash and (2) painting ThomT as the second coming of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thom’s Top 20 collusion countdown

  1. Funny how things work down at the Thilli$$$ office. I sent him a nasty letter the other day about his wimpy “support” for the Border Wall- the one that ALL real Americans KNOW we need. In it I included phrases like “grow a pair” and “grow a spine”. And voila!!! Within a few hours I got this email telling me all about these 20 wonderful things Thilli$$$ had done!!! Except I did not recognize virtually ANY of them as pressing needs for NC or the USA. Funny, right? Musta been a YUUUUGE coincidence, right? RIGHT???

  2. This all sounds like ole Tillis is running for lobbyist in 2020, not another term in the US Senate. Since things are all about money with him, I guess he has figured out that being a lobbyist pays a lot more than being a Senator.

  3. Polls consistently show that stopping illegal immigration is the number one issue among Republican voters. but Tillis brazenly takes the opposite side of this issue, backing the crony capitalist US Chamber of Commerce’s demands for amnesty for illegal aliens. There is a old saying in politics that you do not piss on your base. Tillis apparently either failed to learn this or doesn’t care.

    Opposition to illegal immigration has been a driver in politics all over the world in the last few years, being felt to a major degree in elections in Germany, Austria, Australia, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Slovenia. and others. Polls show it will be a major issue in this year’s election in Canada.

    Tillis is terribly out of touch with real people, which creates a danger to his own reelection, and to the entire Republican ticket in NC. Tillis was lucky last time that the only alternatives on the ballot were for open borders, too, but that will not be the case in 2020 when the Constitution Party will undoubtedly field an anti-amnesty candidate. Republicans have to replace Tillis as nominee if we are to have any chance of holding this seat. Tillis would also be a lead anchor for the rest of the ticket.

  4. Thom’s number one campaign promise was full repeal of Obama Care. As a matter of fact he stated” he would wake up everyday to completely remove Obamacare. “ Or something along those lines. The sad thing is I haven’t known him to mention Obamacare since being elected. Of course he had show votes to pretend to be concerned knowing nothing would pass.
    I have learned republican rhetoric should be taken with a grain of salt similarly to a day time soap opera.
    I hope and pray he leaves and can fill his life long dream of working for the Koch Brothers.

  5. Where is Thommy’s list of his top 20 things to advance Republican principles? Hmm! He doesn’t seem to have one of those, now does he? That is because he cares about servicing the swamp, not about the voters back home.

    Time for a change!

  6. I am sorry to be redundant, but Tillis’ record was in plain site. He brought in Obamacare state exchanges, funded common core, supported amnesty, toll roads and solar energy. That’s why we were leading him in all polls. They had to dilute the vote to get Thom to 40%. Why else would Hayes and Fitzgerald get Harris in the race? That’s why our debates had four candidates, when Thom and I were polling above 30% and the other two , one was under 10% and the other under 4%. Both who endorsed Tillis in seconds after they lost. By the way , every candidate in 2014 , except myself, said there were some good aspects of the unethical, unconstitutional nationalized healthcare- except me. ( there are videos of all those debates).
    You are right Brant, they will reband him, because he’s better than the othe progressives- LOL.
    The liberty constitutional senators , that we say we are looking for , endorsed our campaign; Sen Lee and Sen Paul. The McConnell hacks attacked ad hominem, never on constitutional facts.
    My republican convention speech 6/13, I clearly stated,” Tillis bragging about , crossing the aisle, comprises on foundational principles equals – defeat!” Thom is no surprise, can’t blame him for being himself. The answer is in the mirror, we are the revolution, if we do not compromise on the cornerstone layed out in our Declaration of Independence. What makes our generation different, than our founders? Knowledge! Madison stated, “ Knowledge will always govern ignorance.”
    We can protect Life, Liberty and Property, but please don’t settle for fakes!
    How can we keep voting for a party ( when they were in power) that has the constitutional authority to elimate every unconstitutional infringement, ei ( abortion, funding plan parenthood, education, etc , etc etc … ). The states formed the federal government ( Article VII) . The federal government has ONLY certain enumerated functions, everything else is the people and the states( X Amendment.) Per, our founding documents , all three branches can give their opinion on what’s constitutional ( Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Iredl and many others opinion- not mine). The state has a role , in holding the federal government accountable to their power. Again, please read the state convention notes of 1788-1789.
    Because , in 1933 , the Supreme Court , in footnote 4, says they are , the only definitive interpretation on what’s constitutional, doesn’t make it so.
    I am sorry for the length, but if we help our servant representatives at all levels to the constitutional oath, the Tillis’ of the world would be irrelevant. Again , I am extremely optimistic, Liberty will always defeat Tyranny.
    Brant, thank you for all your work.

  7. Does the Senator or anyone else in Washington realize the we are now
    $22 trillion in debt, with annual deficits approaching one trillion, and an unfunded federal government liability of over $100 trillion more??? I noticed “worked with
    Democrats to pass the ‘Bi-Partisan Budget Act’ which eliminated the spending restraint and allowed massive additional spending” was not one of the 20 bi-partisan accomplishments listed. This list needs to be added to.

  8. Perhaps this lame excuse for a Senator will run as the DEMOCRAT candidate in 2020. He clearly aligns with them not only with his political philosophy but with his CROOKEDNESS!!

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