#ncga: Gettin’ PAID with Speaker Timmy

We’ve reported earlier on how the little guy from Cleveland County is making out like a Rockefeller thanks to his political connections.  Now, it appears he’s spreading the love — with other people’s money — to his staff on Jones Street:

A day after his reelection as Speaker of the House, the office of Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released details of his full staff and their salaries to ABC11.

Moore, himself, will make $38,151 in a part-time role. Most of his 15-member staff, with the exception of two interns, are full-time positions.

The Speaker’s Chief of Staff, Scott “Bart” Goodson, will earn a salary of $177,423, the highest on the payroll. Jonathan Sink, who replaces Leah Burns as the deputy chief, will earn $104,475.

Six people will serve as policy advisors, including former Wake County representative Nelson Dollar, who as Senior Advisor will make $117,495. […] 

I expected to hear this.  Following Dollar’s defeat in November, a Jones Street insider told me this would happen: “Nelson is the only one on our side who understands the budget.”

(Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about  the crew running our state government, eh?)

Show of hands.  Who’s ready for ol’ Nelson to get off the government dime and go out in the real world to get a real job?


The other advisors are Lewis King ($85,672), Daniel Gurley ($84,000), Shelby Armentrout ($71,495), Cory Bryson ($69,395) and Christopher Pittman ($54,350).

The staff also comprises of Director of Communications ($75,900), Director of Boards, Communications and Constituent Services ($75,789), Executive Assistant ($59,350), Caucus Communications Liaison ($52,250), Research Assistant and Paralegal ($41,310) and two interns ($13,625 and $9,100).

All positions at the General Assembly are paid for by taxpayers as part of the state budget, which this fiscal year totals $23.9 billion. Appropriations for salaries at the General Assembly are $67.3 million, including the $1.1 million for the Speaker and his staff.