#ncpol: Thilli$$$ picks a fight (with a GIRL)

When it took you thirty-some years (some 17 community colleges and an online correspondence program) to get your bachelor’s degree, it takes some pretty big cojones to act all superior and question someone else’s intelligence.

But, THAT is our junior senator for you.  Thom The Terrible has decided to pick a fight with radio host and conservative superstar Laura Ingraham.  Renee Ellmers tried the same thing a few years back. (Anybody seen her lately?)

Thilli$$$ earned Ms. Ingraham’s wrath for his passionate support for amnesty for illegals and his criticism of the Trump wall on the Mexican border.  His latest move — strengthening the Democrat attack on President Trump — appears to have been the last straw for her.




This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where Thilli$$$$ decided to launch his attack, eagerly stirred the pot on Twitter:


Of Course, Theam Thilli$$$ decided to take their cue from the former Clinton crony-turned-driveby:


We think Thilli$$$ should have paid closer attention to the civics curriculum at that online college he graduated from.  The whole idea of a special prosecutor runs afoul of The Constitution on so many levels.  The Constitution allows for impeachment proceedings in Congress if the denizens of Capitol Hill believe criminality is occurring in that big white house at 1600 Penn.  We saw it during the Clinton era.  Congress holds an investigation / grand jury type proceeding, and then holds a vote based on the evidence uncovered.  

Thom Tillis is not doing much different from what Kay Hagan would have done in a second term.  For all intents and purposes, THIS is Kay Hagan’s second term.

16 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thilli$$$ picks a fight (with a GIRL)

  1. Tillis is finished politically in NC. It’s obvious he has decided not to run for re-election. I suspect he will cash in as a lobbyist which explains why he is doing the dirty work of the corrupt GOP establishment and teaming up with radical Democrats. Other indications are the fact that his staff is not returning phone calls to constituents, mail is not being answered, and Tillis himself is avoiding GOP and conservative groups. He and the NC RINO establishment that put him in office can never be trusted again. They have totally betrayed us.

    1. Never say, “Never,” Doug. The electorate has a short memory and far too many Republican voters opt for the “lessor” of two evils and vote for the guy with the “R,” regardless of his behavior in office. Please assume he’ll run again and begin the work to defeat him, now.

  2. There is a well organized effort to draft Laura Ingraham for US Senate in Virginia. She would make a MUCH better Senator than Obama Republican Thom Tillis.

    When it comes to girls, Tillis got his panties in a twist to make sure dudes could use the ladies rest rooms and showers. I suspect many genuine ladies want nothing to do with him but peeping Thom’s probably love him. I guess Tillis flunked or skipped Basic Biology in getting his mail order degree..

  3. Hard to believe this dunce is doing this all on his own. I suspect he is getting advice from #nevertrumper political consultants in North Carolina. They suck at the teat of some pretty deep pocketed folks who thrive on open borders and so called “free trade”. I believe he wandered off the reservation when he attacked Laura Ingraham. She is an Ivy League graduate and honors law school graduate who Clerked at the Supreme Court under Justice Thomas. Plus she worked in the Reagan administration and has been a very successful attorney on Wall Street.
    Tommy is bought and paid for and just doing what his Masters told him to do. If you want to blame someone, blame the fat cat North Carolina political consultants who sit back and bastardize our State and national politics for their enrichment. One is now running against Walter Jones with the help and blessing of the others. I smell blood,”#nevertrumper money” in the water. And lots of it. The political consultants are coming to life.

  4. The sad thing is we are stuck with Thom until 2020. I suspect, Thom is following in Tricky D. Burr’s footsteps, that republican voters are just down right stupid and will vote for him no matter how liberal he is? Has anyone heard from Dallas and his flunky leader over at Rino HQ about the disgrace that is Thom Tillis? Does Karl Rove have any input into the travesty that is Thom Tillis?

  5. Someone remind me please, what party is this man working for? Wait a minute, what about that McConnel guy isn’t he a Democrat?

  6. Alipac, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Glen Beck, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mike Lee all knew the real deal when they each endorsed Greg Brannon! Greg exposed good ole Thom back in the race but no one wanted to hear it. The only true, constitutional conservative that consistently stands for the same truth day after day is Greg Brannon. Live and learn NC. If we are lucky, we will have a chance to redeem ourselves in a future Brannon victory!


    1. As I recall, in the county and district GOP straw polls, Brannon whipped Tillis. Tillis actually ran fourth in one Congressional district convention party straw poll. The party activists also knew who the real deal was, The problem was too many average voters did not, especially with that turd Karl Rove sending in millions to muddy the water in the primary.

  7. Since when does calling a grown woman a “girl” respectful of her. Whoever came up with this item’s title (Mr. Clifton?) has exposed their misogyny.

    1. For the record, Protzman, I LOVE the ladies. Love them. (And many of them love me right back.) Also, FYI, the person who inspired me to post that item — and helped come up with the headline — is FEMALE.
      The overwhelming majority of this site’s fan base IS female. (Let that fester in your brain for a little bit.)

  8. I am a 72-year old “girl” and not offended by your title. Thommy is dead to me and to many here in our county. I will not work for Thom, and I sure as heck will not vote for Thom. What’s with the Susan Tillis Foundation? Were Bill and Hillary the inspiration – do our politicians have to create an organization on the model of the Clinton Foundation? Not saying there is corruption, just saying you have a swelled head and you’re too big for your britches Thommy. The word on the street is that calls to Thommy’s office are answered by strident and argumentative staff. By the way, Laura Ingraham has a reputation to which Tillis may aspire but will never reach.

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