#ncpol: SCOTUS and voter ID

judgeScowl-field and Fitz-Cryin’ over at NCPolicywatch have been engaged in tickle fights ever since the nation’s highest court split on North Carolina’s voter ID law.   It’s a blow against racism, we’re told, that no one will be able to verify anybody’s identity at the polls. 

Never mind that some of the biggest vote fraud problems in North Carolina have victimized minority voters and candidates. In Lumberton, Robeson County’s seat of government, there is one city council district where they haven’t been able to hold a clean, controversy-free election since 2003.  All three elections — 2007,2011, and 2015 — featured Native American Democrats running in a district dominated by Native American Democrat voters.

Each of those years, the state board of elections called for a new election after having found outrageous abuses of one-stop voting and same day registration (the things this voter ID law was meant to curb) among other things  In 2014 — after similar findings in a Pembroke city council race — Robeson county’s Democrat DA called for a full probe of ALL of the county’s races that year.  (Pembroke is the “home” of North Carolina’s Lumbee Indian tribe.) 

Let’s look a little closer at what the high court did in connection with this law.  Justices Roberts, Kennedy, and Alito supported allowing the law to stay on the books — minus the “pre-registration” requirement.   Justice Thomas wanted to keep the whole thing on the books.  Of course, the Democrat hacks Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Breyer held firm to the Democrat party line. A split means the lower court rulings stand. (There is still a vacancy on the court due to the passing of Justice Scalia.) 

It’s amazing.  When Republican presidents have nominated candidates for the high court, they kow-tow to the Democrats and put up way too many Kennedys, Souters, and O’Connors and too few Thomases and Borks.  Democrat presidents find the nastiest, most vile examples of statism and creative jurisprudence they can dig up and toss them at the Senate.  And the linguini-spined GOP caves and complies.  And that brings us to where we are.  

We’re working our way toward an environment where unelected folks in robes are handing biggovtdown dictates to govern our lives.  Politicians love it because it keeps them from having to make tough decisions.  But it has scary implications for the country.  It’s way too similar to what our ancestors fled from in the UK centuries ago.

If the federal court system is going to be presented to us as the new legislative branch, one has to ask: Where is the enforcement power?  Will armies of federal marshals be sent down to North Carolina to ensure voters are not asked for their ID when they come to the polls?