NO Comment !!!

Our local Pulitzer Prize-winning, blessed-by-the-Pope twice-weekly newspaper has announced they are ENDING anonymous commenting.   Now, if you want to say your piece on their award-winning writing, you must comment via your Facebook profile.  THAT, explains their editor, will ensure we know WHO exactly is commenting.

I hate to break it to these guys, but Facebook isn’t the best vehicle for transparency.  I mean, Barack Obama’s Teleprompter has a Facebook profile. 

This is all part of an international trend by drivebys.    Some are ditching comment sections altogether due to low participation. (Hint: you need to write something worth a damn in order to inspire people to comment.) 

Others are limiting the sections, like The Pilot, or eliminating them altogether because people are just getting too mean.  (*Somebody call a waaaaaaaaaaah-mbulance.* )

I think we’ve struck a good balance here with our comment section.  I am a benevolent dictator here.  I allow funny-cat-computer-3posting under aliases IF you make it clear to ME who you really are.  Sometimes, I will let an anonymous poster avoid revealing themselves to me  if they are pretty entertaining / humorous or really offer up interesting / valuable information.

Anonymous posters ARE NOT allowed to attack anyone else personally.  If you are going to criticize someone, have the guts to put your real name to it.  I do it ALL the time. 

Our spam filter automatically flags and quarantines posts with links or profane language in them.  The quarantine gets reviewed at the end of each day, and wrongly-quarantined stuff gets allowed.

Disagreeing with me does not necessarily earn you a blacklisting.  (Cussing me out, threatening me, or discussing my mama is another thing altogether.) mail

We also like to keep comments relevant to the post they are attached to.  If you want to make a suggestion about a future story, have a conversation with me, or just comment on something else altogether that hasn’t been posted on, click on the “email us” button at the top of the page.

I think our commenters add to our site’s offerings.  Occasionally, even I learn something from these folks.