#ncpol: NRCC sanctioning “hit” on Walter Jones?

OnMessage Inc. is a high-powered, successful DC-based political consulting firm.  It has clients from sea-to-shining sea.  In North Carolina, RINO123the firm counts Thom Tillis, Richard Hudson and David Rouzer among its clients.  Some of the firm’s bigger, better known clients include The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).  Each group is the political arm of the Repubits respective chamber on Capitol Hill.

What jumps out at you is that OnMessage was a paid contractor to Jones primary opponent Taylor Griffin in 2014.   Griffin has announced his intention to come after Jones again, but has yet to file any financials with the FEC.  But by the looks of OnMessage partners Brad Todd and Guy Harrison’s tweets, the firm is firmly back in the Griffin camp for 2016:






Interesting. The NRCC proudly states that one of its missions is to protect Republican House incumbents.  (Walter Jones fits that definition.)  I wonder what those folks think about one of their paid consulting firms trying to threaten the job security — two election cycles in a row — of a House Republican incumbent? 

As an incumbent, Jones pays “dues” to the NRCC.  One has to wonder if money he has raised and paid as “dues” is being recycled to these guys working against him.

OnMessage has also been a paid contractor for our junior senator Thom Tillis, as well as congressmen David Rouzer and Richard Hudson.  I wonder what those folks think about their consultants working to oust one of their Republican colleagues? 

8 thoughts on “#ncpol: NRCC sanctioning “hit” on Walter Jones?

  1. Brant is correct that the NRCC won’t spend any money to defend Walter. Re NRCC dues, the story’s apparent presumption that Walter pays his NRCC is erroneous. Walter, wisely IMO, began stiffing the NRCC years ago.

  2. Apparently last week Congressman Massie was in town ( Wilmington) for a fund raiser for Congressman Jones. What’s interesting is that apparently very few knew about it. Congressman Massie joined the after the fact convo on FB telling us that we need to make sure Walter goes back to DC. What’s also interesting is that the guy who was part of the event org is also firmly in the GOPe camp. He was Thom Tillis’ guy in New Hanover County and also works closely with David Rouzers camp. Things that make you go hmmm. The establishment coming after Jones is reason enough for conservatives to rally around Jones. He is standing strong with Mark Meadows as a co-sponsor to his #FireBoehner resolution & does not tow the #ObamaRepublicans line.
    Thanks for adding this piece to the puzzle.

  3. Jones and Meadows are The ONLY ONES conservatives can count on in the U.S. house and senate.
    Heritage Action is out with their new scores and ranks Jones as one of the best.
    These tweets that were made by the liberal Brad Todd are reminiscent of the Thad Cochran debacle down in Mississippi where Tricky D. Burr financed the slaughter of a good conservative by orchestrating the narative that Thad Cochran would work with Obama to get the Blacks out to vote in the primary.
    And, oh how right he was…
    Unfortunately, heritage ranks Burr as a failure. He is now considered by them to be the most liberal in the entire NC. delegation. Brad Todd and Gruber Griffin have much more in common with Ms. Pelosi than Jones. Brad Todd is a liar!

  4. Walter Jones is a conservative hero. He is the real deal. When the Washington, DC establishment goes after him, that tells you that the Obama enablers of the GOPe hate conservatives in their own party more than they hate Democrats. If we did not recognize that before, we certainly should have after what those dirt bags did in the Mississippi Senate primary last year, which dirty tricks Burr himslef helped finance.

    The Republican National Congressional Committee and Republican National Senatorial Committee have long pushed liberals against conservatives within the GOP. They are very knee jerk establishment. No conservative should even think about giving them money. Real conservatives in the House and Senate should stop paying ”dues” unless these organizations quit their factional manipulations.

    Conservatives in NC need to take a hostage, and they best option as hosrage is Tricky Dick Burr. Tell the GOPe thugs in Washington, that if they come after Jones, our response will be to make sure Tricky Dick loses if he is the nominee in the general.

  5. In almost any other time and atmosphere I’d be all for removing Walter Jones. He’s cast some really bad votes and held some really wacky Kucinishesque positions over the years.

    That being said, we all know what this is really about. The GOP has become the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce, and Jones’ true sin isn’t bad liberal votes from 10 years ago (in spite of how they will try to portray it), it’s his opposition to amnesty right now. And for that alone we need to rally behind him.

  6. Rep. Walter Jones supports the people of his district. He has lots of knowledge and is wonderful. Why does the Republicans Bosses attack Walter Jones? I stopped supporting the Republican Party when they did not support Rep. Jones during the last election, but attack him. Put you money to the Candidate that supports you! Republicans have not stopped Obama’s destruction!

  7. Congressman Jones is clearly fighting back this election cycle like never before. He has a lot of broad based support, don’t be surprised who you see helping the Congressman on the ground.

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