#ncpol: Nick Ochsner swerves hard left into Binky-ville

Binky-ville is NOT a great place to be in as a journalist.  There you find yourself doing stupid things like trying to trade portions of your viewership to another state, dreaming up a story about a legislator calling a cabinet secretary a ‘witch’, or twisting a sacred, spiritual pro-life event into a celebration of slavery.  

WBT’s Nick Ochsner — the guy who has been strutting all over Raleigh suggesting he ain’t-skeered-a-no-speaker-Timmy — has now performed a cheap shot hit on one of Speaker Timmy’s top foes. (It’s amazing what a Wall Street attorney purchased with campaign funds will get you.)   Here’s our, um, “friend” Nick trolling Rep. Larry Pittman’s Facebook page: 


It’s a move that must have Laura Leslie and Binky hisself beaming with pride.

This is a tactic straight out of the Binky-Ms. Leslie dumpster-diving playbook: grab a few salacious details, like the word ‘Hitler’ for instance, and go buck wild.  Never mind the full context of the point Pittman was trying to make about government tyranny with the leftist mouth-breathers mobbing his page.

Pittman is a pastor making a valiant effort defending the institution of marriage between a man and a woman.  (It’s amazing we’ve reached a point in time where that is considered a radical position.) 

Also, it is interesting to see so much butt-hurt about the mention of the name ‘Hitler’ from people who have giggled for years over comparisons of George W. Bush, Ted Cruz AND Donald Trump to Hitler.  (Hitler was a big fan of socialism, and the practice of ‘The Big Lie.’  Come to think of it — so are McClatchy and WRAL.) 

I’ll admit that Larry is not the most articulate fellow on the planet.  But I respect the hell out of him for being principled and willing to stand up for those principles.  That is a rare thing in that big white whorehouse on Jones Street.

The biggest mistake he’s made here?  Trying to talk sense into the leftist mob.  It’s clear the Soros crowd has a plan to bait conservatives into saying things on social media that they can cut and paste and send off to the driveby media amidst fits of feigned outrage.   They got Mike Causey.  They tried to get a Lee County commissioner.  Stop creating targets for these people.  

They hate you.  They hate me.  They hate everything about traditional America and its values.  You can’t talk sense to them.  You can’t change them.  All we can hope for is containment.  

I am not a big fan of personalizing history.  The Civil Rights Movement was bigger than just MLK.  But he gets the holiday.  Lincoln is celebrated for The Emancipation Proclamation.  But he also threw the Bill of Rights in the trash — scooping up a lot of people without warrants and holding them in prison without charges.  Disagree with President Lincoln?  Go straight to jail, and do not pass GO.

Lincoln presided over, and appeared to tolerate the rape, robbery, vandalism and murder-filled rampage of William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops against civilians through the southeast.

The War Between The States was a terrible time in our history.  Hitler’s reign over Germany, and Hirohito’s reign in Japan were terrible periods for the world.  Communism has been terrorizing the world and spilling all kinds of blood non-stop since 1917.  All of that is history we need to learn from and try not to repeat.

We learn from talking about it.  Not by calling each other Hitler. But by talking in detail about what Hitler and Stalin and Hirohito and Mao and Castro did that was so bad.  And fighting like hell to ensure that the tyranny of 1861-1865, The Reconstruction Period, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and international communism never never ever ever ever never darkens our doors again.