#ncpol: NC RINOs blame Trump for THEIR mess

RINO123It’s not surprising to hear statists blame everything and everyone BUT themselves and their big government delusions for problems in the world.  *People are poor because the rich and greedy and white people are racist. Yeah!  We could do more to keep babies from starving and old people from eating dog food if those white people would just cough up more of their money.* 

But listening to RINOs in Raleigh moan and whine about how DONALD TRUMP is causing their electoral woes is just plain nauseating.

There was a lunchtime panel discussion on state politics in Raleigh Wednesday.  The room was full of lobbyists and all sorts of political animals. The suggestion kept coming up that the Republican presidential nominee is responsible for Republicans losing members in the NC House.  After all, we just had to appoint replacements for TWO key members of the caucus THIS WEEK. 

Really?  Charles Jeter left because of (1) personal, family problems, (2) business troubles, (3) and disastrous polling.  Jeter ran up the most liberal record in the NC House.  He also bombarded his constituents with duplicity and all kinds of other bull$h!t on the I-77 toll mess. (Lying to the folks back home CAN have negative consequences.)  Donald Trump was neither holding his hand nor anywhere in the vicinity when Jeter did all that. 

Mike Hager? The word is that he (1) also had family issues and (2) had a sweet, sweet job offer dangled in front of him.  It’s hard to say no to six or seven figures when you’re dealing with the nonsense on Jones Street for $13K per year. As far as I know, Hager was not a contestant on The Apprentice.

Countering this spin, some folks brought up the fact that you don’t have the chaos and ship-abandoning in the Senate that you see in the House. And that’s right.  In the upper chamber on Jones Street, you have quality leadership.  In the House, you have three corn-pone hucksters trying to run the whole thing themselves — putting the chamber, the caucus and themselves up for sale to the highest special interest bidder. Jeff-Tarte-pointing-sitting

Though, some of that whining about Trump has spread to the Senate:

[…] Politico reported Thursday that N.C. Republicans say Trump has failed to consolidate the GOP base in the state. “Trump’s in serious trouble here,” Sen. Jeff Tarte of Cornelius told Politico. He said Trump is getting “crunched” among independents. “I’m in much different shape, but it’s closer than it should be. I’m feeling the impact of the top of the ticket.” […] 

Trump failed?  Really?  The NCGOPe has been thumbing its nose at conservatives for at least the last four years.  Richard Burr called the ObamaCare fight “the dumbest idea” he’d ever heard.  He’s also been busy rubber-stamping liberal judges that have been running roughshod on our state.   Pat McCrory has been busy pocketing money from Democrats, doing favors for them, and showering them with appointments. He’s reluctantly gone along with anything coming out of Jones Street that even remotely threatens the size and scope of the welfare state.  Burr made a point of intervening against the Tea Party in the 2014 Senate race.  McCrory aided and abetted the slander campaig1-Trumpn and ouster of the duly elected, Tea Party-affiliated NCGOP chairman.

Tarte’s wounds are ALL self-inflicted.  Election-time drama should be expected when one lies to their constituents repeatedly and has a habit of flipping out on camera like this and this. 

Meanwhile, at NCGOP HQ, we have Dallas Woodhouse busy trading on his party job to promote his and his brother’s circus act gig on Fox & Friends each week. Dallas’s grandpa — installed by the coup plotters who took down Hasan Harnett — has been keeping himself busy (1) bulling RNC delegates, (2) meddling in a congressional primary, and (3) stomping all over party rules.

All the while, a caravan of Trump family members and insiders making its way across the state campaigning got little to no logistical aid from state party HQ.

Any damage to the Republican standing in Raleigh will be the fault of the Raleigh RINOs who threw conservatism and ethics into the trunk and let cronyism and corruption DRIVE for the last four years. ( If the election were held tomorrow, I’d be leaving a whole lot of races BLANK. )

Trump is the best thing the NCGOP has going for them right now.