#ncpol: NC RINOs blame Trump for THEIR mess

RINO123It’s not surprising to hear statists blame everything and everyone BUT themselves and their big government delusions for problems in the world.  *People are poor because the rich and greedy and white people are racist. Yeah!  We could do more to keep babies from starving and old people from eating dog food if those white people would just cough up more of their money.* 

But listening to RINOs in Raleigh moan and whine about how DONALD TRUMP is causing their electoral woes is just plain nauseating.

There was a lunchtime panel discussion on state politics in Raleigh Wednesday.  The room was full of lobbyists and all sorts of political animals. The suggestion kept coming up that the Republican presidential nominee is responsible for Republicans losing members in the NC House.  After all, we just had to appoint replacements for TWO key members of the caucus THIS WEEK. 

Really?  Charles Jeter left because of (1) personal, family problems, (2) business troubles, (3) and disastrous polling.  Jeter ran up the most liberal record in the NC House.  He also bombarded his constituents with duplicity and all kinds of other bull$h!t on the I-77 toll mess. (Lying to the folks back home CAN have negative consequences.)  Donald Trump was neither holding his hand nor anywhere in the vicinity when Jeter did all that. 

Mike Hager? The word is that he (1) also had family issues and (2) had a sweet, sweet job offer dangled in front of him.  It’s hard to say no to six or seven figures when you’re dealing with the nonsense on Jones Street for $13K per year. As far as I know, Hager was not a contestant on The Apprentice.

Countering this spin, some folks brought up the fact that you don’t have the chaos and ship-abandoning in the Senate that you see in the House. And that’s right.  In the upper chamber on Jones Street, you have quality leadership.  In the House, you have three corn-pone hucksters trying to run the whole thing themselves — putting the chamber, the caucus and themselves up for sale to the highest special interest bidder. Jeff-Tarte-pointing-sitting

Though, some of that whining about Trump has spread to the Senate:

[…] Politico reported Thursday that N.C. Republicans say Trump has failed to consolidate the GOP base in the state. “Trump’s in serious trouble here,” Sen. Jeff Tarte of Cornelius told Politico. He said Trump is getting “crunched” among independents. “I’m in much different shape, but it’s closer than it should be. I’m feeling the impact of the top of the ticket.” […] 

Trump failed?  Really?  The NCGOPe has been thumbing its nose at conservatives for at least the last four years.  Richard Burr called the ObamaCare fight “the dumbest idea” he’d ever heard.  He’s also been busy rubber-stamping liberal judges that have been running roughshod on our state.   Pat McCrory has been busy pocketing money from Democrats, doing favors for them, and showering them with appointments. He’s reluctantly gone along with anything coming out of Jones Street that even remotely threatens the size and scope of the welfare state.  Burr made a point of intervening against the Tea Party in the 2014 Senate race.  McCrory aided and abetted the slander campaig1-Trumpn and ouster of the duly elected, Tea Party-affiliated NCGOP chairman.

Tarte’s wounds are ALL self-inflicted.  Election-time drama should be expected when one lies to their constituents repeatedly and has a habit of flipping out on camera like this and this. 

Meanwhile, at NCGOP HQ, we have Dallas Woodhouse busy trading on his party job to promote his and his brother’s circus act gig on Fox & Friends each week. Dallas’s grandpa — installed by the coup plotters who took down Hasan Harnett — has been keeping himself busy (1) bulling RNC delegates, (2) meddling in a congressional primary, and (3) stomping all over party rules.

All the while, a caravan of Trump family members and insiders making its way across the state campaigning got little to no logistical aid from state party HQ.

Any damage to the Republican standing in Raleigh will be the fault of the Raleigh RINOs who threw conservatism and ethics into the trunk and let cronyism and corruption DRIVE for the last four years. ( If the election were held tomorrow, I’d be leaving a whole lot of races BLANK. )

Trump is the best thing the NCGOP has going for them right now.


21 thoughts on “#ncpol: NC RINOs blame Trump for THEIR mess

  1. Trump is the best thing the NCGOP has going for them right now.

    You have my sympathies. With Trump continuing to be Trump, and his campaign falling apart amid more accusations of Russian-backed meddling, etc… That may not be a life preserver you’re clinging to, but an anchor.

    1. Anybody who believes the garbage they are putting out needs to wise up. None of what they say is true. By now. With all the lies that has been put out about Trump and proved not true, you shold not listen to these lies. That is what they depeND on,for anybody to listen to their lies would hurt Trump’s campaign. I stopped listening to their garbage along time ago. I knew what they were up to. They are just making it worst on themselves. As you can see they are getting double whammy with hillary. She is a very sick devil woman. Her health is very bad. Her Dr lied about her health too. Seizures and headache among other symptoms is not a good sign at all. I don’t think she will last long either way.

  2. If a child misbehaves we don’t reward that child by giving them milk and cookies. Doesn’t that lead to more bad behavior? Why do we keep voting for those who make a habit of bad behavior? I don’t think lleaving blanks send a message like voting against them.

    Oh yeah, the lesser of two evils mantra. I’m unsure of which is the lesser of two evils at this point.

  3. To look at NCGOP website you would never know there’s an election coming in just a few weeks. FB page same way. Trump has been in the state 5 times with big rallies in the last month . what more do they want? I did see where the Trump campaign is organizing Sat walks. Any phone banks? Voter registration drives? The party is again doing nothing. If Trump carries the state it will be because the UNA that puts him over the top. Too many of us are saying “Screw the GOP”

  4. To look at NCGOP website you would never know there’s an election coming in just a few weeks. FB page same way. Trump has been in the state 5 times with big rallies in the last month . what more do they want? I did see where the Trump campaign is organizing Sat walks. Any phone banks? Voter registration drives? The party is again doing nothing. If Trump carries the state it will be because the UNA that puts him over the top. Too many of us are saying “Screw the GOP”

    1. That just shows why we need to get some solid people into running the NCGOP. Registering Unaffiliated is a bridge to nowhere. Where are the conservative Unaffiliated candidates contesting the Obama Republicans? You won’t find any. We did have conservatives contesting the Obama Republicans back in the GOP primaries. That is where the battle is. You can join it or be MIA as an UNA.

      1. There are no conservative Republicans because the GOP won’t support conservatives. The party is Democrat-lite, they could not care less about anyone who utters the “C” word. Unless of course, our wallets are open at election time.

        I will be Unaffiliated until my party comes back to me, not me to them.

    2. I agree about the MIA vibe coming from NCGOP on this Presidential nominee versus past nominees. I personally think they blocked Cruz because they thought he might win and blocked any attempt to derail Trump because he’ll lose (to their way of thinking) and then they’ll move on to their crony capitalism for four years until Their candidate is ready in 2020. Those of us in the hinterlands know we can’t afford that. I was and still am a Cruz guy but there is no choice but to fight to defeat the Clintons. I think most but not all GOP voters in my county will do the same and for those that don’t….well, the Civitas poll has Trump in the lead thanks to heavy unaffiliated support, albeit with 13 percent of NC voters claiming to be undecided.

  5. I do not have any children. But still, i cannot imagine how anyone could think so little of their children and their children and their children – – – – that they could bring themselves to vote Democrat on Nov. 8th at any political level.
    Precinct by precinct, county by county, District by district, State by State we Trump supporters are going to have to ” fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noahs Arc and brother it is beginning to rain.

    Browny Douglas
    DARE GOP Chairman

  6. The RINOS are afraid their gravy train will end with Trump in the WH. They are likely correct. He is not a true conservative but at least he has good business sense and his bankruptcies were all tied to the housing bubble of 2008. Please tell me I read that correctly that Tart will be leaving. He is a thorn in everyone’s side who wants freedom to raise their children as they should be allowed to.

    1. They were afraid of Cruz stopping their gravy train. It’s part of why they hated him so much.

      Trump? He represents no such threat.

  7. Spoke to two California friends this evening, both in a quandary on the election with one saying she would sit this election out. Xplained that their electoral college votes would go to her unless she was in jail, reminded them that Adam Clayton Powell from her adopted home state won from behind bars, and then told both that this election was a one issue election, SUPREME COURT and that was why they had to put he Trumo Pence bumper stickers I bring to them next week on their cars and spread that message from El Centro to Grants Pass as we are doing in North Carolina. We can win this thing, from Trump down through the Gov and Council of State down to my local Board of Education, by staying strong, focused and working like our lives depend on the outcome, as they do as well as the next 2-3 generations.

  8. Sean Haugh is in the hospital recovering from a heart attack he had earlier this week. Assuming this makes people less likely to vote for him, does this help Deborah Ross or Richard Burr?

    Hoping for a full recovery for Mr. Haugh, of course.

    1. Oh man, very sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers.

      Beyond the sympathies, to your question… *shrug* I’m not sure how/why that would change the math at all.

      Ross is a Democrat, with all that entails… and Burr is a -10% that… a Dem-lite with an R nominally behind his name.

      A non-leftist Magic 8-Ball might be preferable 🙂

    2. I’m ex-GOP and back to Unaffiliated. Burr just needs to go. His votes are all over the place and I can’t predict at all what he’d do in another term, which would almost surely by his last with no influence on him from people back home. I wasn’t plannign on voting for any Democrats but if Haugh is removed this is the most tempting line on the ballot.

      1. I had someone in my face recently saying that we need Burr because of the Supreme Court. I merely replied that given the judges that Burr has saddled us with thus far, what’s the point?

        1. There may be a bit of an argument for that if Trump is president. Burr goes along with whoever the president is. Of course, if the Hildebeast is president, Burr would be of no use whatsoever, as he would go along with her.

          With Trump in as president, there is actually an argument for a GOP majority, no matter how awful McConnell is, because otherwise, Trump would be playing ”art of the deal” with Schumer on judges and that would not likely end well.

          Burr is so awful, I don’t know that I could hold my nose for him even so. He would probably be proposing all sorts of liberals for Trump to nominate to the bench.

  9. Well I think they believe this because of polls. I saw one completed version in a leaning Republican district and its horrendous for Trump. Others do better, but only one up.

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