#ncpol: Michele Nix for — um, CONGRESS ????

That’s the word I’m hearing from coastal North Carolina. The vice-chairman of the NCGOP, I’m told, has been devoting a significant portion of her time during the 2018 primary season promoting a run for the 3rd congressional district in 2020 and seeking endorsements.  (Walter Jones is in the middle of his final campaign for the 3rd’s seat in DC.)

Said one eyewitness to Madame Vice-Chairman’s antics:

“She’s telling people that she’s the clear choice for that seat in 2020 because she’s female and because of her experience at NCGOP headquarters. Talk about getting out there early.  The dust hasn’t even settled from the 2018 races.”

An announcement is expected shortly after Tuesday’s vote, I’m told.

Other eyewitnesses tell me of a particular incident at the recently completed 3rd congressional district GOP convention.  I’m told by a number of sources that Nix followed congressman Jones out of the convention hall following his speech.  She had her phone’s video camera turned on and was asking for Jones’s endorsement for 2020.  (I’m told Jones politely replied that he was currently too busy with the 2018 campaign to talk about 2020.)

Nix’s Facebook page is filling up with selfies featuring her and every possible NCGOP celebrity, elected and otherwise, that she can get close to.

Nix got elected vice-chairman of the NCGOP in the wave election that elevated Hasan Harnett to the top job.  She promised Tea Partiers that she would be a crusader for their agenda in Raleigh.  But she’s mostly been a cheerleader for, and defender of, Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa Robin Hayes.

If Nix jumps in the 3rd’s GOP field for 2020, she won’t be alone.  Legislators Greg Murphy, Harry Brown and Mike Speciale are being talked about as candidates.   Scott Dacey and Phil Law are likely to try again with Jones out of the picture.  And a few more may pop out of the woodwork over the next two years.  Who knows? 


14 thoughts on “#ncpol: Michele Nix for — um, CONGRESS ????

    1. no problemo. Dacey is a pretty bad choice, though, and I don’t think she’d be worse. Just not any better. Her track record with the Party and the company she keeps all scream “Establishment”. Since she can run in any district she chooses, she might be better off running against Pittenger since Republicans in that district obviously like her (or his) sort of candidate. But if there is any doubt about one’s conservative credentials, I can’t think of a worse district to run in than the Third.

    2. NOTHING could be worse than Scott Dacey.

      For that matter, Greg Murphy is pretty darn awful, too – a full blown Obama Republican.

      Speciale would be a breath of fresh air.

  1. When you get to the level of wanting to run for Congress you have to pass the eye test. That has nothing to do with physical looks but more the way you carry yourself. That’s the main reason Phil law is not a credible candidate in that particular congressional district. When you go to Michelle‘s Facebook page and look at those selfie’s there’s nothing congressional about that. This is just someone who’s been around Politics for so long that she’s lost a little touch with reality. There’s going to be a lot of people run for that seat two years now and I have no idea who the best candidate would be, but I can tell you it’s not Michelle Nix. She seems like a nice enough lady but her feelings are going to get hurt very early in this process. Hopefully she thinks better of it. Everybody wants to start in the major leagues. She needs to spend a few seasons in the minors.

  2. Ummm…ok? What about showing the current Member a little respect, being party VC and all.

  3. There is no reason to slam someone’s look. Stick to why she would or would not be a good candidate and leave the smarmy attacks on her personal appearance to the opposition. Shameful.

  4. Norm Sanderson would be a great choice! He is a strong conservative with unquestionable moral character. He’s a true public servant.

  5. I thought the reason why Nix did not run for State Chair in 2017 is because of all of the travel involved going to DC and various RNC events. But then of course things can change rapidly in politics, it wouldn’t surprise me if she announced to run for Congress soon.

    The business session at this years state convention is light, so this would be a good time to have an election for a new Vice-Chair.

    1. Next year 2019 is a Chairman and VC election so no need to do anything about it at this time….. Plus the GOPe does not like elections they like to have a Chairman or VC anointing at a state executive meeting when a replacement is needed so they can control the outcome…. Delegates voting for things is so overrated just send your money and sit in your seat and keep your mouth shut and wait till dinner is served so you can hear awful speakers and eat rubber chicken

  6. VC Michelle…she been eyeing that seat for years. He got her hubby to revive the men’s club to give her another campaign arm. She is meeting with Federated Women in Lexington this weekend to recruit and raise money towards campaign. She stabbed Hassan in back (she made motion to remove him in Central) She recruited her personal slate against anyone who got in her way last election including Governor, Lt Gov. (Thank God person refused) Guess her personal enforcer Johnny Shull is drolling yo get started. #NixMafia

  7. Michele Nix has exhibited Renee Ellmers syndrome in her role in the NCGOP She ran as a staunch conservative but soon fell into the Woodhouse / Hayes circle, just like Ellmers running as a conservative and then falling into the establishment circle in DC. I would be afraid, given her path within the GOP that Nix would follow the Ellmers path in DC.

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