#ncga: Jones St. GOP set to up spending by ONE BILLION above 2017-2018

This is quite a nasty surprise to break on us the eve of legislative primaries across the state.  Here it is straight from Speaker Timmy’s office:

Legislative leaders on Monday hailed the news that Republicans’ pro-growth economic policies have generated North Carolina’s fourth consecutive revenue surplus, $356.7 million this year, and an expected fifth consecutive revenue surplus of $276.5 million in 2018-19.[…]

Okay.  So they took in more money than they needed.  Will they give the surplus back to us?  (*HA. FAT CHANCE.*)


Based on the strong revenue numbers, House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) also announced they have reached agreement on a $23.917 billion spending target for the Fiscal Year 2018-19 state budget, pledging the state House and Senate will keep their commitment to passing a fifth consecutive teacher pay raise while keeping taxes low on middle-class families and small businesses.

As a point of reference, the last spending agreement — reached in 2017 — was for $22.9 billion.  

So, the alleged party of fiscal restraint and small government is ready to increase government spending by ONE BILLION DOLLARS.  *Might as well. Hey, they took in more money than they expected. Why give it back to the rubes? They’ll just blow it at Wal-Mart.*

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Jones St. GOP set to up spending by ONE BILLION above 2017-2018

  1. Remember that a big part of that “spending” will not be spent, but put in savings reserve. However putting money in the rainy day fund is still technically counted as spending, even though it is not spent

    1. Hey Dallas,
      What about the people that paid in all that tax surplus. Do they not deserve a personal “rainy day fund”?

    2. The “rainy day fund” is only a set-aside to prevent the NC legislature from having to tighten the state’s belt when the economy and tax collections turn down.

      These excess tax collections should be returned to taxpayers now. The “rainy day fund” will never be big enough for the Raleigh crowd.

  2. Remember, that money the state takes by force and compulsion, is produced by the labor of an individual. That individual needs to save for their rainy day fund!
    Any legitimate government’s sole purpose is to protect the individual’s Life, Liberty and Property, not redistribution of their labor for special interests, ei ( solar energy mandates) .
    Progressive, collectives run both parties at the expense of the individual. Society would be at it’s best, if all governments were chained to principles in our Declaration.
    The Republican Party using words like, party of the constitution, party for limited spending, party of small government are just that, words. The objective actions prove otherwise.
    How about the state legislature actually do a constitutional function and chain the federal government to its constitutional enumerated functions? Those functions, by the way do not include education, healthcare, abortion .That would a great place to start, to save for a rainy day fund!

    The X Amendment

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    1. Why would you need a tax increase when you’ve already shaken down the people for more money than you need? Big spending is just as much a problem as high taxes.

      This is surrendering on a key part of the GOP platform that brought so many new people into the party. What will the Raleigh GOP surrender on NEXT?

  3. Again, what about following the constitution? You want to do something about the economic problems? How about having gold for payment, like Arizona, Utah and other states?
    I know it sounds crazy to follow your constitutional oath, But Article I section 10, states that all states must only use gold and silver.
    I can go on and on, with issue after issue, that are unconstitutional. But , the lack of constitutional leadership in both the state and federal governments, has destroyed the American Experiment, but enriched the government class. The solution is simple, the X Amendment . Instead , we will continue to hear excuses. They keep spending fiat money , funding unconstitutional spending and stealing from our and future generations labor and we just take it.
    Republicans run every two years, elect us to end abortion, elect us to stop government healthcare, elect us to stop government education, all the time increase those programs. What is the difference between the parties?
    Our founders did not chain us with the constitution, it chains them! That’s not words, the Patrick Henry , Thomas Jefferson and many more. Today’s representatives do not represent those principles. They do not have to, because we keep electing the same frauds.
    James Madison stated that Liberty will never be given, but always fought for, Liberty is a verb. Stop settling for anything less.

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