#ncpol: It’s ALL about the top of the ticket

160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169I’ve had some recent conversations with some behind the scenes heavy-hitters in North Carolina politics.   Their common message, from both sides of the aisle? :

Pay no attention to all of these polls.  ALL of the statewide races are neck-and-neck.  

Said one veteran strategist:

“These polls are a bunch of bullshit.  You’ve got the problems with the hurricane and the flooding.  And people have figured out this polling thing.  I’ve seen the hard data on a lot of these polls. You get respondents who say they’re very conservative but are voting for Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross, want HB2 repealed, we need to spend more money, and that a woman’s right to choose abortion is very important.   Really?  There are a lot of people out there playing with these pollsters.  There is some really sketchy data behind a lot of these polls.”  

If you recall from 2014, there was a grand total of ONE poll in the campaign’s home stretch that had  Thom Tillis defeating Kay Hagan.

Said another political pro from “across the aisle”:

“Every single one of these races in North Carolina is neck-and-neck.  It’s the tightest I’ve seen things.  It is all going to come down to how the tops of each party’s ticket do in North Carolina.  If Trump does, in 2016, what Obama did here in 2008 – -getting a bunch of new people out to vote who haven’t really been participating — Republicans will have a lot to feel good about on November 9th.”

To all of those folks on the GOP side who have moaned about Donald Trump hurting your campaign, he may just be your saving grace.  The folks who turn out for HIM are more than likely to vote for YOU TOO.

5 thoughts on “#ncpol: It’s ALL about the top of the ticket

  1. The top of the ticket always matters. That was why it was so ass-hat stupid of our figurehead State GOP chairman Robin Hayes to try to throw Trump under the bus over that locker room language tape. Of course, everyone knows that Hayes is too senile to have actually had anything to do with that press release himself. It was undoubtedly that doofus Dallas Woodhouse writing it and putting Hayes name on it. One wonders if he even told Hayes he was doing it. What this all comes down to is a too-big-for-his-britches ED who is trying to play chairman but does not have the political savvy that the Good Lord gave to a golf ball. Thanks a lot, Central Committee, for inflicting this moron Woodhouse on the party. With what his brother has been up to, one wonders if Dallas was sent in undercover to disrupt the NCGOPe from within.

    1. That theory on Outhouse is exactly what I thought once I saw his bro on the Veritas video. The way the GOP has been run in NC, I would not put it past him to be feeding information to the democraps…and implementing their desires on the GOP side. He is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  2. It may be all about the top of the ticket but there is absolutely no way I am voting for Obama enabler, GOP insider Richard Burr. I will leave that spot blank.

    Trump 2016!

  3. The corrupt DC GOP elites have done their best to destroy Trump. If you damage the top of the ticket, it affects all the races down ballot. Whether we win or lose in November, I hope every faithful NC Republican will never forgive the treason of the Romneys, Ryans, Bushes, and the infamous Lindsay Graham.

  4. The picture accompanying this article brings this thought to my mind. Fact is our system has a VP position for the reason of fulfilling the position of POTUS, IF need be. Stuff happens. IMO, Trump having the intelligence to pick Mike Pence to ride shotgun is reason enough ALONE to vote for DONALD TRUMP!!! The Trump train is at the station. The lead engine #1776 is red white and blue. I hope the GOP led G A and the Governor are not color blind.

    Browny Douglas

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