2016 Moore County recommendations

vote124This is a post aimed at our readers who can vote within the confines of Moore County, North Carolina.  Early voting starts tomorrow.  Here are some of the local folks we think you ought to vote FOR:

District Court:   Re-elect Don ‘Skipper’ Creed.   He’s OUR kind of judge.  If you’re a fan of this site, you should be a fan of Judge Creed.  Show him some love at the ballot box.

Moore County Board of Education:  In a battle of incumbents, we recommend Libby Carter over Pam Thompson.  We’re also going with Billy Marts over Stacey Caldwell.  (The Pilot likes Stacey because she’s been “quiet.”  They admit they’re afraid of Billy because he’ll dig too deep into things and put them in his newspaper, The Aberdeen Times.  The school board is supposed to be about checks-and-balances on the bureaucrats, not a circular love-fest.)

Bruce Cunningham vs. BJ Goodridge?  Pick ‘Em.  Though, we’re leaning toward Goordridge.  Just because the clique on the board needs to be shaken up every so often.

Betty Wells Brown vs. Angela Headen Davis?  Again, Pick ‘Em.   Brown is an educrat on the education faculty at UNCP.  Davis appears to be hung up on “diversity” and race.  No real good choices here. 

Remember:  You CAN leave certain offices blank.