GOPe sandbagging Trump here in the home stretch?

Everybody has their conspiracy theories.  Trump is talking up the “rigged” election meme.  Snip20160418_1

Reports have come out suggesting that big donors are telling the RNC to back off of Trump and focus on Congress.  Word has come out that John Kasich’s organization in Ohio is standing down in the presidential race.  You have alleged conservative flagships like The Weekly Standard and National Review STILL poo-pooing Trump three weeks before a vote where our choices are TRUMP or HILLARY. 

In North Carolina, we’ve had reports of Trump campaign paraphernalia getting bottled up in NCGOP offices — mysteriously not finding its way out to the general public.  We’ve had the anti-grassroots shenanigans at NCGOP for the last year.

Art Pope — “Mr. Conservative” — has already made his disdain for Trump known.  His acolytes at the John Locke Foundation — (lookin’ at YOU in particular Mr. Henderson and Mr. Hood) — are all over social media, TV and the social circuit mocking Trump THREE WEEKS BEFORE AN ELECTION WHERE THE CHOICES ARE TRUMP OR HILLARY. 

Trump is the ONLY thing out there causing any kind of excitement — stirring ANY kind of passion — in right leaning voters.  He’s got people fired up about participating and voting who never have before.  And I think, in the eyes of the GOPe, THAT is the problem.

These GOPe people enjoy being AT THE TOP OF THE HEAP (even if there are only a handful in the heap).  They want THEIR PICTURES to be what somebody sees if they Google “conservative” or “Republican.” donald-trump-youre-fired It doesn’t matter if the GOP has five million or FIVE members.  It doesn’t matter if it has 60 seats or SIX.  Being “over” us is what matters.  There’s no agenda other than having their hands on other people’s money when the smoke clears on election day.

Donald Trump doesn’t NEED these GOPe hangers-on.   And that scares them.

Thanks in part to these internal troublemakers, getting Trump-Pence across the finish line and into the winner’s circle is going to take an incredible, momentous effort.


9 thoughts on “GOPe sandbagging Trump here in the home stretch?

    1. It is more moving money into races where there is an establishment candidate running. Colorado is winnable in the Senate, but McConnell’s crew refuses to engage because McConnell’s annointed candidate ran a pathetic fourth in the primary. Oh, and the GOP nominee is black and a conservative.

      1. And we know how everyone currently at 1506 Hillsborough Street feel about conservative blacks….the treatment that Johnson, Randall, Harnett, and Robinson received over the years speaks volumes.

        1. Mitch McConnell and the boys have a long track record of opposing black conservatives. Not only did they go all out against Darryl Glen in the Colorado primary this year, after he won the overwhelming endorsement of the grassroots at the state GOP convention (80%+) and are now refusing to support him in the general election, but they have done this before.

          In Oklahoma in the 2014 Senate primary, the black conservative Speaker of the State House was the grassroots choice, but McConnell and the boys muscled in a wimpy establishment Congressman in the primary instead.

          It is lucky that SC’s black conservative Sen. Tim Scott got there by appointment of the governor, or it is likely that McConnell and the boys would have gone after him in a primary, too.

          Mitch McConnell is every bit as worthless as Harry Reid.

  1. The GOPe — McConnell, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Burr, Tillis, etc, the NCGOPe led by despicable Woodhouse and “conservative” hacks like Pope, John Locke, lunatic Beck, Perino, etc embody all that is wrong with this country. They are more interested in fundamentally transforming this country vis a vie open borders, unlimited Muslim immigration and systemic pay to play corruption than doing anything to protect the interests of the People. A Trump victory would derail their lucrative gravy train and they will fight to the end to prevent it. They will be directly responsible for the death of this country on 11/8/16 if Hillary, their annoited one, is elected. And, frankly, they could care less.

  2. I’ll vote for Trump however, I’m sure as hell won’t vote for Senator Burr. He’s an absolute failure and definitely not a Conservative. I’m not voting for Ross either; I just passing on that section of the ballot.

    1. Burr is awful but still not as bad as a democrat majority in the senate so voting for him is regrettably still the right thing to do for America

      you really do not want Ross going wild in Washington with her Leftist agenda

      At least with Burr you will get a few good votes but that will not happen with Ross

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