#ncpol: Is it 2022 YET ???

It seems Richard Burr is not going to let Thom Tilli$$$ earn that suckweasel certification uncontested.  Burr is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but instead of showing some leadership he’s following Democrat Mark Warner around like a puppy on this Russian election meddling nonsense. The genius is even defending Warner in the wake of the revelations Warner was creeping around secretly communicating with the dossier crowd:

[…] An aide to Burr, the Republican chairman, told Fox News that Burr was aware of the “contact” Warner made with Steele’s representative but added, “I don’t believe he was aware of the content of the text messages” initially.

The senators released a joint statement to Fox News stressing they are working together, while blasting the “leaks of incomplete information.” […] 

Well, we know Burr preferred the idea of President Bernie Sanders to the idea of President Ted CruzThe way he’s blindly supporting this Russian election-meddling fairy tale makes you think he also preferred President Hillary Clinton to President Donald Trump. 

Let’s switch gears to the recently-passed budget deal.  Tilli$$$, we know, blasted Rand Paul for daring to question this orgy of new and expanded spending. Burr voted against the deal, while Tilli$$$ voted for it.  Before you get excited, let’s learn MORE:

[…] Burr and Tillis both praised the bill in a joint press release Thursday noting the more than $125 million it contains for additional Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.

Burr said in the release that the money would allow areas hit by Matthew “to not only rebuild, but undertake mitigation projects to take proactive steps to lessen the effects of future storms. … I look forward to the President signing this legislation.”

On Friday, Burr said he “voted against the final legislation because it continued the funding of certain intelligence activities without requiring authorization by the Intelligence Committees. […]

So, never mind the fact that this “deal” went against everything you’ve told us in your campaigns about smaller government, fixing the debt and controlling spending.  Never mind that it grew the mountain of debt and red tape our children and grandchildren will have to deal with down the road. 

The “deal” was bad because your ego was not sufficiently stroked, and your chairmanship of an unconstitutional, of questionable legality, committee was not paid enough attention ??? (#SMDH)


8 thoughts on “#ncpol: Is it 2022 YET ???

  1. It’s hard to believe that, in the entire State of North Carolina, these are the people we elect to misrepresent us in Congress.

  2. NC’s US Senators could not be working harder to ensure a giant Republican majority loss in both House’s. Up next, they’re favorite subject Amnesty, where once again the lives of their American Citizen constituents will be given very little consideration and the Dreams of Illegal Aliens will get preferential treatment, at our expense. And the GOP sits idly by begging for money and wondering why voters are leaving the party.

    1. The GOP base would not be happy at all if we are betrayed on amnesty, including DACA amnesty.

      A new poll shows Republican primary voters oppose DACA amnesty by 2 to 1 and here in the South it is 4 to 1.


      Any Republican who votes for DACA amnesty needs to be removed in a primary.like Eric Cantor was.

  3. For consistency’s sake, shouldn’t you be slamming President Trump for signing this horrible budget deal? Shouldn’t you be calling him a traitor, a squish and a closet liberal? Funny how he gets a pass from you guys and Tillis and Burr do not….

  4. Totally agree, I am anti amnesty. Polling is right and in districts we could probably win the seats if somebody is primaried out. However, in Statewide races you better hope the candidate is strong enough to get elected. I’m not ready to put somebody in the chopping block after they’ve supported Gorsuch, tax reform, has voted pro-life, Trump’s judges, cabinet, and more.

    Doesn’t always end well, just ask Alabama.

    1. The Alabama debacle is an example of the establishment stabbing a conservative in the back. If they want to undercut our guys, they should not be surprised when conservatives return the favor. Tillis was one of those who was out front undermining Moore.

    2. We need a solid conservative who can win a solid majority in North Carolina like Dan Forest did in 2016. not a mealy mouthed wishy-washy opportunist who has not been able to win a majority statewide either in a primary or a general election like Thom Tillis.

      The problem in Alabama was Mitch McConnell sticking his stinking nose in the primaries. He is an outsider and had no business monkeying around in Alabama politics. McCennell wanted to get his tainted (corrupt appointment with a quid pro quo with a disgraced governor who soon resigned) swamp creature Luther Strange elected, but the polling was not looking good for that. Moore was in the lead, with Strange falling and conservative Congressman Mo Brooks of the House Freedom Caucus rising as he became better known outside his own district. The polling trends pointed to a Moore / Brooks run off, with the lilklihood of Strange voters swinging to Brooks in the run off. Mo Brooks would have been the nominee and easily held the seat if scumbag McConnell had just stayed out of it. Instead, McConnell dumped millions of dollars of national GOP contributor money into vicious attack ads against Brooks in the first primary. That was enough to get Strange to limp into the run off with Moore, but Brooks voters enraged at McConnell’s behavior would have nothing to do with Strange and instead went for Moore in retaliation to what McConnell did to Brooks. McConnell’s vicious attack ads against Moore did not alter the equation.

      After Moore won the run off, McConnell washed his hands of Alabama and deliberately threw away the Senate seat. He hates conservatives more than Democrats. Later when the media started throwing mud at Moore, McConnell joined in trashing the GOP’s nominee, and kept on doing that through election day.

      Mitch McConnell is the reason we lost Alabama, and he had help from other party traitors like Thom Tillis.

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