From the NC Dem “Great Hope” to a holding cell

North Carolina Democrats were counting on him as their next big star.  Dan Blue III, son of former House speaker and current senator Dan  Blue, has chaired the Wake County Democratic Party and had been a regular fixture on NC Spin.  He was the Democrat nominee in the 2016 state treasurer’s race.  There was talk of grooming him for bigger and better things.

Well, that apparently came screeching to a halt on Friday afternoon.  According to Wake County authorities, Blue was arrested at 1:40 AM on Friday for driving under the influence.

Some will take a partisan opportunity and giggle about this with wicked pleasure.  Hopefully, most will rejoice that no one — as far as we know — got hurt, pray for Blue’s family, and hope that he gets some help.


7 thoughts on “From the NC Dem “Great Hope” to a holding cell

  1. It will be interesting to see if he appears before the Judge and/or will Daddy get him out of Drunk Driving with his influence??

  2. Every Democrat who gets elected to anything is a danger to decent, honest, truthful, traditional Americans. With luck, this Blue lowlife will be kept out of elective office, as the “political Darwin effect” shows him to be untrustworthy… even by Democrat standards.

    1. Well, if anything this will qualify him MORE for office as a dem. And if he gets any type of sentence it could be a campaign issue on how the justice system is so unfair to people of his race.

  3. ? If It is the first offense then he should have his License Surspended for 1 Year , 90 hours of Alcohol Abuse Training & 7 days in Jail ………..
    That’s what the Judge gave me for a first offense in the State Of N.C…….

  4. “Daddy using his influence” to reduce / dismiss the charge is a bi-partisan option that is not uncommon. HOWEVER… if “Daddy Dan does do so” we will not read about it in The N&O nor will we hear about it on WRAL.

    If a Repub Daddy did so it would be “above the fold” and the “lead story”. Hopefully TDH will keep following this for us, otherwise we will never know the outcome.

  5. Can you imagine this guy in charge of investing our state’s money? Did we ever dodge a bullet when he lost to Folwell.

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