#ncpol: Hiding the Trump signs? (SHENANIGANS!)

Christine Gates, a respected Tea Party leader from western North Carolina is calling SHENANIGANS on the folks at NCGOP HQ: 

What is going on in North Carolina?? It’s no accident. We still don’t have Trump yard signs at county headqushenanarters?!?  Only 36 days from Election Day on November 8th. But worse yet, only 17 days from the first day of Early Voting on Oct. 20th.[…] 

Where are all the signs the Trump campaign has shipped in NC and other states? Are they in a landfill or a warehouse, because the dang signs sure aren’t out around the state?

[…] Last week, I called the Trump campaign national office to tell them we don’t have any signs in Western NC. I asked point blank, “Should we have signs?” They were very nice and very helpful. He said, “They could certainly ship us more, but the regional GOP Victory Offices have them.” Whoa??? “More??” I told the Trump campaign, “We haven’t seen the first sign yet! How can there be more??” He said, THE SIGNS HAD BEEN SENT TO THE NCGOP and should have been distributed long ago.1-Trump

(I am the Caldwell County campaign materials coordinator for the Trump campaign. Other campaigns drop ship signs and materials to my house and I deliver it to the local HQ. Sometimes, I hold shipments for other counties to pickup. The NCGOP has assured me and everyone across the state, THEY will distribute the signs to the local parties. They would not be coming directly from the Trump campaign. So, I waited.)

I explained to the Trump campaign last week, I was learning that statewide other GOP and TEA Party leaders were buying yard signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts BECAUSE THEY CAN’T GET THEM THROUGH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AT ANY LEVEL!  This caused alarm at the Trump National Campaign HQ. They gave me a number to call in NC. I called it.

The number was to the NCGOP Victory Office in Forest City. I told “a guy” (I won’t use his name yet) about our lack of Trump download (2)signs.  He was aware of the situation and said, “It’s part of the Trump strategy not to have them out yet. They might get stolen.”

Apparently, THAT is not the strategy in Pennsylvania.  MORE:

He stumbled around trying to unsuccessfully explain some non-sense he didn’t seem to fully understand. Since I had just talked to Trump campaign, I knew someone was lying.

Tonight, I’m sure who is lying and where the problem is. […] 

Hmmm.  I wonder if Dallas Woodhouse can take a break from his busy on-air schedule at Fox News and actually do his *&%$# job ???


9 thoughts on “#ncpol: Hiding the Trump signs? (SHENANIGANS!)

  1. In any other year, I’ve never seen ncgop fail to have presidential campaign signs out and available by September. This doesn’t surprise me, I’ve suspected for some time that Trump isn’t the highest priority for the ncgop.

  2. Very few around Forsyth county. They were selling them at the Fair and ran out, had to go buy more. Very few Hillay signs either. Very low key approach from what I have seen.

  3. The national and state parties are doing nothing for Trump. Virtually all the GOP Establishment is supporting Hillary and raising big money for her. The GOP elites could care less what this will do to down-ballot races in NC. Hillary is pouring money she has raised from Republicans into NC to defeat Republicans! Totally bizarre.

  4. Saw a couple of Roy Cooper signs Monday afternoon in the outskirts of Greensboro. Haven’t noticed any McCrory signs. No Hillary signs. No Trump signs.

  5. Grassroots Republicans have given up on the GOP. They are supporting Trump, but could care less about the Republican Party anymore. The party’s establishment has been exposed in this election; we now know they are a total fraud on conservatism.

  6. Dare GOP HQs, since August 2, has been visited by folks from 26 different states to include Canada, England, and Australia. Penn is heavy. We have purchased all Trump stuff ourselves. Donations have been steady forthcoming.

    I participated in the last two Sunday night conference calls.NO ENERGY!!! It is up to grassroots folks. I reiterate, we have to “fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’S arc”.The love of power is a powerful thing. There is nothing good to be said about those that are clinging to the Hillary and Obama regieme. They can be identified as the ones that are not busting their ass trying to get Trump elected.
    Browny Douglas

  7. In Moore County I have been involved withe the GOP during this election cycle. For awhile the only signs for Trump available were the ones we had made. There were a lot of people wanting Trump signs. The problem is you can’t display them until 30 days before the start of voting. So even if you had a sign you couldn’t display it.
    Some put their Trump signs out only to have them destroyed or stolen by unknown thiefs(I suspect Hillary supporters).
    Now the signs can legally displayed and are generally available (contact your county GOP HQ).

  8. Wake County was selling them for $5. I was given the lecture about the cost of a campaign. I reminded them that I have been involved my whole life and pointed out that I cannot wrap my head around the fact of having to buy a yard sign for a Presidential Campaign. Of course they wanted me to volunteer. Been there done that. The Wake Party does not educate the voters on the importance of these down ballot races. Mike Causey and Ed Goodwin would have won if Republicans in Wake voted for those two. They pulled that four years ago too. I got my Mike Causey bumper sticker and my Chuck Stuber sign.

  9. Harold, the road right of way is what is protected up until 30 days before early voting begins. Your yard is yours.

    Browny Douglas

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