#ncpol: Hasan Harnett, locked out.

I swear, folks. You can’t make this stuff up.  (Well, maybe you CAN.  But I don’t.) :



In all serious — is this the African-American outreach plan in action, or what? 

Couple this with ol’ Dallas refusing to follow the chairman’s orders about the convention fees.  The GOPe — with these junior high style antics — is completing the transformation of the NCGOP organization into a complete farce.

The Raleigh cartel would rather have their titles and their exclusive clique than to grow this party and become a true dominant majority.  *Give us your money and your votes, and then SHUT UP, PLEASE.*hh3

For those of you who donate your sweat equity to the state party each and every year, attend the precinct meetings and conventions, raise money and recruit candidates for the party, take a good hard look at what your efforts have produced.

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  1. Hasan has “ruined the fundraiser”. Too bad they cannot grasp the convention is not a fundraiser. This self immolation of the NCGOP / RNC this year is worthy of celebration. We don’t need no water……

    1. When it cost $30 to attend, I always figured that they probably were earning $5 or $10 per delegate. OK as Republicans we can accept a litle “capitalism and profiteering” to pull off a convention. But the nosebleed pricing this year is going to lead to another round of people giving up on the party.

      I wonder if Daniel Rufty will get to make another “lowest turnout I have ever seen” speeches – but this time at state conventon instead of county.

    2. Todd we all know it’s just a money thing. Nothing about building the party. The one man one vote don’t mean crap at conventions.

    1. If this were about honor he would resign, but there is nothing honorable about any of this.

  2. I am not against a reasonable fee but the goal of running the convention should be to first keep all costs as low as possible to have the maximum participation

    The State Executive Committee needs to form a convention standing committee to work on the convention all year long. This would allow for the conventions to be better planned and bring greater value to the delegates

    The State Executive Committee needs to call for a full audit of this convention and the financial data from the last few conventions. The comparison of expenses the last time the convention was held in this same venue is very important

    1. If Trump wins the NC primary I doubt the Central Committee will back down on the pricing. They’ll be dreading the possible composition of the delegates this year.

      1. Someone said the other day the big boys probally pay the fee from their campaign funds

        Grassroot delegates and normal people cannot do that

  3. This is such an outrage. Our State GOP airing its dirty laundry for all to see. Why waste your time attending this so called Convention – more of a Fiasco in my opinion. I am so done with this band of loons, Woodhouse is a pompous bag of hot air & Hasan, I am afraid, is being made the fool. Let your party know this is unacceptable behavior & don’t attend this Circus.

  4. Dallas Whorehouse MUST GO! He has been steadily usurping the chairman’s role. His ego and drive for power is as big as Nelson Dollar’s.

    The fundraising part of the convention is all the extras, the luncheons and dinners and such, NOT the basic registration fee. Heck, the RNC does not even charge a basic registration fee at the national convention at all.

    But the worst part is that this is a scheme to run off the grassroots to reelect establishment hacks as National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. It is all about control, NOT fundraising.

    1. There was one convention, (I don’t remember exactly which year), that funds were behind schedule and the podium admonished us for not giving enough. I really thought that was a punch in the gut to volunteers who gave up their weekends to hand out literature, man polls, collect signs, attend meetings, for free. It was my first inkling that the people at the highest levels of the party were becoming too detached from the base.

  5. Another establishment priority, perhaps our elected rulers need a reminder that they are not a power unto themselves. I would respectfully submit that everyone of them should loose their job next election, or sooner if possible. But if we the people do nothing we deserve the government we get.

  6. Ol governor Pat needs to step in and convince Dallas to resign. But, he will not do a thing and has lost my vote.

    1. Voting for Brawley, and against the bond, are the principal things “motivating” me to go to the polls this year. Thank you NCGOP

  7. Dallas here to stay that is until Governor Pat is beaten badly for reelection in November. Then all bets are off for his survival as ED.

  8. I can not grasp what the RINOS are thinking during this election cycle? Oh that’s right they are thinking of themselves. Do they not see 2 outsiders (Cruz and Trump) dominating the primaries. But when your drunk on power the hang over will soon set in. Governor Maccronny will not get my vote. He has done nothing to stop dallas’s blatant use of power. #Firewoodhousetoday

    1. Maybe we need some ”Fire Woodhouse” signs to wave at the convention while we are loudly booing him.

  9. There were only 400 +/- at the WAKE COUNTY convention last night. If I have to I will pay the $90 to go to the general session. I AM going to the national convention (it will be my first) and I WILL vote/hold the line for Cruz and/or Trump. I will REFUSE to vote for Rubio. Maybe my first ever arrest can be on national tv.

    1. What would a historical number at the Wake convention look like? It’s interesting that 400 were there and that Wake is entitled to send over 700 delegates to the state convention.

      1. When I was involved in the past, we had over 600 delegates from my house district alone. 1500 at the convention.

        I finally got a live person at NC GOP HQ. An intern. I asked him when the convention registration website would reflect the general session price the Chairman sent out. He said the Central Committee voted and decided on the $90 price. Is that true? Any Central Committee people here?

  10. Raleigh will no more right itself than will Washington.

    If we survive, it will be from the grass roots electing representatives who will do the right thing. That is getting more difficult as the brainwashed kids come out of government schools.

    Do we hang in to right the ship, or do we take to the lifeboats? Many of us are pondering those options.

  11. The Chairman has sent out a email today(from another account) with Audio proof that the tech company was contacted by someone on NCGOP staff and had him locked out of his account

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