#ncpol: Hasan Harnett, locked out.

I swear, folks. You can’t make this stuff up.  (Well, maybe you CAN.  But I don’t.) :



In all serious — is this the African-American outreach plan in action, or what? 

Couple this with ol’ Dallas refusing to follow the chairman’s orders about the convention fees.  The GOPe — with these junior high style antics — is completing the transformation of the NCGOP organization into a complete farce.

The Raleigh cartel would rather have their titles and their exclusive clique than to grow this party and become a true dominant majority.  *Give us your money and your votes, and then SHUT UP, PLEASE.*hh3

For those of you who donate your sweat equity to the state party each and every year, attend the precinct meetings and conventions, raise money and recruit candidates for the party, take a good hard look at what your efforts have produced.