NCGOP “leaders” “worried” about Trump. McClatchy is, um, “concerned.”

drive_by_media1The Charlotte Observer breathlessly reported that North Carolina Republican “leaders” are worried to death about Donald Trump and his potential effects on the state’s GOP ticket.  Who are these “leaders” cited by The Observer, you ask?  None other than one Richard Vinroot and one James G. Martin. 

Yeah.  Two guys who can be depended on at the drop of a hat to toss out spin to the drivebys lamenting the “extreme” nature of the Republican Party. Here it goes: 

The Republican establishment’s panic at the prospect of the GOP nominating Donald Trump for president has spread to North Carolina, which will hold its presidential primary March 15.

Echoing Mitt Romney, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, and scores of other party elders around the country, some longtime North Carolina Republican leaders say they’re worried that Trump at the top of the ticket in November could hurt the chances of other GOP candidates – including those for governor and U.S. Senate – listed lower on the ballot.

Former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot, the party’s nominee for governor in 2000, said he’s “scared to death.”

Yeah.  He ought to know about a weak nominee dragging down the rest of the ticket.  Trump-TIME

Oh, and here’s Jim Martin — John Hood’s hero and one of the luckiest beneficiaries of political-right-place-right-time (1984, 1988) karma I’ve ever seen:

[…] Former Gov. Jim Martin said Trump’s “rambunctious” style may have attracted some angry voters, but the real estate tycoon is also “turning off a lot of people. If he can’t figure out a way to be more charming and tolerant, it poses great risk of taking down the whole (GOP) slate.”

Added Martin, who’d like to see Ohio Gov. John Kasich nominated: “I want somebody who can win (in November). And I don’t think (Trump) can.”  […]

It’s funny.  Bill Clinton drew like 200 people or so — according to the drivebys — to his visit to Raleigh Monday.  Donald Trump attracted 3000 in Concord.  Yep.  Primary after primary has shown that Trump has helped dramatically grow turnout.  He’s also had greater appeal e305bcfc266d2a89eb7c2335a32d2c61ad566d0ea13d481f6636afccb1c28a30across the demographic spectrum than any candidate since Reagan.  He’s growing the party like the RNC crowd has said they always wanted.  And they hate his guts. 

Some of this sounds like setting the stage for defending poor reelection performances by Richard Burr and Pat McCrory.  McCrory, in 2012, won a resounding victory but had little to no coattails.  He’s hemmed and hawed about conservative slam dunks like, oh, killing ObamaCare and fiscal restraint.  Richard Burr has conservative ratings in the low 40s and seems to be having a great time palling around with Obama, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.  The conservative base is ticked at these guys.  An awful lot of other Americans — sick of the stagnant economy and the wave of lies from Raleigh and DC — are slowly joining them.

Look at the other side of the presidential fence.  Their choices are: (1) a battle-ax who is a whisker away from being indicted, and (2) an actual signed-up socialist who thinks the Democrats are too far-right.  

If Burr and / or  McCrory struggle or go down in defeat, it won’t be due to Trump or the Tea Party.  It’s all THEM.  Those two guys have made their beds.  They’re going to have to lay in them.   

21 thoughts on “NCGOP “leaders” “worried” about Trump. McClatchy is, um, “concerned.”

  1. Burr is “F” rated at conservative review
    Cruz is “A” rated at conservative review

    Which one would you want to represent NC in Washington as a Senator or as President of the United States

    Any of Richard Burr’s challengers on the ballot would be better for NC

    If only NC’s other “F” rated Senator Tillis was up for reelection also

    Its simple I want the NC Republican Party to be the Conservative alternative to the Democrats

  2. “He’s growing the party like the RNC crowd has said they always wanted.”
    I doubt the GOP wanted an influx of sexist, xenophobic, malcontents.

  3. There is speculation that many of the people who voted for Trump in the previous states, are liberal Democrats who believe that Hillary is going to win the nomination and so are crossing over to vote for Donald in order to screw over the Republican Party.

    Either way it is not in our interest to nominate a candidate (Trump) who does not want to repeal the Obamacare mandate and also thinks that Planned Parenthood does “great” things. Positions which Clinton and Obama would agree with him on. I think we should have learned our lesson from 2012; that nominating a wealthy liberal to be our nominee for President will lead to failure.

    Vote for the real Conservative, Ted Cruz!

    1. You have been watching too much MSM and the Cruz lies. Trump is more conservative than these ineligible candidates. He wants to repeal and replace the Affordable care Act and replace with a common sense across state lines insurance. It can be done. When he found out about Planned parenthood harvesting and selling baby parts from partial birth abortions he came out immediately in early 2015 against their tactics. Cruz was born in Canada to parents of Canadian citizens. You need to reread the Constitution. Trump 2016

      1. – Ted Cruz “is” eligible for the Presidency, his mother was an American citizen, which makes him a natural-born US citizen, regardless of where he was born.

        – Cruz, and most every other Republican, supports “across state lines insurance”, but most dont also support the government mandate too. I also have real doubts that Trump actually understands what that means, or why that’s not the only measure that needs to be taken.

        – Trump, apparently, has no idea what his position is on Planned Parenthood. In the last few months, he’s supported them, opposed them, supported them and opposed them but still wanting to fund them, waffled somewhere inbetween. I suppose it’s mostly a matter of whoevers is standing in front of him at the time.

        – What Trump calls “lies” is, more often than not, other people just saying things he doesnt like. 🙂

        1. There is or was no such thing as dual citizenship between the US and Canada in the 70’s. Look it up.

          1. The US doesnt set and alter its qualifications for who is and is not going to be a US citizen based on anything Canada does, and vice versa.

            He qualified as a US citizen at birth, which makes him a natural-born citizen. How Canada decides to determine it’s own citizenship rules is up to them, but irrelevant to what the US chooses to do.

            Also, incidentally, the US Supreme Court decided exactly that, in the 1950s and 1960s.

  4. Richard Vinroot? Most active Republicans have probably forgotten that guy even existed. He is totally out of touch with the party and has been for years. Jim Martin has also been absent from much activity in the party for a long, long time. Martin is a has-been and VInroot a never-was.

    Maybe next time, the liberal media can stir up Harold Stassen to tell us about what party leaders are thinking.

  5. Dallas and his band of cohorts(Tillis, Burr, Elmers, Holding,Foxx,) have ruined this party. I am getting several emails from non political people that generally vote RINO that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Dallas is getting ready to find out in this election. People are sick of him and the RINO ilk. My friends, neighbors, people on the street; everybody is talking about it. The GOP has lost control of this once honorable party. If it was 1979 they would be hell bent on stopping Reagan. As a matter of fact they were.

    1. LOL.And I’m assuming you’re talking about regular voters – not people who have *participated* in the party who got to learn up close how deceitful the leadership is.

      I really don’t care if the NCGOP falls apart. We’ve had Democrats run things before, and although I didn’t like the high tax rates, one day would follow another, and life went on. I will not support hypocrites with my party donations.

      They can raise the convention fees to $200. Who gives a flip? Let the snake keep eating its tail.

  6. Didn’t Vinroot actively threaten and campaign against a GOP judicial candidate in 2014 and actively campaign for the Unaffiliated/Democrat incumbent? Yea – his stock must me trading in the penny listings if he’s on the GOP stock exchange at all!

  7. Richard Vinroot? Wasn’t he the former Mayor of Charlotte who served on the Board of Planned Parenthood but did not know that they perform abortions? Yes, we need to listen to him.

    1. Hager is making some really stupid decisions lately. I hope he’s not in a tailspin. I used to like him a lot.

  8. Good thing he saw the light and got on board the conservative campaign that can win with Cruz. How could anyone back Rubio after his Gang of 8 performance?

  9. Being angry at the GOP establishment, here in the state and in DC both, is entirely justified and deserved.

    But that doesnt make Trump a smart or viable option.

    In this case, the supposed enemy of my enemy, is “not” a friend.

  10. The Establishment in both parties(uniparty) are scared to death of Trump because he says what he means and does what he says. We have so many multiple agencies doing the same thing which makes alot of federal employees glorified paper pushers. When Trump talks about fraud and abuse he has many insiders that are keeping him informed. The voting machines have software programs that allows for flipping of the votes. We should be worried abot that here in NC. There are also 2 sets of financial books for every local,state and federal called CAFRI accounts that allow legal theft from the taxpayers. Everyone on here needs to check this out as what scares the establishment witha Trump presidency is he will clean house by making the ones who are not for the people but themselves want to bail out. I for one am tired of the Oligarchs running this country.

      1. Yeah, not sure how spending decades knowingly being part of the problem.. buying government influence and politicians for personal gain, at the expense of the country and principles he claims to have…. and who wants to continue to apply those skills once in office to “make deals” with that same crowd…

        somehow “that” guy isn’t part of that oligarchy, but an outsider, who’s above it all, and who’s gonna really change things… *sigh*

        1. That wasnt quite my comment on Trump.

          He’s chosen to help the worst of the worst Democrats, and not all that long ago… I consider that acting directly to the detriment of the country.

          And he did so either (a) because he really supports those horrible people and their horrible policies, or (b) to enrich himself financially, but knowing that it was at the expense of principle and country.

          Your post did remind me of some Trump quotes from a few months ago:

          ““When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.” – Trump

          ““I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them, and they are there for me.”

          He’s been a part of “the problem” for forty years. That’s really “not” loving your country, imho, and I’ve got no use or respect for a guy who has such little use for principles.

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