Who’s funding the ConnectNC propaganda blitz? Oh, the folks who stand to get PAID.

Nicole Revels and the folks at NC Against The Bond are doing yeoman’s work in exposing this sham — this cronyism — for what it is.



32b1bb6(Here are the reports.)     Gosh. We JUST had the chairman of the state Young Republicans, also the field director for ConnectNC, come to Pinehurst and tell us NO STATE MONEY is being used to fund the pro-bond PR blitz.  This SURE does look like a list of several UNC campuses.  And who funds the UNC campuses? sheldon

Revels and her group also point out that a lot of private business types — who may (or may not) have an interest in the business the bond could generate — are funding the marketing campaign:



Folks, this is politicians and a bunch of other politically-connected folks picking our pockets to line their own.  A bond issue is the government asking us permission to borrow money.  what-part-noWe, of course, are responsible for paying it back.  We’re told time and again there will be no tax increase — even though there WAS the last time we approved one of these things. 

In your private lives, you don’t buy stuff you don’t have the money for.  Why 

This stuff needs to be debated and oted on piece by piece by our elected representatives in an open, transparent method. pointman If the politicians don’t have the guts to debate the hell should we accept our government doing it? the appropriation and run it through the budgeting process, it doesn’t need to see the light of day.  

Don’t just say NO to ConnectNC at the polls.  Say HELL, NO.