Who’s funding the ConnectNC propaganda blitz? Oh, the folks who stand to get PAID.

Nicole Revels and the folks at NC Against The Bond are doing yeoman’s work in exposing this sham — this cronyism — for what it is.



32b1bb6(Here are the reports.)     Gosh. We JUST had the chairman of the state Young Republicans, also the field director for ConnectNC, come to Pinehurst and tell us NO STATE MONEY is being used to fund the pro-bond PR blitz.  This SURE does look like a list of several UNC campuses.  And who funds the UNC campuses? sheldon

Revels and her group also point out that a lot of private business types — who may (or may not) have an interest in the business the bond could generate — are funding the marketing campaign:



Folks, this is politicians and a bunch of other politically-connected folks picking our pockets to line their own.  A bond issue is the government asking us permission to borrow money.  what-part-noWe, of course, are responsible for paying it back.  We’re told time and again there will be no tax increase — even though there WAS the last time we approved one of these things. 

In your private lives, you don’t buy stuff you don’t have the money for.  Why 

This stuff needs to be debated and oted on piece by piece by our elected representatives in an open, transparent method. pointman If the politicians don’t have the guts to debate the hell should we accept our government doing it? the appropriation and run it through the budgeting process, it doesn’t need to see the light of day.  

Don’t just say NO to ConnectNC at the polls.  Say HELL, NO.

13 thoughts on “Who’s funding the ConnectNC propaganda blitz? Oh, the folks who stand to get PAID.

  1. The glossy mailers promoting the bond that have been showing up in my mailbox look an awful lot like the ones produced by the political consulting firm that does mailers for some “conservative christian” candidates. Who runs that outfit and how are they connected to the legislators who created this bond scam?

    Just saying it’s something to look into. If my hunch is right then the bond doesn’t even have to pass because some well positioned folks will get a nice pile of money either way.

    … it’s hard to prove that money was given in a “pay to play” scheme when it passes through enough hands.

    1. Maybe it is Dee Stewart or Paul Shumaker, the two progressive GOP consultants who sold their souls to the green energy mafia? That would fit.

  2. This bond package is what I would have expected when the democrats were in charge well the democrats did pass a bond package this bad that was sold as oh it would never increase taxes and yes that was a lie to bad the republicans in charge did not learn from the past mistakes

    1. I think even the Demos would have at least funded a few bridge replacements and state park expansions with the bond, to attract some moderate Republicans. This bond is principally a sop to the university system and their construction contractors. 70%. Too much! I’ll be voting no, and my parents too.

  3. This turns my stomach.

    I see my alma mater gave $90,000. Guess I’ll be saying NO at yearly gift time.

    As for this bond our elected office holders have laid out before us: HELL NO!

  4. This requires a word of mouth campaign against this pile of pork. I for one have been telling anyone I can to vote against it, family, friends, Sunday school have all heard from me to consider voting against.

  5. East Carolina University Foundation anted up $90,000….heard it said directly from the vice chancellor who leads the Foundation.

  6. District 52 Congressman Jamie Boles is supporting this pork bond and wonders why he has an opponent this primary! His District will get $12.5 million in goodies that no one wanted, and will obligate the entire state to $2 billion plus interest over 20 years, just so he can have his pet projects.

  7. I thought this sounded fishy when they said no additional taxes. my Alma mater is also on the list. I will be sending back my envelop with an explanation. I am retired and working part-time and am paying more taxes in NC than when i was working full-time. Go figure.

  8. to THINK that so called ‘conservative’ republicannots are trying to force this down our throats is an outrage…I am SO angry with
    McCrory and all the others on this…

    Vote Brawley in the R primary !!! McCrory needs to go but not
    if we suffer the timid and spineless Roy Cooper…

  9. The Central Carolina Community College President wishes to use the cool $6.3 million to “reroute Kelly Drive!” Yes with Lee county taxpayers on the hook for building bonds, why not get the state on the hook to move a road! Brilliant!

  10. I always think back to these kinds of stories, when the state does it’s regular big taxpayer appeals… about their claims of how the state and our education system is just so flat broke and operating on a razor-thin, count-every-penny, underfunded budget.

    The state pulls in +20B every year… they shouldnt even be taking what they do, but then they have the gall to squander all that, and then come ask for more?

    No – they want to spend money on something… they’ve got a budget, go make some actual choices and pick some priorities.

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